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34 Things To Buy On Amazon Prime Day That Make Perfect Gifts

It's your last chance to get deep discounts on gifts for *everyone* on your list before Prime Day is over — your future self will thank you when you’re not dealing with holiday shipping delays in a few weeks.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME, is here — and this year it’s just in time for you to get ahead of holiday shopping, so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays.

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!
Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

1. A classic teddy bear jacket for 23% off that they can cozy up in all season long!

Model wearing the jacket in two ways

Price: $22.99 (originally $29.99, available in sizes S—3XL and 23 colors; percent off varies by color)

2. 20% off a Homesick candle that'll remind them of their favorite place on the planet whether that's New York or North Carolina.

three of the pillar glass candles with different states on them

Price: $23.96 (originally $29.95, available in 46 scents)

3. An amazing Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak for 67% off so the HP fan in your life can finally prove to everyone that they're not a Muggle!

the box the cloak comes in

Make sure to follow all the directions (such as keeping your scene clear of objects) so you truly show up invisible on camera!

Promising review: "Awesome gift for any Harry Potter fan! I have never seen my kids run to the door when Amazon delivered a package as they ran for this one! We're HUGE Harry Potter fans so this was something they wanted as soon as they heard about it. It did not disappoint. There was a little learning curve in taking the photo (where the cloak makes you disappear) just because you really DO need to keep the camera super steady, but it was fun seeing the floating head in the photos. The green side of the cape makes you disappear (like the green screen does on a TV) and the other side you can just wear as a costume. I have a feeling one of the kids will be wearing this for Halloween. All in all, a really fun piece of Harry Potter nostalgia." —CRW

Price: $19.99 (originally $59.99)

4. A sassy sloth insulated tumbler for 34% off that'll just make them say "Mood."

the tumbler

Price: $11.13 (originally $16.99)

5. 50% off a unisex cashmere scarf you'll probably have a hard time gifting after feeling how freakin' soft it feels.


Price: $47.58 (originally $95, available in seven colors)

6. A natural green jade healing money tree for 20% off so you can delight the one who loves crystals and Feng shui and gift them all the best vibes for fortune and good luck (which, you know, we all need a little of this year).


The branches are bendable and you get a bonus jade crystal necklace included with this! A great gift package indeed.

Promising review: "I bought this as a gift for my boss. She’s into healing. So I thought would be great to bring some healing to the office. She loves it. I gifted it with the intention of light and love. Which to me there’s all there is. She is very happy and keeps it in the office. I feel it is good quality. I would recommend to spread the love and healing. Love crystals! Always have." —Alexis

Price: $23.96 (originally $29.95, available in 11 colors)

7. A large zip-top tote bag from Radley London for 10% off your mom will want to brag to all of her friends about because 1. it's fancy and 2. it'll hold *all* of her stuff!

a model holding the tote in green

Price: $68.04 (originally $75.60, available in three styles)

8. 30% off 14K gold diamond stud earrings that'll stun anyone who receives them. I *have* heard diamonds are a girl's best friend...

diamond stud earrings

Promising review: "I was really happy with my diamond studs! They came with nice case and the certification. Perfect size! Good color and clarity for an everyday wear. With the back screws, Don’t have to worry about losing them!" —Sarah Yu

Price: $559+ (originally $7,999, ranging from .75 carats to 1.5 carats and in white or yellow gold)

9. Apple AirPods for 28% off, perfect for your roomie who you've been working from home with for months and is *probably* tired of hearing you sing Ariana Grande tunes while they check their emails.

white airpods

I'm obsessed with my AirPods. I was hesitant to buy them at first but they've ended up becoming one of my most cherished products this year. I wear them most of the day to block out my husband's work calls in addition to using them when i go for a run or even to chat with my mom hands-free while baking. They're fantastic.

Promising review: "These AirPods are amazing, they automatically play audio as soon as you put them in your ears and pause when you take them out. A simple double-tap will skip forward. To adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, or even get directions, just say 'Hey Siri' to activate your favorite personal assistant. Plus, when you're on a call or talking to Siri, an additional accelerometer works with dual beamforming microphones to filter out background noise and ensure that your voice is transmitted with clarity and consistency. They deliver five hours of listening time on a single charge, and they're made to keep up with you thanks to a charging case that holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. Just 15 minutes in the case gives you three hours of listening time or up to two hours of talk time. I would highly recommend it." —J.G.

