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    33 Pairs Of Black Leggings You'll Probably Wear All Of The Time

    You should probably own at least seven pairs — one for every day of the week.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. High-waisted leggings from Aerie's Offline collection, aka my holy grail, wear every single day, absolute favorite pair of leggings. They're stretchy, soft, and perfect for both working out or hanging out. I simply adore them.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Aerie

    During this entire year (wow) of working from home I have made it a personal goal to find the BEST black leggings of all time. The GOAT of leggings. And for me, Aerie's are IT! Between this style and their crossover pair, I've been wearing mostly these "to work" for 12 months. I own multiple black pairs and love that they come in short lengths! A game-changer for me! These are the most affordable of all the leggings I've tried and loved — I simply cannot recommend them enough.

    Get them from Aerie for $31.46 (originally $44.95; available in sizes 2XS–2XL, in regular, long, and short lengths, and five colors).

    2. Leggings you'll easily be able to wear to work out or to scroll endlessly through your Instagram feed — they're stretchy and have a nonhugging fit that'll feel appropriate for either activity. We love a two-for-one piece of clothing!,

    Promising review: "I love these leggings! They've held up to every workout I've put them through (running, HIIT, hiking, strength workouts, etc). I've washed and dried them several times with no pilling and no shrinkage. The price is a steal for the quality of these leggings! I'll definitely be buying more!" —Erin I.

    Get them from Amazon for $16.98+ (available in sizes XS—XXL, packs of two, and 40 colors).

    3. Basic leggings with more than 15,000 (!!!) 5-star reviews — hit *add to cart* and rest easy knowing they're a verified great purchase. And just think of how fab they'll look with an oversized sweater!

    Promising review: "I am obsessed with these leggings. I have four pairs, and I practically live in them. I panic when I am down to my last pair and immediately go do laundry! They are so so comfortable and stretchy without being see-through. I am going to buy the capri version as well." —Jennifer T

    Get them from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in sizes XS–XL and 26 colors and styles).

    4. Girlfriend Collective high-rise leggings you can count on to stay in place — because no one wants pants that bunch or sag.

    Melanie Aman / BuzzFeed, Girlfriend Collective

    Girlfriend Collective is a wife-and-husband-owned business based out of Seattle, Washington that strives to sell eco-friendly apparel. Their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable, many of their leggings and bras are partially made from recycled post-consumer bottles while other items are made from recycling fishing nets and a fiber made from waste the cotton industry leaves behind.

    My colleague Melanie Aman loves these leggings (and now owns eight pairs). She said:

    "I usually wear them for low-impact workouts, like Pilates and yoga (and lounging on the couch), but they didn't let me down during high-impact HIIT cardio classes either. The material is really breathable so even though I'm sweating a lot during my workouts, the leggings don't get swampy."

    You can check out her full review of these Girlfriend Collective leggings here.

    Get them from Girlfriend Collective for $78 (available in sizes XXS—6XL and in six core colors and nine limited colors).

    5. Fleece-lined faux leather leggings that'll add a little *somethin', somethin'* to your relaxed look.,

    Promising review: "I got sooo many compliments! I love the way my butt looks in them. I'm a hairstylist and I loved how after a haircut i didn't feel itchy because the hair just slid off. They're fleece-lined too, so that is just a bonus in comfortable land! Love love love them! I'm usually super nervous with ordering pants online, but this was a win for sure." –M. Slotterbeck

    Get them from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in sizes 2X–4X and sizes XS–XL in the same listing and in seven different styles).

    6. Or Spanx faux leather leggings, in case you're a sweaty human like myself and a fleece-lined option simply won't do.

    Spanx / Via, Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    I splurged on these and I don't know why I waited so long! They're super soft on the inside, edgy on the outside, and just freakin' fabulous. I love pairing them with an oversized sweater for a look that's stylish but still cozy during the winter and wearing them with a denim jacket and a graphic tee in spring and fall.

    Get them from Nordstrom or Spanx for $98 (available in sizes XS–XL, 1X–3X, and petite, regular, and tall lengths).

    7. Super soft leggings from Target designed with a moisture wicking fabric for your workout sessions *and* beyond — I personally wear these while working from my kitchen all day long.

    a model in the black leggings

    These are quite possibly the silkiest leggings I own! I bought them back at the beginning of quarantine and have been living in them ever since. I've been wearing them to relax more than to sweat in because, IMO, they deserve better!

    Promising review: "Best leggings I’ve tried in a while. The waist is high enough to give good belly compression, and the fabric and lack of side seam make them look extremely high quality. I could just as easily wear these under a cute little dress as leggings or go run a 5K in them." —mimi

    Get them from Target for $40 (available in sizes XL–4XL and three colors).

    8. Opaque leggings you'll find yourself gravitating to every day as they'll easily go with pretty much all of your cold weather wardrobe. Sweatshirts? Yep. Sweaters? Sure! Jackets? Also, a yes.


    I am wearing these leggings regularly! They are soft, not too thick, and are not at all see through. In fact, the only thing I asked for last Christmas was three pairs of these leggings — and urged my mom to get them for my sisters as well. I'm a big fan!

    Promising review: "Wow! I was extremely skeptical of these leggings considering they’re a 'one size fits all' type of deal. I am 5'5" and curvier. I was worried they were going to be too tight or see-through. However, that’s not the case! They are not see-through even after three washes so far. They are extremely soft and comfortable. The only thing I noticed is they are more of a muted black compared to some of my other leggings but it’s barely noticeable. I liked them so much I ordered a second pair. Def would recommend!" —nichole campton

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in one size and plus size and in 19 colors).

    9. Black leggings from Terez with a subtle star design on them to ensure no matter where you're going or what you're doing you'll look *out of this world*.

    a model in black leggings with black foil stars on them

    Terez is a women-owned and -operated NYC based brand.

    Promising review: "I love these leggings!! They fit well, are comfortable, durable and stylish." —Michelle P

    Get them from Terez for $100 (available in sizes 2XS–XL, 1X–3X and four colors).

    10. High-waisted leggings reviewers say are super stretchy and not see-through at all — they'll be there for you whether you have big plans to watch an entire season of The Crown on your couch or break a sweat during a YouTube workout.,

    Promising review: "These leggings are perfect. They’re not see-through at all, very stretchy without being straight Spandex, and true to color. The seams are in comfortable places and the waistband is great. I buy a lot of leggings, and this is now my go-to source." —Devon Borokoff

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in sizes XS–2XL and 22 styles and patterns).

    11. Leggings with a pop of color to 'em and side pockets to store your phone, keys, and credit card so you can head out on your early morning run hands-free but still be prepared in case you want to pick up a coffee on your way back.,

    Promising review: "These are my new favorite workout pants! They are so comfortable, look and feel great and, have two side pockets. Those side pockets fit my iPhone comfortably and there is plenty of room left. I think they run a little big and the fabric is also kind of stretchy. I could probably go with one smaller size and still be fine. I like it how it is, but it is something to consider. I'm definitely going to order more!" —Jessica Anne

    Get them from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in sizes S–XL and 36 styles).

    12. Tried-and-true Old Navy workout leggings, a must-have for anyone who wants a reliable pair without breaking the bank. I promise you won't be sorry. The material is both comfortable and supportive, making them great for all kinds of activities.

    a model in cropped black leggings
    Old Navy

    When it comes to workout leggings, it doesn't get more practical or reliable than Old Navy's. I have a whoooole bunch of these and have yet to be disappointed — I also know many coworkers who swear by them as well. They stay in place during workouts, aren't too thick (no feeling like you want to rip 'em off mid-workout), and are overall just comfortable.

    Promising review: "These leggings are amazing! I have been living in them this past year and couldn't be happier. They fit so much better than much more expensive brands and are perfect for us petite girls! The length is always just right and they keep everything sucked in. They work for exercise as well as just lounging around the house and they hold up well. Thank you Old Navy for a wonderful product. Please don't ever change it or discontinue it!!!!" —JLVBW

    Get them from Old Navy for $20+ (available in sizes XS–2XL, three lengths, and four colors).

