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    Just 11 Things You Might Want To Try In October

    Because we tried them in September.

    1. A set of reusable netted produce bags for a greener version of the small plastic ones the grocery store stocks to keep your fresh fruits and veggies in.

    2. A pack of thin, grippy no-show socks that'll end the dreaded sock-slip that makes wearing low-top sneaks and loafers a pain in the butt.

    3. A DNA test to trace the origins of our feline friends.

    4. A pair of Ugg slipper shoes that are almost impossibly cozy, without overheating your feet.

    5. A tiger-themed bedding set from Drew Barrymore's Flower Kids collection for anyone who loves color and animals.

    6. A machine-washable gel-and-microfiber yoga mat towel that'll keep your mat dry during hot yoga and prevent you from slipping while perfecting your standing bow pose.

    7. An acupressure mat with almost 9,000 rounded "nails" that you might find helpful if you deal with chronic pain or stress.

    8. A pair of comfortable striped jeans for days you feel like mixing up your denim game.

    9. Heel stoppers to make those stilts a lil' easier to walk on, avoid sinking in the grass, and thus looking better for so much longer.

    BuzzFeed editor Elizabeth Lilly's wedding heel with a heel stoppers on the bottom that offers a clear, circular landing for her shoe

    10. Kim K's Skims bodysuit, if you choose to wear shapewear or need something to fit better for a special occasion.

    11. A lamp that doubles as a Wi-Fi speaker (thanks to a new collaboration between IKEA and Sonos) that not only lights up a room and fills it with your favorite tunes but also saves on space.

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