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    17 Pit Bulls On TikTok Who Could Warm Up Even The Coldest Of Hearts

    There's no love like a pittie's love.

    1. This pit bull who opened their Christmas present more gently than most kids do:

    2. This pit bull who didn't waste a second during his trampoline time:

    3. This pit bull who was trained to not take toys from children:

    4. These pit puppies who awaken to the sound of we all do:


    Repost because it didn’t get enough love and because people have been stealing to post... #fyp #fypfogs #duggos #pitbullsoftiktok

    ♬ New Soul - Yael Naïm

    5. This pit bull who wanted to show their mom a new trick:

    6. This "wittie pittie" who is too adorable for their own good:

    7. This pit bull who deserves to go to work with their dad:

    8. This pit bull who took an acting class or two:

    9. This pit bull who has a smile worth celebrating:


    That’s a beautiful smile u have (ig fredefrida) #fyp #cute #pitbull #jumpman #ScoobDance

    ♬ Make You Mine - PUBLIC

    10. This pit bull who's livin' the good life:

    11. This pit bull who didn't expect to be growled at:

    12. This pit bull who just needed to make some calls:


    When your phone says 57 missed calls from mom and your in the dog park at 3:20 am on a Tuesday #NotOneThing #dogsoftiktok #pitbullsoftiktok #pitbull

    ♬ #젤리다이얼 - jar19el430

    13. This pit bull who got a second chance at life:

    14. This pit bull who's out here stealing people's man:

    15. This pit bull who could warm up the coldest of hearts with their smile:

    16. This pit bull who is dangerously adorable:

    17. And finally, this pit bull who is basically a baby herself: