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    29 Of The Coziest Things You Can Buy On Amazon Prime Day

    Burrowing in a new down coat under a weighted blanket with your favorite mug all winter long will never be more affordable than it is right now.

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME, is here — and this year it’s just in time for you to get ahead of holiday shopping, so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays.

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!
    Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

    1. Up to 60% off a fuzzy teddy bear jacket to have you feeling as cute and cuddly as an IRL plush.

    A model wearing the fuzzy zip up jacket in white

    Price: $11.89+ (originally $29.99; available in sizes S-3XL and in 23 designs)

    2. A set of 24 bath bombs for 20% off to make bubble baths even more cozy than they already were!

    colorful bath bombs in box

    Promising review: "These were an amazing find! Smell awesome, keep the tiny humans soft, and make the bath water look pretty. I've even used them myself to unwind after dealing with the tiny humans I made. Relaxed it all away. Great price, great product. Be wary they crumble a bit coming out of the package, open over the tub." —Kindle customer

    Price: $21.50 (originally $26.88)

    3. A string of globe lights for 33% off to add a magical glow to any room in your home.

    two people laying on a bed watching a movie with the lights draped around the bed for ambience

    Promising review: "Absolutely love these lights. There are 3 dimmer settings which is a awesome and creates beautiful ambient lighting. I got the 49ft length and it fits perfectly in my 10.5ft x 12ft room (with some draping, only needed 45ft). I used 1/2" plastic cable staples to hang them up. I also have the lights connected to a Smart Plug and it works perfectly. Overall really impressed!" —Stevie

    Price: $19.99 (originally $29.99)

    4. A lightweight bathrobe for up to 38% off made in a soft, skin-friendly fabric.

    model wearing lightweight bathrobe in grey

    Promising review: "I've always wanted a longer robe that's not made of towel, fuzzy, or silky material. I finally found it!! The straps are connected to the robe and there are pockets. Doesn't get better than that!" —Amanda Davis

    Price: $30.98+ (originally $49.99; available in sizes S-3XL and 21 colors)

    5. A pair of lounge pants for up to 20% off in a super-soft microfiber fabric featuring an elastic drawcord waist.

    two angles of model wearing pajama pants in B-sky blue

    Promising review: "These pants are so cute and SO soft. They run a touch small, but they're still SO comfortable. I mean like buttery soft. You'll want to buy more & more. They have a lot of stretch without losing any integrity/becoming sheer. They're very on trend and comfy for lounging or easily dressed up. Good quality, definitely recommend!" —Amber White

    Price: $11.19+ (originally $15.99+; available in sizes M-XXL and 33 colors/patterns)

    6. Fleece-lined leggings for 25% off meant to keep your legs extra warm despite not being as thick as denim or joggers. So you know, you may never return to a life of pants-wearing after sliding into these beauties.


    Promising review: "So good. I accidentally ordered two sets (4 pairs) and I am glad I ordered too many! I wore these under my jeans all last winter (I live in a cold place) andr they were super comfortable. Fleece-lined! They wash great and the fleece does not shed. I am 5'9" and they are plenty long and they are NOT tight around the ankles. You could put these under or over socks if you want. Perfect leggings! I will order these again if needed!" —Erica

    Price: $13.48 (originally $17.98; available in sizes petite, regular, and plus sizes AND in multiple color and quantity selections)

    7. A turtleneck sweater dress for 20% off that'll fit you like a glove while making you feel like you're only wearing pajamas.


    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I am a usually a size 3X. I got an XXL and it’s very stretchy and comfortable! I absolutely love it. It hugged my curves...!" —Ryan Fagan

    Price: $27.99 (originally $34.99; available in sizes XS-XXL)

    8. Pocket hand warmers for 25% off to keep anyone who's cold-natured warm down to their literal fingertips.


    Promising review: "I brought this as the 'Deal of Today' and it was one of the best deals ever. I'm always cold and this little nugget warms up rather quickly. It keeps my hands warm. I accidentally dropped it on cement and it still works beautifully. I even used it on my neck and shoulder when I fell asleep in a chair and my neck was in pain. Great find." —Raven

    Price: $19.49 (originally $25.99; available in three colors)

