"Nope" Star Brandon Perea Posted An "Audition" To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe And It's Impressive

    Watching him do backflips in skates made my knees hurt.

    Jordan Peele's latest movie, Nope, raked in over $44 million this past weekend and is currently sitting in the No. 1 at the box office.

    people looking scared in "Nope"

    And with a cast like Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun, and Brandon Perea, you can do no wrong.

    the cast with Jordan Peele at an event

    Brandon, who you may previously know from Netflix's The OA, plays an electronics store employee in Nope, and getting the role in a Jordan Peele flick was a true blessing for him.

    The film hasn’t even come out yet and I’m feeling so much love. I feel so proud, so grateful, and so blessed. Only makes me want to work harder. Just had to thank everyone for the love. Thank you God. Excited to keep going. This will never ever get old, my light will not dim! ♥️

    Twitter: @BrandonPerea

    And despite being the breakout star of the top movie in the country, Brandon has got his eyes set on the future. A future with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that is.

    a closeup of Brandon Perea

    Brandon told Remezcla that he hopes to join the franchise in the future. "Marvel Cinematic Universe — I need to be there,” he said. “I hope my performance in Nope proves that I can play a Marvel superhero. That’s what I want in my career — 100%.”

    He later specifically noted that he'd love to play Sam Alexander, aka Nova.

    Sam Alexander’s NOVA.. spread the word please 🙏🏽😭🙌🏽 https://t.co/rXig0Hqaz8

    Twitter: @BrandonPerea

    But Nightcrawler also works for him.

    Ooooo! I’d love to play Nightcrawler! https://t.co/khYT9OFkaO

    Twitter: @BrandonPerea

    Brandon isn't just a good-looking face with great acting chops either; he's got the acrobatic moves needed to be an MCU-level hero. Just look at this self-audition he posted to Twitter — it's truly impressive.

    Twitter: @BrandonPerea

    There's even a second part, and somehow the dude has got break dancing in skates and bike tricks listed on his résumé, on top of acrobatics and boxing.

    Twitter: @BrandonPerea

    Fans suggested he could play a number of roles apart from Nova and Nightcrawler, such as Johnny Storm, Sunspot...

    @BrandonPerea You would kill it with a number of roles! Nightcrawler, Nova, Johnny Storm, Sunspot

    Twitter: @DJWood79

    ...Miguel O'Hara, or even Robbie Reyes.

    @BrandonPerea It’s giving me Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara).. it’s giving me Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes). . . @Marvel @MarvelStudios sign him

    Twitter: @ranriddlz

    Either way, he seems to be open to whichever way the MCU will have him.

    @CultureCrave @REMEZCLA Open to more characters as well. Here’s some flips and tricks I can do!

    Twitter: @BrandonPerea

    So Kevin Feige, if you're listening, give Brandon a call. He'll be waiting.