Cardi B Is A Bigger Lady Gaga Fan Than You'll Ever Be

    Paws up Bardigang!

    You probably already know that Cardi B is a chart-topping rapper, powerhouse, and all around goddess.

    But did you also know she's a die-hard Little Monster?!

    Let's take it back to 2010 real quick, where a young high schooler named Belcalis (Cardi's real name) took to the stage at her high school talent show and belted out "Bad Romance":

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    Girl even had backup dancers! When will your faves?

    Next we have a slightly older Cardi, gettin' her LIFE to Gaga's "Applause" along with her little sister Hennessy:

    I love Cardi B because she loves Lady Gaga 💕

    Hennessy even had Gaga's original choreo down. Even I haven't figured it out!

    Now let's fast forward to 2017, slightly before "Bodak Yellow" blew the fuck up. Here we have a blonde Cardi telling us who her fave artists are:

    She then revealed who her favorite style icon is, which, you guessed it, is Gaga:

    And went on to explain why Gaga's style means so much to her:

    And finally, just as Bodak began dominating the charts and Cardi started taking over the world, she put out a call to Gaga on the VMA's red carpet:

    We love a devoted stan! Now, excuse me while I wait patiently for this fire collab.