    9. A knitted beanie with a faux fur pom for up to 38% off to instantly add some winter cute-ness to all of your looks.

    model wearing FURTALK womens beanie in white

    Promising review: "I ordered a combo black and gray beanie set and I just love them! I can wear the cap all day and it's not so tight to give me a headache. And the caps don't get itchy and scratchy like some of my other hats. Super comfortable and a great little cap for casual days." —Geordie's mom

    Price: $16.79 (originally $26.99; available in 10 different multi-color packs of two)

    10. A classic and comfy Calvin Klein bralette for loungewear that's equal parts cozy and cool.

    A model wearing the black bralette and undies, which both have white Calvin Klein logo trim

    Promising review: "So far I absolutely love everything about this bralette. It’s super soft and still very supportive! I’m a 44DDD and my boobs fit in it very well! It has good coverage under the armpits and your side too! It’s stretchy and comfortable and as long as it holds up over time well it will be worth every cent!" —Rose

    Price: $17.54+ (originally $28; available in sizes XS-3X and in 38 styles)

    Get the matching undies (also on sale!) here.

    11. A memory foam mattress for 20% off that's so comfortable, you'll only have to count sheep for like .3 seconds.

    two people cuddling in bed on a Tuft & Needle foam mattress

    Discount applied at checkout.

    Promising review: "This bed is of surprisingly good quality. When I saw that T&N was available on Amazon, I came here to research how people liked it, whether it had any chemical smell, etc. I LOVED that it is made in the USA -- just like my last 3 bed purchases. I loved all the highly positive reviews. I like the cover choice. And...I like that I could get a frame from Amazon to go with the bed. So...I had it arrive via expedited shipping, set up the frame and uncoiled the bed. It raised in less than 60 seconds. There was a little sweet smell, but nothing like outgassing. It was easy to adjust on the bed and I put my Cuddle Ewe wool topper on it. Now I was concerned that this would not be firm enough but I'll tell you that not only was it firm enough for my back, it was soft enough to keep pressure off my knees, hips and ankles. I'm shocked and pleasantly surprised. I got a queen to be cautious. The next purchase will be a king. Thank you, T&N, for delivering a high quality product that didn't have sticker shock...and thank you, Amazon, for getting one to me so fast. I'm a happy camper for sure." —C. Jack

    Price: $280+ (originally $350+; available in sizes twin-California king)

    12. A thicc Shiba Inu plush for up to 51% off you'll want to live on the couch with permanently, squishing and booping it too your heart's content.


    Price: $17.59 (originally $35.99; available in two sizes and three colors)

    13. A dip powder kit for 20% off because it's the perfect excuse for a lazy night in alone or with your closest pals.,

    Promising review: "With COVID-19 shutting everything down I wanted to find something I could do from home to keep my dip nails looking good! This kit is amazing. You get six colors and all of the necessary polishes/activators. The top coat dries in under a minute, no kidding. My two recommendations for success with this product would be to 1) keep each layer very thin. This keeps it from being lumpy or uneven. 2) purchase some buffing and filing blocks like they have at the nail salon, these buffed the dip out perfectly smooth. Overall, highly recommend. Can’t wait to try more colors." —Mary Jenkins

    Price: $39.99 (originally $49.99)

    14. And an adorable ceramic mug for 20% off that'll make sipping your hot cocoa even more enjoyable.

    three ceramic mugs with chicken, panda, and cat in them

    Promising review: "Although a little smaller than the typical coffee mug, it is a good size for a little kid's hot chocolate , and it really is meant for little kids although I gave it as a gift to my 14 yr old. We got it ready for her breakfast on xmas before she could see it empty and told her it was one of her gifts. She thought it was 'so cute' as just a mug, but could not stop laughing once she uncovered the panda's face! It was a great moment!" —George Gonzalez

    Price: $7.18 (originally $8.98; available in 11 different animals)

    15. Slouchy fleece joggers I fully support you wearing with a dressy shirt on top to fool everyone on your Zoom calls into thinking you're not living that cozy life 24/7.


