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Latino Fans Are Moved By "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" Actor Tenoch Huerta's Comments At Comic-Con

"Tenoch Huerta being cast as Namor is big for all brown and Indigenous Mexicans."

As you know, the world FINALLY got its first look at the highly anticipated Marvel sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. To say it's a masterpiece is an understatement, and that's just based on one teaser alone.

A still from the trailer that shows someone in the Black Panther suit extend its claws, but the face of the person wearing the suit is not visible

And while the trailer introduced us to a few new characters, Namor and Namora are continuing to make waves online...literally and figuratively. The two are played by Mexican actors Tenoch Huerta and Mabel Cadena, and seeing them in the mix of an already incredible cast has been a joy to watch.

They — along with the rest of the cast — appeared at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, and both shared their gratitude for being in the film as well as their love for their Latino fans.

Ten members of the Wakanda Forever cast pose together at Comic-Con

BuzzFeed was in Hall H during the Marvel Studios panel in which Tenoch said, "I'm excited and I'm so happy to be here, it's an honor. And I want to say something really fast about inclusion. I come from the hood, seriously. And thanks to inclusion, I'm here. I wouldn't be here without inclusion. A lot of kids out there in their hoods are looking at us, dreaming to be here, and they're gonna make it! They're gonna make it."

He then addressed his Latino fans in Spanish, "And the second thing. Sorry, I need to switch to Spanish. Thank you to everybody, all my country folk, all the Latin Americans. You crossed the river and you left everything you loved behind. Thanks to that, I am here. Thank you. By the way, Namor is amazing."

Mabel, who plays Namor's cousin Namora, was asked about how she reacted when she got the news that she'd join the MCU. "It was crazy, I made a call with all my family and I shared this amazing news," she said. "I don't know, I still can't believe I'm part of this. I'm really excited to be here. Viva Mexico!"

Mabel standing onstage

Tenoch later spoke to Fuera de Foco about Latino representation in Wakanda Forever, saying, "It's inspired by Mesoamerican culture, and the people who were involved as advisors are academics — Mexicans of the region, Latin Americans, they call themselves Latinoamericanistas. They made it possible. And the company, the production — totally open, eager, respectful, smart, sensitive. That is representation, that's how things should be done — with this commitment, with this humility, which is incredible."

He went on to say, "You know, you see people who are in Hollywood that you admire and you say, 'Someday.' And all of a sudden — with all the humility and humanity of the world — they move close and they say, 'Let's create this' and you say, 'Okay, I think this, I think that, I think...' and they say, 'Of course, let's go.' Wow, it was marvelous."

Latino fans, especially Indigenous Latinos, are expressing nothing but joy over seeing Tenoch be a complete badass in the film.

As a Mexican-American actor with darker skin and a child of indigenous parents, I’ve felt firsthand the colorism inflicted on Latin-Americans in entertainment. As such, I can’t describe the joy of recognizing the gorgeous, talented @TenochHuerta in the #WakandaForever trailer. 👑


tenoch huerta being cast as namor is big for all brown and indigenous mexicans. an actor who barely got any roles in his home country for those two reasons finally has this huge opportunity in one of the largest media franchises in the world. this opens the door

Twitter: @redirewolf

I’m in tears man. Hearing Tenoch Huerta speak Spanish and talk about the struggle of Hispanic people. This felt like an “I made it moment” for all of us.

Twitter: @therealsupes

Atlantis being inspired by Aztec culture and Namor being played by Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta in Black Panther Wakanda Forever is about to be the hardest shit the marvel has ever done

Marvel / Via Twitter: @historyoarmani2

So awesome to see Mexican actor @TenochHuerta as Namor in the WAKANDA FOREVER trailer 🇲🇽

Marvel / Via Twitter: @Carlos_Film

I’m hyped man. Tenoch Huerta is gonna body this role. I’m so fucking tired of seeing Latin characters as the comedic effect. I’m ready for a King, for a Mutant! Fucking mind blowing https://t.co/9qdeIPdk0v

Marvel / Via Twitter: @OddExplanation

Just watched that BP trailer. Again. I'm so excited Tenoch Huerta is playing a major role. Not only is he a talented actor but he's very passionate about using his platform to call out the racism in Mexico against the indigenous, darker skinned Mexicans, and Black Mexicans.

Twitter: @lolalissaa

The fact that he is one of the first Indigenous American superheroes to be in a major marvel film makes me really happy!! I finally feel represented!!! 🥹😌 #Namor @TenochHuerta #RepresentationMatters #IndigenousRepresentation

Marvel / Via Twitter: @Ahsokalivesss

Wakanda Forever was already going to be an amazing movie and then they added Tenoch Huerta. A dark skinned Mexican man in a big movie like this means a lot to many of us dark skinned Mexicans or folks of Mexican descent.

Twitter: @IrvinCamachoAR

You don't understand how @TenochHuerta hit my Latina heart right in the feels at #MarvelSDCC!!! Just...I need more representation in Marvel. And when he started talking Spanish and the room lost it, I lost it ❤️😭 #BlackPantherWakandaForever

Twitter: @TheAltSource

And while there is lots to celebrate about Tenoch, fans are also making sure that Mabel gets her flowers too.

Oigan sí Tenoch Huerta. Pero también la chingona de Mabel Cadena diosa. La amo.

Twitter: @Tania_Tagle

"Listen, yes Tenoch Huerta. But also the badass Mabel Cadena, goddess. I love her."

Mabel Cadena, una chingona. That's it. ✨💜✨💜 https://t.co/P3Omu1bYP8


Also Mabel Cadena I’ve been crying for like 10 minutes lol

Twitter: @idriveafishbowl

Holaaa, solo quería decir que también Mabel Cadena es una heroína y que merece también mucho apoyo, me da mucho gusto y orgullo. 🥰🥰💐💐🇲🇽🥺💜💞🦄 https://t.co/Du7SszMCRm

Marvel / Via Twitter: @JessAM_21

"Hi, I just wanted to say that Mabel Cadena is also a hero and deserves a lot of support. She gives me great pleasure and pride."

As a Mexican myself, it's a pure joy to see people like Tenoch, Mabel, and Lupita Nyong'o kill it. November can't get here soon enough.

Watch the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer below and listen to Tenoch's full interview with Fuera de Foco here.

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