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    27 Puppers Who Are Living Their Best, Most Extravangant Life

    These pups have it made.

    1. This Tesla driving pooch has the hottest ride in town.

    2. Any classy canine knows that flying is the fastest way to get to the dog park.

    3. This handsome jetsetter has the best accessories.

    4. This floof is living the suite life, because she got an entire hotel room to herself.

    5. Couture always looks better on a dog.

    6. This dog's glam squad > your glam squad.

    7. It's hard to tell the real huskies from the replicas... but they're all fabulous.

    8. This pup is enjoying breakfast with a view... and kibble is not on the menu.

    9. No bed is too extravagant when you're this fabulous.

    10. Afternoon tea has gone to the dogs... and it's much cuter.

    11. This cutie just got a bunch of gifts from his BFF Ellen DeGeneres... no big deal.

    12. Don't worry: it's faux fur.... and it's fabulous.

    13. There's nothing more relaxing than a pawdicure.

    14. Meet the world's smallest (and cutest) horse jockey.

    15. These party animals got the ultimate ride for puppy prom.

    16. This diva can't sleep without her custom pajamas.

    17. It's not easy being fabulous all of the time... but this fur won't curl itself.

    18. This pupper knows that some shoes are just more fun to chew than others.

    19. This dog knows that Disney really is the most magical place on Earth.

    20. Perfecting the doggy paddle is easy when you have your own pool.

    21. His stylist told him this jacket was a must-have this season.

    22. This corgi is always up for a puppachino.

    23. We're not sure which horse she bet on, but we're betting that this pup has the best hat at the Derby.

    24. You can only get away with clothes this flashy when you're this fabulous.

    25. This squad and their epic parties? GOALS.

    26. This floof is convinced that there's no such thing as too many toys.

    27. Being fabulous is exhausting... but nothing's better than the life of a pampered pooch!

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