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    15 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Heal You In Ways You Never Thought Possible

    "DOG" πŸ‘ BACKWARD πŸ‘ IS πŸ‘ "GOD" πŸ‘

    1. This punky pupper went to the vet. 🀘😌

    2. This lil' mop was found and just WOULD πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ SIT πŸ‘ STILL!!!!!!! πŸ‘

    3. The golden boye made a compelling case for why "dog" spelled backward is "god":

    We only rate dogs. This is clearly Jesus. Please send in dogs. It really isn’t complicated. Thank you... 13/10

    4. This ol' stimk QUITE LITERALLY did next to nothing and everyone on the internet was just like, "WTF I love him???"

    5. This doggo was H*CKIN' BAMB**ZLED and P*SSED ABOUT IT!!!!!!!

    6. This pupper was kept ~COOOooOO00OooL~!!!!!!!!

    7. I'm just gonna present this one without context:

    8. HE SHLOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Jack. He discovered a new way to get downstairs. 14/10 very innovative good job Jack

    9. This lil' angel bb made a new friend via the whole Number Neighbor fiasco:

    10. THIS FLOOF HIT πŸ‘ HIS πŸ‘ MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ‘

    Therapy: Expensive This dog imitating all his pictures: Free

    11. This lil' cumulonimbus cloud got spruced up!!!!!!!

    12. HE WINK:

    a little wink from a good boy (jammer.gsd IG)

    13. This ol' fella woke up covered in rainbow!!!!!!

    14. This proud Momaranienβ„’ posed with her new babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. And finally, this dogini was READY πŸ‘ FOR πŸ‘ THE πŸ‘ WEEKEND!!!!!!! πŸ‘

    Not EVERYTHING is bad. Like this dog I met yesterday who did NOT want to walk anymore. She is good!