    13. And black jersey knit leggings from Old Navy that give the appearance of understated elegance but the feel of your favorite pajamas.

    Promising review: “I have at least a dozen pairs in black with a few in the other colors. These are so comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down.” –Dawn D. 

    Get it from Old Navy for $12.99 (available in sizes XS–2XL and two colors).

    14. Madewell high-rise knit leggings, because they're a bit more structured and'll stay in place as needed. You'll love pairing them with your favorite oversized tees and sweatshirts.

    Heather Braga, Madewell

    I tested out these babies and was also a fan. I prefer my leggings to be a bit more soft, but I liked having these as an option for when I wanted to feel like I had a bit more compression. They almost feel tailored in comparison to other leggings, but are still stretchy.

    Promising review: "These leggings are fantastic! True to size, great high-waisted fit, and the perfect length (a medium hits right above my ankle and I'm 5-foot-6). They're not see-through at all and have so far made it through a few washes with no damage whatsoever. Will definitely be buying again!" —LaurenM

    Get them from Madewell for $34.50 (available in sizes 2XS–2XL and 3X).

    15. Leggings made with 5% spandex that may make you stray out of your comfort zone and actually buy them in a color other than black (gasp!).

    a model posing in the black leggings

    Promising review: "I love these! I got them for a Halloween costume, but now they are my favorite leggings. I am going to order more in different colors. I have found it hard to find a good plus-size legging, and these are not too loose or too tight in areas." —steph

    Get them from Amazon for $18.97 (available in sizes XL–5X and 42 styles).

    16. Splurge-worthy black leggings that are so soft you'll never want to take them off — seriously I've basically been wearing mine for months now.


    I had been hesitant to try these out given their price point, but I must say they are worth every single penny. They are SO soft... like unbelievably soft I can't even begin to tell you. I've been wearing mine multiple times a week while working from home since I got them a few months ago and they've held up really well. I'm absolutely going to cave and order another pair soonn.

    Promising review: "These are, quite literally, the most comfortable pants I have ever had on my body. They're soft and amazing. I would wear them every day if I could!" —ETC22

    Get them from Lululemon for $98 (available in sizes 0–14, three lengths, and 27 styles).

    17. Mesh-cutout leggings you'll be glad you added into your line-up. They just have a little extra *somethin' somethin' that basic black leggings don't and reviewer's say they're squat-proof!

    Model wearing ALONG FIT Women's Mesh Yoga Leggings from Amazon

    Promising review: “By far the best leggings I've ever purchased! The material is soft and lightweight, breathable but not so sheer that you can see through it. The side pockets are at a good level so they don't sit right at your hip, and are big enough to hold my phone securely. The little inside pocket could hold money or keys, which is convenient. The waistband is wide and high, so it sits above the hips, making it so it doesn't move or roll down, or pinch. I got several pairs and will be ordering more. Very impressive for the price.” —Miami Marty

    Get it from Amazon for $19.98+ (available in sizes XS–3XL and in 21 styles). 

    18. Onyx crossover-waist leggings because you absolutely need to have a cozy but stylish option on deck at all times. Spoiler: these are IT — they even have pockets!

    Ali Faccenda / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed writer Ali Faccenda loves these black leggings:

    "I've seen crossover style leggings all over my For You Page on TikTok and they look so CUTE on everyone who wears them. These mayyyyy just be my new fave leggings. They're high-waisted (legit the only kind I like) and have pockets on both sides which is perfect if I'm taking my dogs for a walk or running an errand and want to keep my phone on me at all times. I love where these hit me on my waist and honestly, these make me want to throw all my old leggings in the trash. If you're in the market for new leggings, I HIGHLY recommend you give these a whirl."

    Get them from Wolven for $98 (available in sizes XS–2XL and seven colors).

