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Tell Us How Your Parents Ruined Your Privacy Or Embarrassed You On Social Media

It happens to us all tbh.

This story is part of Protect Your Parents From the Internet Week.

Parents! We love them! Even though sometimes they embarrass the living shit out of us.

And it's not just happening IRL — this is happening online too. And it's bad. For a whole lot of reasons, especially for our precious, precious privacy.

Have they tagged you in photos that you EXPLICITLY did not want to be identified in for all your friends to see? (Sigh.)

Did they use some sort of new internet-y service, like genetic testing, and share your information about, say, your family's health profile that you would have rather kept to yourself?

Did they tag you when they shared a news article (or some other kind of post), implicating you or your interests or your VERY IDENTITY in ways that make you want to dig a bottomless hole in the earth that you can just throw yourself down?

Did they post personal news about you — YOUR news — that you really didn't want other people to know, like announcing your pregnancy to the world before you were ready to tell everyone?

If your parents blew up your spot online, we'd like to hear all about it. How did people react? Did you bring it up with your parents afterward? Tell us in the comments below, and we may include your submission in a BuzzFeed News post. Bonus points if you include screenshots.