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Here's How Much 21 Latino Musicians Have Changed Since Their First Music Video

Aside from just dominating the music world for over three decades, Shakira also speaks five languages, because of course she does.

1. Shakira — "Magia" (1991):

Screenshot of Shakira smiling into the camera

Shakira — "Te Felicito" (2022):

Shakira in an outfit with cutouts and a tight neck

Fun fact: Shakira is a polyglot. She has said she can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and some Italian. She has also given an interview in French before.

2. Maluma — "Farandulera" (2011):

Maluma with a buzz cut

Maluma (with Feid) — "Mojando Asientos" (2022):

Maluma looking sultry and into the camera while touching his forehead

Fun fact: His real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias, and he got "Maluma" by combining the names of his mother, Marlli; his father, Luis; and his sister, Manuela. He said, "It is a tribute to them because I love them and they are the drive of my career."

3. Ricky Martin (with Menudo) — "Hold Me" (1985):

A teenage Ricky holding on to a pole

Ricky Martin (with Reik) — "A Veces Bien y a Veces Mal" (2022):

Black-and-white headshot of Ricky singing

Fun fact: The word "loca" in "Livin' la vida loca" was inspired by El Pollo Loco. Seriously. Desmond Child, one of the writers of the song, said they wanted a Spanish word "that American English speakers would actually know" and settled on "loca" because Pollo Locos restaurants were everywhere at the time.

4. Cardi B — "Cheap Ass Weave" (2015):

Cardi B in a colorful, formfitting dress with a colorful wig in a hair salon

Cardi B (with Kay Flock, Dougie B, and Bory300) — "Shake It" (2022):

Cardi B in a colorful wig and tank top dancing

Fun fact: One of Cardi's favorite artists is Lady Gaga. She's expressed interest in collaborating with her multiple times and even sang a cover of "Bad Romance" for her high school talent show in 2010, choreography and all.

5. Bad Bunny — "Soy Peor" (2015):

Bad Bunny in glasses looking at the camera

Bad Bunny — "Moscow Mule" (2022):

Bad Bunny with lips pursed and looking at the camera

Fun fact: Bad Bunny was paying his way through college by working at an Econo grocery store when his song "Diles" first caught the attention of a music manager. The manager heard the song through SoundCloud, and the rest is history.

6. Jennifer Lopez — "Baila" (1998):

JLo in long pigtails and a tank top

Jennifer Lopez — "On My Way (Marry Me)" (2022):

JLo in a lacy dress

Fun fact: J.Lo inspired the creation of Google Images. Her infamous 2000 Versace gown became Google's most popular search query at the time, but users could only see text, which presented a gap in Google's services. This eventually led to the birth of Google Images as we know it.

7. Bruno Mars (with B.o.B) — "Nothin' on You" (2010):

Bruno wearing a stingy brim hat

Bruno Mars (with Silk Sonic) — "Smokin Out the Window" (2021):

Bruno singing with his shirt open and holding a cigarette

Fun fact: At the young age of 4, Bruno was a professional Elvis impersonator. He told James Corden, "I was impersonating Elvis Presley in my dad's rock ’n’ roll 1950s revue in Waikiki."

8. Thalía (with Timbiriche) — "Quinceañera" (1988):

Thalía singing into a microphone

Thalía — "Mojito" (2021):

Thalía looking into the camera as she holds a microphone and sings

Fun fact: She's obsessed with The Walking Dead. She told Billboard in 2021, "Every single time I finish it, I start watching it all over again."

9. Juanes (with Ekhymosis) — "Solo" (1993):

Fuzzy photo of Juanes with long hair

Juanes — "La Bilirrubina" (2022):

Juanes with long hair, wearing sunglasses, and playing a guitar at a microphone

Fun fact: Juanes graduated in 2000 with a degree in industrial design from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín.

10. Luis Fonsi — “Si Tu Quisieras” (1998):

Headshot of Luis, looking clean-cut

Luis Fonsi — "Dolce" (2022):

Luis in a sparkly shirt, mustache, and light beard

Fun fact: Luis appeared in an episode of the beloved Nickelodeon show Taina in 2002.

11. Romeo Santos (with Aventura) — "Cuando Volveras" (1995):

Screenshot from video with arrow pointing to Romeo in a sleeveless shirt

Romeo Santos — "Sus Huellas" (2022):

Close-up of a shirtless Romeo

Fun fact: His current manager, Johnny Marines, was once part of Aventura's security detail before Romeo requested that he manage the group in the early '00s.

