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Straight Guys Are Sharing The Male Celebs They Have Man Crushes On, And It's Both Hot And Endearing

"Leonardo DiCaprio. I don't even need to think about it. I'd definitely go gay for him."

Being straight and having a crush on someone of the same sex is a perfectly normal thing — and no, it does not mean you're secretly gay or bisexual.

And recently, I stumbled upon an old viral Reddit thread that explored just that. Reddit user u/ILoveTallWomen asked this question to the r/AskReddit community: "Straight men of Reddit, who do you consider handsome?"

Well, the straight guys came through with the replies and got very honest about the famous men they have man crushes on. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

1. "Chris Evans is infuriatingly handsome — he just makes it seem effortless that it makes me incredibly angry. I love the Marvel films, but the combo of him, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth makes me just want to give up and crawl into a hole."

2. "My husband has a major man crush on Hugh Jackman."

3. "Matt Bomer"

4. "Jason Momoa. I'm not saying I'm gay or anything, but if he asked me to I'd do it... And I'd then rub it in the faces of all my female friends who wanted to be with him."

5. "I'm obsessed with Ewan McGregor's face. It's like God invented the greatest smile known to man, walked away from it, and then POOF gave him eyes that undress you in the most disarming yet pleasant way."

6. "Idris Elba is a handsome dude."

7. "Jensen Ackles is one of the most beautiful men alive."

8. "Chris Hemsworth"

9. "Donald Glover. His smile is too much. And he's funny as fuck."

10. "Michael Fassbender. The man has class."

11. "I think a young Marlon Brando must be somewhere in the top 5."

12. "Alexander Skarsgård. Not even questioning my sexuality any more, I want his peen."

13. "Zayn Malik. Don't judge me."

14. "Nikolaj Coster-Waldau"

15. "Brad Pitt. Especially in Fight Club."

16. "Timothy Olyphant"

17. "Kid Cudi. Somehow he manages to look so good in every single picture ever taken of him. His style is also beyond any person alive."

18. "Don Draper (aka Jon Hamm)."

19. "Leonardo DiCaprio back then and now."

20. "Years ago, someone asked me the same question. I said Ricky Martin. This was before he was out. The person later said to me, 'Well, now's your chance.'"

21. "What on Earth? Why has no one said Tom Hardy yet?"

22. "Ryan Reynolds. I am so close to being him; I'm tall, have brown hair, and eyes, have a similar sense of humor — if only I wasn't a slightly chubby, slightly potato-headed dude we could be twins! But yeah, I'd so go gay for him."

And lastly...

23. "A younger Harrison Ford. I'm not gay, but if I was... I'd be all over that."

You can read the full thread of responses on r/Ask/Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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