Price: $114.99 (originally $159)

Want to go big or go home? You can snag the *newer* AirPods Pros for $50 off during Prime Day as well.

10. A freestanding Polaroid frame for 20% off so they can display all their favorite mini photos the same way you display normal-sized ones! You can use these for ticket stubs and stamps too. And Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. It even fits in your pocket.

the frames

Price: $13.24 (originally $16.55, available in five designs)

11. 40% off a bundle from Haus Laboratories, a sure-to-be appreciated gift for any beauty fiend who also worships Lady Gaga.


The kit comes with a bag, a liquid eyeshadow, a lip liner pencil, and lip gloss.

Promising review: "Packaging is beautiful!!! Extremely high end quality with packaging alone. Had to try as soon as it arrived. I was kinda hoping it would be decent, but it by far exceeds my expectations. Lip liner, smooth and pigmented. Liquid eyeliner has so much shine and spreads to a dry finish like a dream. Lip gloss, well it's an average gloss. Definitely ordering more" —AllisonTexas2

Price: $29.40 (originally $49, available in 13 styles)

12. A 150-piece hair accessory set for 20% off that includes velvet scrunchies, hair clips, barrettes, and more in a barrage of color for the one who's always changing up their hair!


The set includes 20 scrunchies, 80 snap clips, and 50 mini butterfly claw clips.

Price: $11.99 (originally $14.99)

13. 20% off a set of 24 bath bombs to give your loved one an extra excuse to set aside some me-time and have their own at-home spa night.

colorful bath bombs in box

Price: $21.50 (originally $26.88)

14. 38% off an iRobot Roomba vacuum that'll easily put you in the lead for Mom's favorite child.

the robot vacuum cleaning

Price: $199.99 (originally $319.99)

15. A third generation Echo Dot for 62% off, because it can do almost everything in your home (like setting timers, adjusting lights, turning on electronics, answering random questions, etc.). I'm waiting for the day it'll start cooking for me too.

the Echo Dot

Promising review: "I love my Echo Dot. I have four of them and they really help make my life easier. They can control almost everything; lights, locks TV, music, thermostat. It hears you almost all of the time and I've run into very few issues with it overall. I really couldn't ask for a more helpful device." —JJ

Price: $18.99 (originally $49.99)

16. 20% off a PC gaming mouse with customizable lighting to add a little extra *somethin' somethin'* to your loved one's desktop set up., Amazon

Price: $55.99 (originally $69.99)

17. A 23andMe DNA testing kit for a hefty 50% off that'll give your grandparents a full breakdown of just how Italian they are.

the 23andme packagine and screenshots of what the app looks like in use

Promising review: "Arrived in the mail Saturday morning. I spit in the tube, and put the tube in the prepaid package the same day. It was delivered to their lab Monday. Tuesday they began DNA extraction. Wednesday they began DNA analysis and Friday they finished their quality review. On Sunday I got my results. Expected time to ship your DNA to the lab is 2-4 weeks. Mine got there in 2 days. I expected to wait 6-8 weeks before getting my results, but got them 8 days after shipping the package. It was very exciting getting my ancestry and health results, as I'm adopted and wasn't sure of my nationality or any health risks. I was connected with over 1000 DNA relatives, but only one was a close relative (2nd cousin). Overall I found this experience very enjoyable. 10/10" —K. Leclercq

Price: $99 (originally $199)

18. 30% off a pair of Powerbeats headphones to keep your partner company on their long walks or morning runs.

BuzzFeed / Emma McAnaw

My colleague Emma McAnaw loves these! She said:

"I am not a tech-savvy person by any means. I had still been using cheap drugstore headphones up until recently. I decided I needed wireless headphones for multiple reasons: a) regular headphones are annoying to use, and b) I was starting to waste a lot of money by replacing cheap headphones over and over again. Not to mention, untangling wires were starting to take years off my life.