    Promising review: "I got these sweatpants towards the end of the fall season to keep warm and stay comfy during the winter. Not only are these sweatpants very comfortable and warm, but they are also pretty good quality. I've used them and washed them several times, and there has not been any issue of discoloration or damage. Also, considering the price of these sweatpants in addition to their quality, I am very happy with my purchase." —Lbw

    Price: $10.60 (originally $16.30; available in men's sizes XS-XXL and in 13 colors and prints)

    16. A floofy round pet bed for up to 24% off, because your fur baby wants to be cozy too!!!, Amazon

    Price: $18.74+ (originally $24.99+; available in three sizes and six colors)

    17. A pack of throw pillow inserts for 13% off that'll immediately add some plush-ness to your bed, sofa, or favorite chair.

     throw pillow inserts

    Promising review: "These pillows come vacuum sealed and look like the flattest pillows ever when you initially take them out of the package. Within minutes they fully puff up. They're not the firmest pillow, but if you use a cover that is a bit smaller than the pillow size you'll get a nice full pillow that is pretty firm. I used these 20x20 pillows in an 18x18 case and they look great. I wish I had thought to buy these years ago to replace the worn out stuffing in our old toss pillows. I would buy these pillow inserts again." —Mr. Furkin's Human

    Price: $13.99 (originally $15.99; available in 9 sizes)

    18. And a set of throw pillow covers for 20% off to make your reading nook all the more aesthetically pleasing.

    throw pillows with various patterns arranged on a blanket

    Promising review: "The quality is exceptional! I am so happy with my purchase. The fabric is sturdy and thick enough where you can not see the designs underneath. Stitching is made very well and I like the invisible zipper. These are a great touch to any living space. I would highly recommend to pick these up. I purchased the 18x18 set but I have 20x20 pillows, they actually fit great. The paper instructions included were also helpful." —bgallardo90

    Price: $31.99 (originally $39.99)

    19. An ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for 33% off with eight color choices so you feel refreshed all day while your head's in the clouds.

    the Humidifier

    Promising review: "When I look for an easy to clean humidifier, this is what I’m looking for! Cleaning the inside of the water reservoir is usually not a big deal for me, it’s the mineral buildup and pink slime that gather in the base where the water sits. Because this place is a very wide open layout, it’s much easier to scrape out any build up that does occur. This is just what I was looking for!" —Rebecca C.

    Price: $39.99 (originally $59.99)

    20. A throw blanket for 20% off perfect for those days when you want to wrap up in a cocoon and ignore all your responsibilities.

    flannel fleece throw blanket in coral draped over a chair next to a side table

    Promising review: "I am wearing this blanket around me like a cape even as I type this and it feels as though I have a Godzilla-sized kitten wrapped around me, just as soft as a kitten belly and just as warm but unlike kittens who like to climb and claw and get all over the place this blanket stays where I put it and does not pee on me when it gets nervous (unfortunately, however, the blanket does not purr). This is the best blanket. The only blanket. All other blankets are dead to me now that I have this blanket in my life. I would recommend everyone buy this blanket too so they know how warm and soft I feel right now." —Arinna B.

    Price: $11.99+ (originally $14.99; available in six sizes and 24 colors)

    21. A towel set for 20% off that includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths.

    8-piece towel set in ivory folded neatly in a bathroom

    Promising review: "Love these towels! My biggest concern when buying towels is that they feel thick and soft at the store, but when you get them home and use them, they don't absorb any water and leave you feeling wet and uncomfortable. That is not the case with these towels at all! The first time I used them, I found them to be thick, soft AND absorbent!! Also, they wash in the machine very well -- they don't collect lint or anything. I would highly recommend all around. I feel they are well worth the price, which is actually very reasonable in my opinion. I will be buying more in the future. In may case, the towels have held up really well - no fraying at all, just really good quality." —Lisa Olszewski

    Price: $25.59 (originally $31.99; available in seven colors)

    22. And! A woven basket for 20% off that'll hold all of your extra blankets and pillows when you're not using 'em so you'll always be able to find them quickly when it's time to wrap up.

    model carrying the large white woven basket

    Promising review: "I wanted to give an idea of how much space there is in this, as I kinda went in hoping it would be large enough for blanket storage (it is). I currently have 3 throws and 2 king-size blankets inside, most of which are folded, except one of the king-size blankets that my boyfriend has been pulling out to use (and he puts it back, win!!). This is more than large enough for what I wanted it for, and I'm really quite pleased. It did come folded so it was a little misshapen at first, so I just stuffed it with as many blankets as I could, and now that we're using it regularly it's holding its shape nicely." —diannetea

