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23 Random And Useless Movie Facts You Probably Never Knew Before

Robert Downey Jr. always hid snacks on Marvel sets. One day he randomly offered Chris Evans blueberries in the middle of a scene, and they kept it in.


26 Shocking "Old Hollywood" Facts That'll Change How You See Your Favorite Actors And Movies

"Marlon Brando slayed me good. He was one of the most sexual men on earth." —Rita Moreno


23 Great Tumblr Posts I Found This Week, So Stop What You're Doing And Read 'Em

"It was the bestpacito of times, it was the worstpacito of times..."

I Tried The Ultimate Red Carpet Beauty Treatment

Time to discover how the celebs get red carpet ready!


Lady Gaga's Ex-Fiancé Is Denying He Threw Shade At Her After She Won An Oscar

Taylor Kinney, in a now seemingly deleted comment, clarified that it was all an accident.

Sherri Shepherd Was Mistaken For Octavia Spencer And The Result Is The Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

"They’re going to throw me out of the VIP lounge here at Delta, because I used your name to get in.”

Here's The Shade Lady Gaga's Ex-Fiancé Threw After She Won Her First Oscar

Gaga and Taylor Kinney broke up in 2016, not long after she secured her role in A Star is Born, which she just won her first Oscar for.

James McAvoy Found A Sharpie At The Oscars And Had A Brilliant Idea

He actually might be smarter than Professor X.

Paul Rudd Took A Picture With Julia Roberts At The Oscars And Remains An Ageless Wizard

"Paul Rudd, what dark bargain have you cut with the Gods of Time?"

The Reason "Crazy Rich Asians" Star Constance Wu Wore Yellow To The Oscars Almost Made Me Cry

"My whole life I've had a complicated relationship with the color yellow."

Emma Stone Supported The Hell Out Of Other Women At The Oscars And I'm Obsessed

And the award for Most Supportive Actress goes to...

Here's The Actual, Real Lady Gaga Story We Should Be Talking About

2013 was supposed to be the end. It wasn't.

I Can Never Unsee What I Saw At The Oscars

At this year’s Academy Awards, I found two different ceremonies: a beautiful dream inside the theater, and a bleak reality at the lobby bar.

Emilia Clarke And Jason Momoa Had A Mini "Game Of Thrones" Reunion At The Oscars And The Pics Are TOO DARN MUCH

"I love u with all my heart." — Jason to Emilia, but also me to them.

Here Are All The Pictures I Could Find Of Rami Malek's Identical Twin

And here are all the pictures I could find of him.

23 Reactions To Olivia Colman Winning Her Academy Award That Are Simply The Best

"I just reacted to Olivia Colman's win with way more passion than I would ever react to my own."

Turns Out, Kevin Hart Proved The Oscars Don’t Need A Host

“I didn’t miss the host terribly, to be honest,” said nominee Diane Warren, and she was far from alone. And the shows ratings were also up without a host.


Rami Malek Called Freddie Mercury "A Gay Man" At The Oscars And The Internet Isn't Happy

Malek is being criticised after failing to acknowledge Mercury’s relationships with women.

Celebrity Stylists Dished On How Expensive It Is To Get Ready For The Oscars

One night requires a lot of hands, a lot of patience, and a LOT of money.

Chrissy Teigen Pushed John Legend Out Of The Way To Have Her Oscars Red Carpet Moment And It's A Big Mood

"Honestly this is a very important carpet and I do not need interference."

Morning Update: And The Winner Isn't ...

Recapping the Oscars, R. Kelly's bond is set at $1 million, and YouTube demonetized anti-vax channels. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, February 25.

Here Are All The Looks From The 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar After Party

The starriest night in Hollywood didn't disappoint.

Rami Malek Fell Off The Stage After Winning His Oscar And Had To Be Treated By Paramedics

Paramedics had to be called when Rami took a tumble off stage after winning the award for Best Actor.

"Period", A Film About Menstruation, Just Won An Oscar And Everyone Is (RIGHTFULLY) Ecstatic

"I can't believe a movie about a woman's period just won an Oscar."

16 Hilarious Jokes About The 2019 Academy Awards

Fashion! Awards! Everything but a host!

Everything You Missed At The 2019 Oscars

Just in case you didn't watch the hostless Academy Awards this year.

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