"New Zealand Should Be A Symbol For Everyone": Christchurch's Schoolkids Have Come Together To Support The Muslim Community

“We will grow from this. It’s only going to bring us closer together and bring our communities closer."

Hannah Ryan • One day ago

Muslim Leader Says Christchurch Shooter Has "Failed Woefully" To Divide New Zealand

A mass burial of many of the Christchurch victims is expected to take place later this week.

Lane Sainty • One day ago

A Man Whose Uncle Was Killed In Christchurch Says His Family Is "Helpless" As They Wait For The Body

“They can’t put his soul into peace because he’s still out there and he’s not buried yet.”

Lane Sainty • 2 days ago

Here's How New Zealanders Are Rallying To Help The Families Of The Christchurch Victims

“We’re just normal people trying to do something to help our community, just doing our little fair share to help out Christchurch.”

Hannah Ryan • 2 days ago

Here's How Muslims In Christchurch Are Dealing With The Mass Shooting

"I got a call this morning at 6 o’clock, just packed my bags and I was here at about 9 o’clock."

Lane Sainty • 3 days ago

"We Just Came Here To Respect Those Who Lost Their Lives": People Are Laying Flowers In Christchurch

"We should be together. The bond has to be strong enough so hopefully we can defeat this kind of act."

Lane Sainty • 3 days ago

"All I See Is Blood Everywhere": Survivor Describes Christchurch Mosque Attack

“Innocent people are dead for nothing ... we don’t even know why you hate us.”

Hannah Ryan • 3 days ago

Australian School Students Have Gone On Strike For Climate Change

Australian students turned out for the Global Climate Strike.

Hannah Ryan • 4 days ago

The Judge Who Sentenced George Pell Spoke For 70 Minutes. Here's What He Said

Judge Peter Kidd spoke for over an hour as he sentenced cardinal George Pell to six years in prison for child sex abuse. Here’s how he landed on that number.

Lane Sainty • 5 days ago

Inside The Courtroom Where The World's Most Senior Catholic Found Guilty Of Child Sex Abuse Was Sentenced

The sentencing of George Pell was broadcast to the world on Wednesday – but on the livestream, you could only see the judge. BuzzFeed News spoke to people who sat in the courtroom to watch the cardinal learn his fate.

Lane Sainty • 6 days ago

A Group Of Traditional Owners Has Been Awarded $1.3 Million By The High Court For Spiritual Loss

The High Court reduced the total compensation awarded for the Ngaliwurru and Nungali peoples of Timber Creek in the Northern Territory from $2.9 million to $2.5 million.

Lane Sainty • 6 days ago

"You May Not Live To Be Released From Prison," Judge Tells George Pell

"You may not live to be released from prison," the judge told cardinal George Pell.

Lane Sainty • 6 days ago

"Worth Hundreds Of Millions": A Landmark Ruling Will Decide How To Pay Back Aboriginal Australians For Their Land

Experts say it's one of the most significant native title cases since the Mabo case recognised Aboriginal peoples' ownership of the land in 1992.

Lane Sainty • 7 days ago

"Screaming 'I Can’t Breathe' To His Last Gasp": David Dungay's Mother Speaks At Inquest

"I have nothing against all you lawyers in the expensive suits who all went to good schools here in Sydney ... But face facts. You have no idea what it is like to grow up as an Aboriginal person in this country."

Lane Sainty • 11 days ago

A “Golden Girls” Puppet Parody Show Is At The Centre Of A Bitter Legal Battle

From Off-Off-Broadway to the Australian Federal Court: The partnership behind a puppet parody show based on ’80s sitcom The Golden Girls has turned sour.

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

Nurses Who Tried To Revive An Aboriginal Man Who Died In Custody Had Only Done CPR On Training Dummies

“It was a challenging situation and we all were distressed … I think we did our best in the best interests of the patient.”

Lane Sainty • 15 days ago

The Last Kids To Leave Nauru Were Greeted At The Airport By Australians Living In America

The last refugee children detained on Nauru flew to the United States this week. Here’s how one family started their new life in Colorado.

Lane Sainty • 16 days ago

The World's Most Senior Catholic Official Found Guilty Of Child Sex Abuse Will Appeal

"It was not open to the jury to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt on the word of the complainant alone," George Pell's appeal document says.

Lane Sainty • 18 days ago

"Bizarre Vendetta": Nauru Bans Telehealth After Doctors Without Borders Starts Seeing Patients

"It’s unethical for us to continue under the circumstances that we might call for an ambulance and no-one will take our call."

Lane Sainty • 18 days ago

Watchdog Boss Says He Assumed Michaelia Cash Had A Political Agenda In Union Raids

"I can’t read into her mind, but I assume she had an agenda, put it that way," ROC boss Chris Enright told the court.

Lane Sainty • 19 days ago