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    15 People Who Will Restore Your Faith In This World

    Being a good person goes a long way.

    1. This school bus driver who bought a Valentine's Day card for every one of the kids who rode his bus:

    Areaequalsrsquared / Via

    2. These nurses who mailed a new mom back an ultrasound photo she had forgotten at the hospital along with a signed "congrats" card:

    u/tesss_tickles / Via

    3. This professor who extended this invitation to a student who had just come out to their family and weren't allowed back home:

    snooppii / Via

    4. These garbage collectors who brought a swag bag for a boy who loves garbage trucks:

    5. This librarian who carries 250 pounds of books and bikes around the city spreading her love of reading:

    ABC 7 / Via

    6. These McDonald's employees who sent flowers to the family of an older man who used to visit their McDonald's location daily, but had recently passed:

    Havoc_and_Chillisauc / Via

    7. This bookstore manager who didn't hang up on someone who was in need:

    8. This teacher who acknowledged the effort that went into taking this test:

    9. This cashier who took a dollar off the total when she realized the customer didn't have enough money for the item:

    u/PrematurePatriot / Via

    10. This mail person who left some treats for this good dog:

    DJPlays12 / Via

    11. This truck driver who parked behind a broken down motorcyclist so that they wouldn't get hit:

    StringSurfer1 / Via

    12. This workman who sat down with some kids and explained to them how the road works:

    iBleeedorange / Via

    13. This bus driver who made sure this person got home safely:

    I got lost last night, found a bus stop and got on a passing bus. I told the driver I was lost- after his route ended, he drove me to my estate to make sure I got home. I can’t thank him enough, such a lovely human. @dublinbusnews give Jimmy who drove the 15b last night a raise x

    14. The wait staff at this restaurant who went above and beyond:

    15. And finally, this Chick-fil-A employee who just might have been Spider-man:

    I was at chic fil a today and a girl came in crying her eyes out because a big ass spider was on her steering wheel and one of the cashiers walked out there, picked it up with his fingers and sat it in a tree across the street. I swear Idk where tf they findin these employees at

    H/T r/HumansBeingBros

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