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    18 VSCO Dogs We Didn't Know We Needed, But Truly Deserve

    Sksksk and I ~boop~.

    You've probably heard of VSCO girls.

    Well, VSCO girls have been cancelled, because VSCO dogs are the new trendy aesthetic we didn't know we needed, but we definitely deserve. Grab your Hydro Flask, a scrunchie, and a puka shell necklace and give them to your furry friend, because she wears it better than you ever could. Here's proof:

    1. If you really want to be a VSCO pup, you need to commit to the overall aesthetic.

    2. Don't be fooled by the seemingly effortless vibe: This look was put together with some important must-have accessories.

    3. You'll need scrunchies for your hair...

    4. And scrunchies for your wrists.

    5. Better yet, scrunchies for *both* wrists.

    6. Basically, you can never have too many scrunchies.

    7. Oh you don't have a scrunchie? Here, have one of mine!

    8. Messy buns and high ponies are a must.

    9. This puka shell pupper? We stan.

    10. Is it even water if it's not in a Hydro Flask?

    11. Oh, you don't have a Hydro Flask? Here's two.

    12. This is the face of a doggo that just met someone who doesn't want to save the turtles.

    13. An oversize t-shirt and Birkenstocks = the perfect outfit.

    14. Excuse me, can someone tell me why Birks are only sold in pairs of two? Asking "four" a fur-iend.

    15. We're not sure if dogs know how to use metal straws, but they're still a must-have.

    16. This pup has put together the ultimate VSCO Dog Starter Pack.

    17. It's official: VSCO dog > VSCO girl. We don't make the rules, we just enforce them.

    18. Sksksk and I boop.