12. Camila Cabello (with Fifth Harmony) — "Miss Movin' On" (2013):

Headshot of Camila holding her hands up

Camila Cabello (with Maria Becerra) — "Hasta Los Dientes" (2022):

Headshot of Camilla with her hands raised and wearing a dramatic headdress

Fun fact: Camila immigrated to the US at the age of 6 and learned English on her own with the help of cartoons.

13. Becky G — "Turn the Music Up" (2012):

A seated Becky wearing a cap, glasses, sleeveless shirt, and jogging pants

Becky G — "Bailé Con Mi Ex" (2022):

Headshot of Becky looking serious

Fun fact: She went into entertainment at the age of 9 as her own way of trying to help her family financially. She told Rolling Stone that she had a "midlife crisis" at the time and reevaluated what she was going to do with her life. "I pushed that on myself at a younger age than the average kid because at the time, my family had lost our home," she said.

14. Mariah Carey — "Vision of Love" (1990):

Headshot of Mariah with curly hair singing

Mariah Carey (with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson) — "Oh Santa!" (2020):

Mariah, wearing an off-the-shoulder, low-cut outfit, singing into a microphone

Fun fact: Her last name should have originally been Nuñez. In 1999, she told a Spanish-language show, "[My grandfather]’s last name was 'Nuñez.' My grandfather made up the name ‘Carey’ when he came to America to be more accepted, I guess. But that was funny because that’s an Irish name, and Irish people were discriminated against at that time too ... That’s why, on the album, I just put 'Mariah' now because it’s not even my real last name anyway.”

15. Farruko — "Casa de Playa" (2010):

Farruko wearing sunglasses and with his arms crossed against a backdrop of water, boats, and hills

Farruko — "Nazareno" (2022):

Farruko with a beard and mustache

Fun fact: Farruko has always used social media to put his music out there. He began his career by putting his music on Myspace at the age of 16 and gained a following there.

16. Nicky Jam (with Daddy Yankee) — "En La Cama" (2001):

Nicky, with a close-cropped haircut and in a sleeveless shirt, smiling at the camera

Nicky Jam — "Ojos Rojos" (2022):

Nicky wearing a beanie and baggy sweatshirt

Fun fact: At the age of 11, Nicky was helping customers with their groceries as a way to get tips and would often improvise verses while he worked. One day, the wife of an independent record executive came by and asked him if he was signed to a label, which spawned his first album, Distinto a los Demás, in 1994.

17. Selena Gomez — "Cruella De Vil" (2008):

A young Selena in a short-brim hat with a ribbon and smiling

Selena Gomez (with Coldplay) — "Let Somebody Go" (2022):

Black-and-white headshot of Selena looking serious

Fun fact: On top of being a successful singer, actor, and beauty mogul, she is also an accomplished TV and film producer. She's produced shows like 13 Reasons Why, Living Undocumented, Only Murders in the Building, Selena + Chef, and the upcoming shows 15 Candles and Rising. She's also produced films like Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania, The Broken Hearts Gallery, This Is the Year, and the upcoming In the Shadow of the Mountain.

18. Rauw Alejandro — "Dias Asi" (2015):

Rauw wearing an undercut hairstyle and a leather jacket

Rauw Alejandro (with Shakira) — "Te Felicito" (2022):

Rauw in a buzz cut and a scary-looking sleeveless top with metal pieces on it that shows off arm tattoos

Fun fact: The first thing Rauw did for his mom with his first big paycheck was pay off all her debts.

19. Anitta — "Meiga e Abusada" (2012):

Anitta sitting at a table with lots of food and drink on it and looking up as she points upward

Anitta — "Boys Don't Cry" (2022):

Headshot of Anitta with dramatic eye makeup and a wide, tulle neckpiece

Fun fact: She's kept her same team, including her publicists, assistant manager, and roadies, since her career launched in Brazil.

20. Sebastián Yatra — "El Psicólogo" (2014):

Sebastián in a leather jacket leaning on a public pay phone

Sebastián Yatra (with Aitana) — "Las Dudas" (2022):

Sebastián sitting on a couch wearing a sleeveless plaid flannel shirt and holding a microphone

Fun fact: He told American Latino that he started singing when he was 12 because "a cute girl was trying out" for a school play and he wanted to be her counterpart in it. He ended up getting the part.