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    17 Reasons Why "Bachelor" Nation Fans Need To Follow Zoey The "Bachelor" Doodle

    Who needs anyone else's recaps?

    1. Meet Zoey, the pup behind the hilarious Bachelor recap Instagram account @zoeythebachelordoodle.

    2. Zoey is a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise and recaps episodes with her signature photoshopped images and witty captions.

    3. It seems like the love is mutual, since some of the bachelors follow Zoey's Instagram (we see you Chris Bukowski).

    4. Zoey makes it her business to lay some lady puppy knowledge on the show's contestants, and we have no choice but to stan.

    5. Like that time she pointed out what should be an obvious fact:

    6. Or the time she called out Luke P. for forgetting that 25 men would be on the show... and that he wasn't the only one allowed to date Hannah.

    7. The best thing about Zoey's recaps? She says what we're all thinking. Like the time she pointed out that during the last season, every fan should have been given a free pair of earplugs for scenes like this:

    8. Signs you've made it? Luke blocks you on Instagram. Go Zoey Go.

    9. Zoey has a knack for catching ridiculous moments and giving them a caption that is funnier than what really happened during the show:

    10. And like all of us, Zoey has her favorites: Anyone else think that Ashley and Jared are the real heroes of the Bachelor franchise?

    11. She rides the same roller coaster of emotions that we all do while watching the show. Perfect example: the time she questioned Tyler's authenticity during this moment. I mean, he has to be legit if this many women are willing to run after him, right?

    12. Sometimes she just puts a hilarious spin on some the contestants' personalities. Since Colton is a huge fan of dogs (check out his dog-focused Instagram), this one totally makes sense.

    13. Regardless of which season she watches, Zoey pulls no punches.

    14. Zoey's ready to spill all of the tea, and she's not afraid to water the roses with it too. Sorry Jane, no roses for you.

    15. In fact, the only thing funnier than Zoey's recaps might be the descriptions of the contestants on the show. (Which is probably why the writers get paid, right?)

    16. Bachelor nation wouldn't be the same without Zoey, and she definitely deserves the final rose, paws down.