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Updated on Jul 5, 2020. Posted on Jun 2, 2019

Reply To These Texts And We'll Reveal Your Two Opposing Personality Traits

Think before you hit send!

  1. You just spilled all your feelings to your crush and told them that you think they're cute as hell. You receive this in return:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  2. Your friend is already 15 minutes late to the brunch you two planned and you get this from them:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  3. Your phone pings while you're laying in bed — it's a text from an unknown number and it says this:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  4. You receive this text at 11 p.m. from someone who is hot, but recently ghosted you:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  5. A person you've been purposefully ignoring sends you this:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  6. Your best friend sends you this on their fun, drunken night out:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  7. And finally, you receive this unsolicited dick pic:

    Getty Images

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