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    35 Facts About College Life From The Only Source We All Trust: Dogs

    Spoiler alert: College would be lot cuter if it were filled with dogs.

    1. After years of obedience school (otherwise known as high school), you might feel like you're ready for college. But college life will be different than anything you've ever experienced.

    2. At first, registering for classes might seem overwhelming, but make sure you cover all of the basics: Walking 101, Strategic Fetching, and Pawsiology. You can save Advanced Squirrel Hunting Techniques for a later semester.

    3. Pro tip: don't sign up for an 8am class. You'll regret it for the rest of the semester.

    4. Don't get forced into picking a major early if you aren't sure what you want to do. You need to select a major that interests you, since your career will likely be focused in that field.

    5. Remember that student loan money isn't free! Make sure you keep track of your budget so you don't run out of money for the important things, like treats.

    6. But if you have enough left over, you should definitely splurge on some cute accessories.

    7. When you arrive, campus may seem so much bigger than you remembered.

    8. At first you'll miss your friends back home all of the time.

    9. You'll be surprised at how much you need to study. College isn't all about playing fetch and treat binging: you're there to learn too.

    10. There's always "that student" who's more prepared then everyone else.

    11. There will be a lot to learn when you live on your own for the first time. You'll realize that your dorm room isn't going to clean itself.

    12. You’ll find out how hard it is to do your own laundry... and you'll be begging your pawrents for more laundry money.

    13. Remember to stay active.

    14. Not everyone gains the Freshman 15, but remember to make good eating choices when you can.

    15. But let's be real: nothing tastes better than pizza at 1am.

    16. Your college years are the perfect time to broaden your horizons, and build friendships that are different than the ones you've had before.

    17. Some people find the perfect group of friends in the first few weeks of freshman year that sticks together right to graduation.

    18. College is a time of fun and opportunities. Get involved in your campus traditions and a few extracurricular activities, because a lot of the things you learn won't be in a classroom.

    19. You may be surprised by the way your views and opinions change throughout your college years... especially when it comes to pawlitics.

    20. Your personal style may change... you may even go through a hipster phase.

    21. On the plus side, you'll be able to rock a man bun, and no one will judge you.

    22. Sometimes you'll definitely pawty too much.

    23. You might hook up with someone who's not your type.

    24. In between all of the fun, keep up on your classwork. Pawcrastination is a hard habit to break, so make sure you set reasonable goals and tasks, and stick to your schedule.

    25. But sometimes pulling an all-nighter is unavoidable. Just make sure that you figure out creative ways to hide the fact that you didn't go to sleep until 4am.

    26. Take advantage of summer break and relax while you can.

    27. If your college has a study abroad program, take advantage of it! A study abroad experience is a great way to broaden your understanding of the world we live in. Plus, travel costs far less when you're a student.

    28. You should also take advantage of any internship opportunities that your campus offers. College is a great time to build connections for your future career.

    29. By the time you get to your junior and senior years, college will feel like a slam dunk.

    30. It's a lot more fun to be the big dog on campus that everyone looks up to.

    31. But senior-itis is real... with all of this studying, you're probably a genius by now, right?

    32. You may start to finally feel like an adult... or at least you'll begin dressing like one.

    33. Before you know it, your time at college will be over.

    34. Graduation Day: you knew it was coming, but how did it arrive so quickly?

    35. And by the time you start your first full-time job, you'll only have one thought: Is it time to retire yet?