    19. Leggings with a soft band that won't dig into your mid-section (yay!), also because if you’re anything like me your sister absolutely stole your favorite ones and is holding them hostage until you give her back HER favorite sweater. Jokes on you, sweetie, I'm buying THESE.,

    Promising review: "These are seriously the nicest, most comfortable leggings I've ever purchased. True to size. The band is one of my favorite parts as it doesn't dig into you — great for those of us not wanting to experience abdominal pain after an hour of wearing them lol. The material is so soft and smooth against my skin — feels like butter. I did several squat tests and NO they're not see-through! (At least the black ones aren't). Seriously, if you're on the fence, BUY! You won't be disappointed 👌🏻" —Brittany

    Get them from Amazon for $26 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and 45 colors and patterns).

    20. Pocket leggings with a no-slip fit to prevent you from pausing your workout or running sesh to pull the ol' pants up again (I'm extremely guilty of this).

    Model wearing the full-length black leggings showing the side with the pocket and a logo in white.
    SuperFit Hero

    SuperFit Hero is a woman-owned small business based in California.

    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE these leggings! They're thick and comfortable, the pockets are great, and they don't bunch up or wrinkle." —Laurie E.

    Get them from SuperFit Hero for $95 (available in sizes L–7XL).

    21. Or leggings with an extra-high waistband that'll also do the trick — they'll stick to you like glue even during your most advanced yoga poses.,

    Promising review: "I’m constantly buying items on Amazon, and this is the first time I’ve taken the time to review anything. These pants are AWESOME!! If my wardrobe didn’t only consist of black and shades of black, I’d buy these in all the colors available. But for now, I will order several back-up pairs, black and gray of course. So well made and comfy, I want to live in them. Yay pants... get them. You will love them." —DeeMinn

    Get them from Amazon for $18.95 (available in sizes S–XL and 10 colors).

    22. Zella black high-waisted leggings made with moisture-wicking fabric and a no-slip waistband you'll wear for working out just as much as lounging around.

    Instagram: @

    These are my sister-in-law's leggings of choice — she loves them! BuzzFeed senior writer Elena Garcia is also a big fan of these leggings. She said:

    "They're made of a super stretchy moisture-wicking fabric that never gets you too hot (which I imagine is important for all those people who will use them for working out, I am not one of those people). They also have a fitted no-slip waistband that does not roll down for anything! I've never had to do the tug and pull dance with these bad boys."

    Get them from Nordstrom for $59 (available in sizes XS–XL and three colors) and in 1X–2X in black).

    Check out Elena's full review of Zella Live In High Waist leggings here.

    23. Cropped maternity leggings from Missguided, designed to fit you from your fifth month of pregnancy. At this price you won't mind only being able to wear them for a short period of time!

    a pregnant model kneeling in black high-waisted leggings

    Get them from Missguided for $9+ (originally $25; available in sizes 4–14).

    24. High-waisted leggings, complete with pockets and a comfortable material that'll make you want to retire your denim forever.

    a reviewer in black leggings with pockets

    Promising review: "I have had all sorts of leggings ranging from Old Navy to Lululemon and these are absolutely my favorite. They are so soft, so comfortable, and the little pockets on the side are perfect. My boyfriend even commented on how nice I looked in them. I am most definitely plan to order more!" —Catherine

    Get them from Amazon for $21.68+ (available in sizes XS–3XL, two lengths, and 45 colors).

    25. Pocketed Athleta leggings designed with a breathable fabric so you can tackle squats or the Stairmaster without worry about overheating.


    Promising review: “These leggings hit the spot. Comfortable everyday leggings. I practically live in them. Definitely my favorite. Totally recommend!” –Jade L.

    Get it from Athleta for $89 (available in sizes XXS–3X and three lengths).

    26. Super soft control leggings because the ones that were there for you throughout the "Great Work From Home of 2020–21" would really like a day off., Amazon

    Promising review: "The picture I shared is an actual Snapchat I sent to the girls I work with and a couple of friends the first day I wore these leggings! They are literally the best ever!!! I’m going to be purchasing more soon in different colors! They are not see-through and they do not fit awkwardly. If you are like me it is hard to find the perfect pair of leggings and I actually heard about these through a girl in one of my college classes who I don’t know. She was just talking out loud about how great her leggings were and I had to ask!!! You cannot go wrong with these!!!" —Mo

    Get them from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in sizes S–2XL and in 31 color combinations).

