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11 Boyfriends Who Are Truly The Worst And 11 Who Are Absolutely The Best

"Farting boyfriend causes neighbors to call police."

1. This boyfriend dragged his girlfriend's necklace:

While this one literally created one:

2. This boyfriend used cookware for the sake of a "prank":

But this one built a pantry with his own two hands:

3. This girlfriend just wanted to cuddle, but this is all she got:

While this one cuddled all night long in the Netflix fort her boyfriend made for her:

4. This boyfriend's farts were so bad that the cops showed up:

But this boyfriend tried his best to make things smell good:

5. This guy destroyed his girlfriend's masterpiece:

While this boyfriend built one:

6. This dude kept doing the most with his food:

While this one knows the importance of it:

7. This boyfriend pranked his girlfriend with an empty pizza box:

While this one filled a box with her favorite song:

My boyfriend made me a music box that plays our favorite song by Coldplay. IM CRYING 😢😢😢💛

8. This boyfriend refused to change out the toilet paper roll:

But this one used paper to build these beautiful lilies:

9. This boyfriend came home with an unpleasant surprise:

And this one had a really great surprise:

10. This boyfriend shared one too many messages with the world:

While this one created messages of love:

11. This boyfriend took a picture while his girlfriend was being attacked:

While this one tackled a DIY project for his girlfriend: