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27 Things Mexican Moms Do That Just Make Sense (Some Of The Time)

"Vamos a la Ross" is a phrase that will be passed down from generation to generation.

1. They claim they won't be able to sleep if you're out all night:

Twitter: @naallelyyyy

2. But of course, they somehow knock out 10 minutes later:

Mexican mom's swear they can't sleep until you're home but when you get home they're knocked tf out

Twitter: @oralorlando_

3. Their logic is often suspicious, but should never be questioned:

My grandma scolded me for being on my phone while eating. She said it’s bad for your digestion.💀 Mexican mom’s logic smh 😂😂😂

Twitter: @peetahmcfly

4. They'll always remind you of their childhood:

Nobody: Literally nobody: My Mexican Mom: Yo a los 8 años ya sabía hacer de comer, limpiaba la casa y hacía de todo

Twitter: @Carlos___k

5. They never give you a clear answer on what it is they want as a gift:

Asking Mexican moms what they want for Christmas is pointless, they be like “que te portes bien” LMAO 😂😇

Twitter: @HilarioJVargas4

6. They've made Ross their second home:

Mexican moms be like “vamos a la Ross” and it’s 9pm

Twitter: @itshuneydew

7. They ask questions that sometimes have obvious answers:

Mexican moms be walking in ur room like “ya llegaste?” like “no ama es mi espíritu”.

Twitter: @Omarruizz10

8. They make sure you've always got shoes and a sweater on:

Snowing in Texas and listen to my MEXICAN mom

Twitter: @JoseFromTexas

9. They've got a lot of opinions and hold nothing back:

A Mexican mom reacts to Rachel Ray’s so-called pozole

Twitter: @miblogestublog

10. They've made "tingididingi" a song we all somehow just know now:

Twitter: @eliiza_barajas

11. Their love language is chopped up fruit:

How Mexican moms say they love you without saying I love you

Twitter: @bobundyyy

12. They also overestimate what a snack means:

Mexican moms be like mija, have a snack. The snack:

Twitter: @Its_Realms

13. They make enough tamales each holiday season to feed an army:

the official person-to-tamale ratio for christmas eve, per The Governing Council Of Mexican Moms 1 person, 12 tamales 2 people, 85 tamales 3 people, 250 tamales 4 people, 1,700 tamales 5 people, 3,640 tamales 6 or more people, 8,500 tamales

Twitter: @SheaSerrano

14. They are referred to as "my mom" by all their children:

Is it a Mexican thing to refer to your Mom as “my Mom” when you’re talking to anyone even your siblings even though you have the same Mom or just my family???

Twitter: @Levi_Har

15. They hold onto dear life each time they hop in a car with you:

Mexican mom yelling at me for going 5 over the limit when I was learning to drive

Twitter: @LifeOfEdgar

16. They'll claim they don't want a pet, and then later treat them like kings and queens:

My mom: I don’t want any dogs Also my mom:

Twitter: @godinezbrianaa

17. Their form of measuring when cooking is all intuition-based:

Hardest thing about learning how to cook from a Mexican mom is the fact that they give you ingredients and full instructions but will deadass not give any kind of measurements 🙃💀

Twitter: @Katya_Cee

18. They're savvy:

my mom got me slippers that mop the floor as you walk 😭 this is the most mexican thing ive ever seen

Twitter: @laxingada

19. They jump to conclusions when you're just messin' with them:

Twitter: @alegnacalderon

20. They manifest anything you want in life through their velas:

I swear the only reason I passed my exam is because I had like 7 Mexican moms do prayers and light candles for me.

Twitter: @claudiughhh

21. They love to make a caldo ONLY when it's unbearably hot out:

Mexican moms as soon as it hits 100° outside:

Twitter: @C_Munoz1017

22. They give scalp massages in their own...unique way:

Twitter: @esaudanieel_

23. They definitely have unused Princess House dishes somewhere in the house:

rt if your mexican mom has a china cabinet filled w princess house

Twitter: @palomalivaa

24. Their solution to your boredom is cleaning:

Every Mexican mom:

Twitter: @peterpool_3

25. They're persistent:

Theres nobody more persistent than a mexican mom tryna get everybody to come eat on a saturday morning🤣😂 LESS DIJEEE QUE YA ESTAAA LA COMIDDAAAA YA VENGANSEEEE

Twitter: @carlosxmendoza

26. They love a guilt trip:

you haven’t really argued with your mexican mom if she didn’t hit you with ‘el día que me muera...’

Twitter: @JulioPosts

27. And finally, they may not always know what you're up to, but they've got your back no matter what ❤️:

My (immigrant, very Mexican) mom doesn’t really understand what I do for a living, but she knows how much it means to me. 🥺❤️

Twitter: @stephanixmedina