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    25 Times Pedro Pascal Proved He's Hollywood's Most Lovable Celebrity

    The definition of "daddy" should have a photo of Pedro winking right next to it.

    1. When he solidified himself as THE Hollywood daddy:

    Pedro saying he's daddy

    2. And when he learned what a "zaddy" was:

    Pedra in an interview saying Grogu should call him zaddy

    3. When he found his calling as a baby chicken:

    Pedro laughing and saying someone said he looked like a baby chicken

    4. When he laughed at an insult directed at him:

    Pedro laughing at someone saying he looks like Orlando Bloom if he got punched in the face

    5. When he aspired to be the "slut" Oberyn was:

    "I will always be emotionally married to Oberyn"

    6. When he chose the perfect spot for his future "This is the way" tattoo:

    "i'll take it on my back....and on my back might be a completely different message as well"

    7. When he couldn't bring himself to say the word "sperm" during a reading with the Community cast:

    Sper… I can’t.

    Twitter: @PedroPascal1Twitter: @CommunityTV

    8. When he made death seem cheery somehow:

    "It's basically a 706 page book about...death" as he cheers

    9. When he melted every single heart with just one wink:

    This is the way. Happy 3rd birthday to this perfect @pedropascal1 video.

    Twitter: @rejectedjokes

    10. When he addressed his facial hair:

    in a response to a commenter saying he has a ragged beard, "Accurate. i've never really finished puberty"

    11. When he went on TikTok live, thought he was on Instagram Live, and professed his love to everyone:

    Pedro greeting the internet

    Watch the beautiful moment here:

    i love it when @pedropascal1 talks dirty to me

    Twitter: @Lionsgate

    12. When he and Narcos costar, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, took a quick dancing break:

    Pedro Pascal and Miguel Ángel Silvestre dancing together is something that can be so personal

    Twitter: @steve_venner

    13. And when he got DOWN with Tiffany Haddish at The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent after-party:

    Here have a video of Pedro Pascal dancing at the Massive Talent after party

    Twitter: @hzjoe03

    14. When he couldn't disappoint his boxers:

    pedro laughing and saying he still wears boxers to bed because he doesn't want to hurt the boxers feelings

    15. When he revealed that he's one hell of a good time:

    Pedro shrugging and saying he's made the decision to drink for enjoyment and suffering

    16. When he met up with DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agents while researching for Narcos and was fully on edge:

    Pedro saying he would hide anything he doesn't regret doing from the DEA

    17. When he pretended to gnaw on Halle Berry's arm after she pretended to be bored in an interview:

    18. When he went straight for that bottom...of Jenga:

    Pedro saying everything he says sounds sexual and saying, "i'm going straight for that bottom"

    19. When he revealed that his back was killing him, which like, same:

    "I'm just an actor and my back is killing me"

    20. When he and Chelsea Handler made fun of Netflix on Netflix:

    both actors saying it's embarrassing to work at Netflix and laughing

    21. When he recreated his Game of Thrones death at the Season 8 premiere red carpet:

    And then pretended to choke out his on-screen killer, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson:

    22. When water shot out of every one of his face holes:

    Pedro spitting out water

    23. When he pretended to break Taika Waititi's neck on the red carpet:

    Naturally, Taika went along with it.

    Taika pretending to be dead on the red carpet

    24. When he let Boyd Holbrook know just how hot his previous profession was:

    saying being a life guard previously was very hot

    25. And finally, when he went over all his iconic roles, but then created the most iconic one of all:

    Pedro laughing to himself as he says he's going to imitate the asshole interviewer