These Beats headphones have been a real game-changer. The sound quality is SO MUCH better, which has actually really improved my experience at the gym. I find it easier to stay motivated now that my music is *crystal clear* (and I can't hear myself wheezing on the treadmill). I was worried it would be hard to connect their Bluetooth settings to my phone and computer but the whole process is super self-explanatory. And they stay connected for pretty long distances — I can walk away from my phone to the other side of the room without interrupting my music.

They can hold a charge for a pretty long time, as long you always store them in their charging case. I usually use them for a full work day without needing to re-charge them. Plus, they're really comfy and never fall out, thanks to their clever hook design (if you have comfort issues with Apple headphones, these will probably feel better)! My ears never feel sore — their lining is super soft and almost moldable. If you value sound quality, I've been really impressed (I'm no expert, but a lot of people agree!). They're definitely a splurge, but IMO, they're worth it!"

Price: $175.99 (originally $249.98, available in eight colors)

19. A classic Levi's denim jacket for 40% that'll provide your pal with a canvas to cover with the enamel pins and and patches they've been collecting., Amazon

Price: $47.70 (originally $79.50, available in sizes XS–XL, 1X–4X and 13 styles)

20. A wireless Nintendo Switch controller for 14% off — starring Mew Two and Pikachu, it's a must-have for any gamer who loves their Switch but hates the narrow controllers.

the colorful controller

Price: $42.99 (originally $49.99)

21. 49% off a Foreo Luna 2 facial cleansing brush for every skin type — an excellent gift for anyone who is always on the hunt for the next addition to their skincare routine.


Price: $92.44+ (originally $169, available in five styles)

22. An Insignia Smart TV for 35% off — a great gift for your S.O. who loves gadgets and will appreciate a quality screen., Amazon

Price: $109.99 (originally $169.99, available in two sizes)

23. 50% off Sony noise cancelling headphones you should definitely gift to your roommate so you can make as much noise as *you* want without complaint.

the blue over the ear headphones

Promising review: "These are the most incredible headphones I have ever used! Not only are they supremely comfortable to wear, but the sound quality and active noise canceling are far superior to any other headsets that I have used. Super lightweight and excellent sound. All day battery life and comfort. Ears stayed cool during full day use. They fold up perfectly to fit in the case which is a good size for traveling. Came fully charged, so all you need to do is (optional really, as they will connect to your bluetooth device anyway) download the Sony Connect app and set up the earphones. After using it for 10 days, I had no problem with connecting them to my laptop or cell phone or sound quality. I like the adaptive mode, it adjusts the noise cancelling while you are walking or running." —J. Edward Baker

Price: $123 (originally $248; also available in black)

24. 50% off a large Vera Bradley duffle bag that'll be much easier for your grandma to pop into an overhead bin or under an airplane seat than a clunky piece of luggage.

the floral duffel

Price: $50 (originally $100, sale only applies to the "Garden Grove" design)

25. 48% off a 20" carry-on and 24" size suitcase set from Samsonite, because you should probably stop asking your parents if you can borrow theirs each time you go on vacation.

the two grey/black suitcases on wheels

Promising review (for the 24-inch): "Great, durable bag that has now made it through around 25-30 flights since I bought it — still going strong and no signs of significant wear or damage. I travel weekly — and this has been very dependable and great at keeping my clothes dry when its been out in the rain. Highly recommend for the frequent traveler." —Kevin F.

Price: $124.99 (originally $239.99)

26. 38% off a waterproof Kindle Paperwhite for the bookworm in your life — a must-have if they don't want to commit to carrying around a clunky (but probably very good!) novel.

Abby Kass / BuzzFeed, Amazon

It's the thinnest and lightest Kindle Amazon has released to date! And — as is made abundantly clear by the GIF above — it's 100% waterproof.

