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    George H.W. Bush's New Service Dog Sully Spent Independence Day Sharing Photos Of His Life On Instagram

    All dogs are good boys (and good girls), but Sully might be the goodest boy.

    Former President George H.W. Bush just got a new service dog named Sully, and this pup is adorable.

    While the rest of us were enjoying BBQ and fireworks on the Fourth of July, Sully was hard at work.

    In addition to his usual service dog duties for the former president, Sully spent the day posting photos of his life in his new forever home at Walker’s Point.

    Sully uses Instagram to highlight the important work that service dogs do for their companions.

    Sully's photos provide an up-close perspective of what life is like for a pup who serves the former president.

    He also shares photos of the fun times too... every dog needs time to just be a dog!

    Sully's last post for the Fourth of July was as pawtriotic as it gets!

    Service dogs make such a profound difference in their companions' lives. Thank you to Sully and all service dogs for your service!