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    James Corden Has Made A Touching Speech In Regards To Bruce Jenner's Interview

    "I truly hope that after this weekend's interview that this world we live in is a better, more understanding, more educated place for them to live in."

    In a moving interview with Diane Sawyer on Saturday evening, Bruce Jenner revealed that, "For all intensive [sic] purposes, I am a woman."

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    And on Monday British television talk show host James Corden took time in his monologue to praise Jenner's interview and the legacy the interview will give.

    "I thought it was genuinely one of the most incredible pieces of television I've seen in years," Corden said.

    CBS Late Late Show with James Corden /

    Corden then spoke about the impact of the interview.

    CBS Late Late Show with James Corden /
    CBS Late Late Show with James Corden /

    The reaction on social media during and following the show's airing has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Of course @JKCorden has wonderful things to say about Bruce Jenner. What a class act.

    Kudos to @JKCorden for his comments about the Bruce Jenner interview, very respectful. @latelateshow

    James Corden's monologue on the Bruce Jenner interview was beautiful.

    You can watch the video here.

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