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Diane Sawyer

Ellen DeGeneres And The Limits Of Relatability

After decades trying to convince an anti-gay mainstream that she’s a relatable person — gay, but “just like you” — Ellen ended up in a prison of her own making.

Bruce Jenner: "I Am A Woman"

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner said, "My heart and my soul and everything I do in life ... that female side is part of me." And the E! docuseries on Jenner will premiere on July 26.

Glenn Beck: "I Was Diane Sawyer's Little Bitch"

Beck's radio program goes off the rails and his co-host Stu is left almost speechless. "Don't even think about what you're saying. Just go with it."

People Hating On Diane Sawyer

It's mostly conservatives upset with the debate moderator's aggressive line of questioning on gay adoption. But there's some other weird stuff too...

Diane Sawyer Drunk

Gawker compiled a video of the journo's messiest moments throughout Inauguration coverage.

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