    27. Leggings that'll make hisstory as one of your most beloved pants purchases — they feature sweat-wicking technology to help keep you looking and feeling cool during your sweat sesh.


    Promising review: “These are so incredible – comfy, stretchy, and just perfect. I've wanted some fierce faux leather leggings for a long time and have bought a *lot* of faux leather leggings on Amazon. They're always cheap, stinky, and totally uncomfortable. And I've returned them all in disappointment. But not these – this brand figured it out somehow and the quality is high, the fit and comfort are awesome and I love the way I look and feel in them! They're so fierce! I can't wait to workout in them but also put on some fierce boots, a cute top and go to a concert.” –Birdie Kount

    Get it from Amazon for $26 (available in sizes XXS–XL, two lengths, and 13 colors and patterns).

    28. Leggings made with 8% spandex that make them feel comfortable (not binding at all) and a soft brushed material that'll make you want to curl up in a ball next to your cat and lounge all day long.


    Promising review: "These pants are what I’ve been looking for literally for MONTHS! I have fibromyalgia with allodynia so tight waistbands and seams pain me to tears. I’ve been on the hunt for buttery feeling leggings that don’t feel tight anywhere while being close-fitting as leggings should be and these are AMAZING. They also aren’t see-through and are one-eighth the price of a certain overly priced brand! I’m in heaven I’ll need to buy every color and like 10 of the black because I’m never wearing any other pants again!" —Coffeybean84

    Get them from Amazon for $12.95+ (available one size and one size plus, short, Capri, and full-lengths, and 18 colors).

    29. Eco-friendly bamboo leggings that are super stretchy and lined with fleece, making them the perfect addition to any legging lover's winter wardrobe.

    a model in the black leggings in snow
    Nayked Faith / Etsy

    They're made with a bamboo blend fabric and use an eco-friendly dye. Nayked Faith is an eco-friendly small business based out of Portland, Oregon, that specializes in handmade clothing.

    Get them from Nayked Faith on Etsy for $68+ (available in sizes S–XL and eight colors). 

    30. Core 10 ballerina leggings you can wear while following along with the barre workout you've sworn you'll master this year. Reviewers love how they are soft, thick, opaque and longer than most standard leggings.


    Promising review: "I love how these look. The down point that hits just below the belly button and higher waist that starts at the natural waistline on the sides looks great and is perfect for crop tops. I wore these for dance and felt comfortable and awesome! Love." —Hedera Femme

    Get them from Amazon for $39 (available in sizes XS–XL, 1X–3X, and eight colors).

    31. And high-waisted leggings with a buttery smooth feel to them that've inspired many reviewers to say these feel like "wearing nothing" which, honestly, sounds ideal to me.,

    Promising review: "Not usually a leggings type girl, but decided to get these based on the positive reviews. These leggings are so soft and honestly it feels like I am wearing nothing when I have them on. I love them!" —Tanya

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in sizes S–XL, 1X–5X, one-size, plus-size, and 44 colors).

    32. A handy pair of cropped black leggings with a high-waist design and side pockets to keep everything in place. Plus, they keep your legs warm without being *too* warm.


    Promising review: “I have tried many brands, including the more expensive ones, and these are actually my favorite. I'm a runner but also do a lot of strength training, yoga, and weight lifting. These pants pass the squat test, nice booty test, stay-up-during-a-run test (I hate when I spend half of my run pulling my pants back up), and pocket test. My phone stays in the pocket on runs, squats, burpees, and every other exercise I have worn them with.” –Anon87

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in sizes XS–3X and 34 styles).

    33. And another pair of black cotton leggings (aka: Ol' Reliable).


    If these past few years have taught us anything, it's that you can never have too many pairs of black cotton leggings. Reviewers love these!

    Get it from H&M for $9.99 (available in regular and petite lengths, sizes XXS–XXL, and four colors).

    Me, when anyone tries to argue that leggings aren't real pants:

    The Walt Disney Company

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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