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    Just 11 Things To Try In December

    Because we tried them for you in November.

    1. *THE* Amazon Coat, a chicly oversized parka that'll keep you truly toasty warm — and make everyone think you splurged big time. Mega style, mega warmth, and pockets for days? Yeah this is my new fave winter coat.

    Seriously, this coat is so cozy — reviewers from Chicago to the NORTH POLE have stayed warm in it.

    2. A surprisingly effective and easy microwave pasta cooker so prepping the best food in the world won't be such a ~strain~.

    3. A 2020 question-a-day Jeopardy desk calendar (you technically won't try until January) perfect for any trivia buff who wants to prepare for their eventual game show domination. Each day has a different question and wager amount, so you can keep track of your ~score~ throughout the week (or year).

    4. A sleek and stylish insulated tumbler available in six sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your caffeinated drink of choice.

    5. Colourpop's Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic concealer for anyone who wants creamy, cushioned coverage *and* a dose of hydration, especially for cancelling out under-eye circles.

    6. An extendable, angular shower scrubber to help you reach every square inch of your tub with no problem.

    7. A simply elegant slip skirt you can pair with sweaters, tanks, bodysuits, and more to wear 100% year-round. Time for a no-pants dance.

    8. Journal 29: Interactive Book Game, the perfect book for anyone who loves puzzles and riddles and really wants to give their brain a workout.

    9. A pair of Spanx faux leather leggings to add a hint of edge to your oversized sweater outfits.

    10. A bottle of Bathing Culture's Neroli & Rose Mist, a natural toner to refresh your skin and add a subtle scent — and it's vegan and bottled in recycled plastic!

    11. Human-grade cat food in a variety of options that your cats might truly go wild for.

    Brb, burrowing into my Amazon coat at my desk to take a nap.

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