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Pablo Valdivia • 8 hours ago
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Pablo Valdivia • One day ago

17 Mexican Dads Who Totally Lied About Not Wanting A Dog

"No quiero perros en la casa" is the biggest lie ever told.

Pablo Valdivia • 2 days ago

21 “Hustlers” Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Are Downright Fascinating

Jennifer Lopez nearly broke Constance Wu's nose.

Pablo Valdivia • 3 days ago
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Pablo Valdivia • 6 days ago

15 Notes That Prove Doing Something Small Can Make A Big Difference

Write a note to someone that matters to you today.

Pablo Valdivia • 6 days ago

J.Lo Is Getting Oscar Buzz For "Hustlers" And She Got Emotional About It

She was robbed for "Selena," so we can't let her get robbed again!

Pablo Valdivia • 8 days ago

“Halloween Horror Nights” Has Officially Begun, Here’s How Each Maze Ranks

Just a tip: if you think a character is fake, think again.

Crystal Ro • 8 days ago
Pablo Valdivia • 10 days ago
Pablo Valdivia • 11 days ago

15 Tweets That Are Exactly What This World Needs Right Now

Give yourself a break, you deserve it.

Pablo Valdivia • 12 days ago

15 Tweets That Prove Wearing All Black Is The Only Way To Live

Wearing black isn't a phase, it's a lifestyle.

Pablo Valdivia • 13 days ago
Pablo Valdivia • 13 days ago

If You Get Just 10/15 Of These Right Then You Can Call Yourself A Little Monster

Hope you haven't been mumbling her songs this entire time.

Pablo Valdivia • 14 days ago
Pablo Valdivia • 15 days ago

17 Menschen, die ein Herz aus Gold haben

Achtung, halte deine Taschentücher bereit!

Pablo Valdivia • 16 days ago
Pablo Valdivia • 18 days ago