Promising review: "Obsessed with it! I am a huge book reader, and what’s kept me from getting a Kindle was the thought 'I love physical books and holding a book' so I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy reading as much with a Kindle. I was wrong. Not only do I read way faster on the Kindle (maybe because it’s a simple tap of a finger to turn a page), but I can have multiple books I’m reading with me in my purse with something that is so lightweight, it’s incredible. I have read in the bath and it was nice not freaking out! Backlight is great, I can read in bed after the hubs has gone to sleep! I’m super excited about it! I spend less time scrolling on my phone and more time reading, because it is that easy and effortless to read with a Kindle." —Tiffany

Price: $79.99+ (originally $129.99+; available in two sizes, with or without ads, and in four colors)

27. Or 33% off a Kindle essentials bundle, including the newest version of the basic Kindle (now with a built-in backlight!), a cover in a cute bookshelf print, and a wall charger.

a kindle, the book cover, and a charger

Promising review: "I chose this Kindle based on the features I was looking for. So far so good. I like that you can adjust the font, size, and backlight brightness. My other kindle did not have a backlight so I could only read it while sitting under a bright lamp. This one I can read anywhere — even at the beach. And so easy to download books from my public library. I highly recommend." —Golfer2002

Price: $89.97 (originally $134.97)

28. 30% off a Mickey Mouse clock with a retro feel to it that'll bring magic into the home of whoever is lucky enough to receive one from you — and it is compatible with an Amazon Echo device!

the round mickey wall clock

Price: $34.99 (originally $49.99)

29. A pack of reusable magnetic lashes and eyeliner for 32% off with an application process that's so much easier than mascara — a great for anyone in your life who has always wanted luscious lashes.,

Promising review: "I honestly love these lashes. I suck at putting on lashes with lash glue, so I grabbed a pair of these. The first time, I only used one coat, and they stuck pretty well. The second time, I used two coats (that completely dried) and the lashes stayed on all day. It was easy to get the lashes off, but the eyeliner really stays put. I had a lil bit of a time getting all of the eyeliner off my eyelids, but it's possible that I didn't use the right makeup remover. I would definitely recommend. Especially for the price and the number of lashes you get (picture above, right)." —Kristin Blair

Price: $16.99 (originally $24.98)

30. 53% off a Dungeons and Dragons essentials kit to help you expand your skills beyond screens and prepare to have creative control over all of your friends as Dungeon Master (a gift for yourself but actually for all!).

the full set of dungeons and dragons starter kit

Promising review: "Honestly, this kit is what the original starter kit should have been. The story is easier to follow for a newer DM. The adventure is a lot more streamlined. The breakdown of character creation is amazing and simplified. It doesn't just toss you some generic character that you have no connection too. It simplifies character creation and allows you to ease into more complicated characters later on. The cards that come with this kit are something I wish I had when I first started. They help with initiative, conditions, and the sidekick cards and magic item cards are awesome. I would recommend this kit over the original to any person wanting to start playing DnD." —Bryan

Price: $11.69 (originally $24.99)

If you're already a seasoned DnD pro, you should totally check out this revamped version of Curse of Strahd (which is 10% off today) for some spooky fun this Halloween.

31. 33% off a kids version of Ticket to Ride any child in your life who loves board games will enjoy (and any adult will love because it only takes 30 minutes to complete!).

the game box

Price: $23.61 (originally $34.99)

32. A ceramic vase for 23% off that, once they own, they're gonna instantly know it was the missing piece in their place. No ifs, ands, or butts about it.

a planter that looks like a butt

Promising review: "I have already sent the link out to all of my friends, I think the vase is absolutely adorable. It’s very well-made and fits one of my small house plants perfectly. I will definitely be back for the top half as well!" —N. Boros

Price: $16.99 (originally $21.99)

33. Settlers of Catan for 33% off, perfect for your next game night. You can splurge on it as a gift for the whole family.


Promising review: "Beware! Don't try this unless you plan on getting addicted. Your life will forever be altered. You'll find yourself begging strangers to come over to play. Watching youtube videos to improve your game, bribing your children Your spouse will become a tricky, sneaky person you hardly recognize. While you will plot ways to take over. Side effects include: less tv watching, more under the table kicking, spontaneous maniacal laughter, snacking while plotting the demise of your friends and family. Best fun you've had in hours!" —Katie & Tyler's Mommy

Price: $36.99 (originally $55)

34. 30% off a Tile Pro tracker so you'll never have to hear your partner say "have you seen my keys?" ever again.

a black tile tracker on a set of keys

Price: $24.49 (originally $34.99)

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