    Price: $22.39 (originally $27.99)

    23. A cherry blossom tree light for 20% off that'll add some cozy ambience AND fill the empty corner in your living room.

    twinkle star cherry blossom light tree in a dimmed room

    Promising review: "Love this tree. My husband didn't want to take down the Christmas tree because he likes the lights at night. So I decided to find something to replace it. This was perfect. The light is a bit on the brighter side though but it is very pretty. Also pretty without lights too. Branches are very flexible so shaping isn't a problem. Hopefully lights don't burn out because I intend to have this up year round." —Lee

    Price: $36.79 (originally $45.99)

    24. A Chai Tea sampler for 20% off that includes five different delicious flavors, such as sweet cinnamon and cardamom masala.

    Vahdam sweet cinnamon chai tea packet stylized with cinnamon sticks, a mug and loose leaf tea

    Promising review: "I love this chai tea selection, great flavor! I leave my bag in the tea and sometimes I’ll reuse w/another flavor after my first cup (drink 2-3 cups in the morning). I love this tea so much that I’m on my second box. I am one happy and impressed Vadham customer. Thank you Vadham for your wonderful tea and service. I can’t wait to try other teas of Vadham." —Linda Umlah

    Price: $7.99 (originally $9.99; includes five different flavors and four bags of each)

    25. A ramen bowl set marked 20% off and perfect for days when you prefer to beat the cold by curling up on a couch and slurp on the warm, brothy meal.

    the ramen bowl with a blue striped print inside and a ramen meal inside

    Promising review: "I love these bowls. They come with two pairs of chopsticks and two spoons. I prefer these types of melamine ramen bowls because they don't break as easily as ceramic. They're sturdy and the seller sent a free e-cookbook! I would buy this again!" —Edith

    Price: $21.59 (originally $26.99; available in two bowl sizes and three styles)

    26. A pair of cozy wool mittens for 35% off guaranteed to keep your hands toasty when you have to venture out in the cold this winter.

    reviewer photo of mittens in grey

    Promising review: "Warm, fuzzy and fit perfectly. Exactly what I was looking for being outside in the cold." —Rachael Jean

    Price: $8.44 (originally $12.99; available in 32 color/quantity packs)

    27. A bamboo laptop desk for 20% off so you can do all the necessities—work, eat, binge watch—from the comfort and coziness of your bed.

    bamboo laptop desk with a laptop on it propped up on a sofa

    Promising review: "The hardware on this product is sleek, easy to adjust and fairly comfortable to use plus I love that it folds up for easy storage. I've already recommended this fantastic product to others & would repurchase if necessary." —Owen

    Price: $31.99 (originally $39.99)

    28. A candle making kit for 20% off because a candle made with your own elbow grease is bound to be the best you've ever smelled.

    step-by-step photo showing how to pour the DIY candle

    Promising review: "Pitcher was smaller than expected, but big enough to get the job done. I made beeswax candles, most without color added. They all turned out good! It was awesome to have everything you need included in one package (except the container for the candle). I would definitely recommend this set for beginners. It was very easy to use and clean. Package arrived on time." —CeeJay

    Price: $16.79 (originally $20.99)

    29. A Burt's Bees gift set for 20% off that includes a cuticle cream, hand salve, lip balm, hand repair cream and foot cream.

    Burt's Bees gift set products styled on a wood table

    Discount applied at checkout.

    Promising review: "At almost 60 years old I got cracked fingers for the first time ever- first one thumb, and about four weeks later the other. I tried everything I could think of- triple antibiotic ointment, tea tree oil, tamanu oil, jojoba oil. Nothing worked. While browsing Amazon one day I ran across this Hand Repair Set from Burt's Bees. From the very first night I'd applied it my thumbs felt better. Within a couple days the pain was gone, and within a week they were healed completely. I don't know what's in this stuff, but I'm a believer: for cracked fingers it's GREAT!" —DLH

    Price: $19.18 (originally $23.97)

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