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    Get Cooking, Because It's The Last Day To Save On These Food & Kitchen Prime Day Deals

    Cookware staples, gadgets reviewers swear by, and delicious treats, all at prices that are truly ::chef’s kiss::

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME, ends today!

    And this year it’s just in time for you to get ahead of holiday shopping, so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays.

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

    1. 50% off an Echo Show with a built-in one-year Food Network subscription so you can enjoy LIVE cooking classes (plus all the Food Network shows you want, hello Triple D), and all the features of the Echo Show People already love.

    The Echo Show with the Food Network subscription cooking video showing on the screen

    Just note that this deal only works on desktop or mobile — not the Amazon app!

    Manage your cal, watch video, ask Alexa questions, control your smart home, video call your friends and family, and so much more!

    Promising review: "I love this device!!!! I had been eyeing the Echo Spot for a while for its price point and ability to video call and then this Echo Show 5 compact was released: I liked the square screen a lot more than the round one on the spot. The larger Echo Show that I also wanted was just not in my price range- I had to be able to afford to purchase multiple devices for me and my kids so we all have a way to see each other and talk regularly with grandchildren since everyone lives in other states. I actually love the smaller size- it fits better in compact areas like my bedside and on my computer desk. I don’t regret this purchase at all! I love how easily I can connect with family. And with the introduction deal and the Prime Day Deal I was able to gift one to everyone in my family at an affordable price. Everyone loves them! Bonus I can control my smart home devices from this all hands free: lights, appliances, gadgets, and Alexa devices. Best purchase this year!" —Cindylu

    Price: $44.99 (originally $89.99; also available in sandstone)

    2. 33% off an Instant Pot Duo with all the things you've heard people love about the IP (slow cooking! pressure cooking! making rice!) *plus* a built-in air fryer for crispy deliciousness as the push of a button.

    Metal instant pot with black base and top and digital screen and the text "The instant pot that air fries"

    Promising review: "I don't write reviews very often, but I have to say I am impressed with this little oven. I've had it for four months, and have used it multiple times over for a variety of items. Have baked muffins, cornbread, box cake, & pizza, made casseroles such as lasagna & enchiladas, used toast feature for Texas toast, air-fryed multiple batches of chicken wings, french fries, taquitos, fish sticks, etc. I am using it more than my regular oven. Heats up in 1/4 of the time, using far less energy, & doesn't heat up the house in the summer months. Has done a great job at cooking everything I've tried in it. It does seem to cook hotter than a regular oven, but I've learned to adjust oven temps down. Also cooks things faster than a regular oven. TIP: To keep the tops of casseroles from getting too brown, I place the casserole on the bottom cooking space on the black pan that comes with the unit, place foil over the casserole then place the oven rack a couple of spaces up from the casserole. The rack keeps the foil from being blown to the top of the oven due to the convection fan. Other reviews stated it was confusing to work, but I found it easy to figure out without ever reading the instructions. Will fit a 9X13 pan without handles easily. Makes a very handy second oven." —Outdoor fun

    Price: $119.99 (originally $179.95)

    3. Up to 30% off Stasher bags — reusable silicone sandwich and snack bags that will help you transport your food safely, store leftovers, reduce your plastic waste, and so much more. "Yum" to all!

    sandwich in clear stasher bag and sliced apples in snack-size green stasher bag

    "I've tried a LOT of reusable bags as there are a lot of options out there all using a variety of materials. The fabric ones just get gross over time. The vinyl ones are hard to clean and aren't usually dishwasher safe. There are other silicone one that need a separate rod to close them that you can easily lose. This one is the most simple and easy to use. No separate pieces to lose. Can withstand any temperature/microwave/dishwasher/whatever. And if they get gunky they are very easy to clean and I trust that they aren't hiding gross crumbs in any of the crevices. My only complaint is the cost — they are the most expensive and I wish they offered a bulk discount. If they were cheaper I would use them for EVERYTHING (open cheese in cheese drawer, all snacks on the go, etc)." —Megan A.

    Price: $6.99+ (originally $9.99+, available in six sizes and 12 colors)

    4. 34% off a stackable, expandable spice rack to keep all your favorite spices organized AND give you space back in your cabinets that you didn't even know you were missing.

    Click the coupon to get the full discount!

    Promising review: "Our spice cabinet was a disaster. You couldn't find anything without taking everything out first. Super easy to install and now we can see everything we need just by opening the cabinet." —Jonathan Thompson

    Price: $25.20 (originally $37.99)

    5. 44% off a Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet with the uncanny ability to sauté, sear, bake, broil, braise, fry, or grill any meal to perfection. Want a solid kitchen investment? Look no further than this beauty, which is perfect for almost every meal you'll want to whip up — we're talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    cast iron pan cooking asparagus and salmon

    Promising review: "I really love this cast iron 10 inch skillet from Lodge! I debated for a long time whether or not purchase one, For me, a purchase like this is about an investment, and I want my investment to last a long time.. I also really like the fact that this is made in the USA. American made products are just not easy to find anymore. But really, the proof in the quality of this cast iron was obvious when i made sweet potato corn bread and baked it in the oven in this skillet. It came out so nice and brown and moist." —Jan

    Price: $14.88 (originally $26.88, available in multiple sizes).

    6. 24% off a Spindrift seltzer variety pack featuring 20 cans of goodness in raspberry lime, strawberry, blackberry, and cranberry raspberry flavors.

    A glass and a can of the drink

    Price: $17.47 (originally $22.99)

    7. 20% off a macaron making kit sure to get you one step closer to the elusive Paul Hollywood handshake., Amazon

    It includes two mats, two piping bags, two couplers, six piping tips, and three bag ties.

    Price: $17.59 (originally $21.99)

    8. 42% off a mortar and pestle set to crush and grind herbs into perfect powder form, and of course, to make the best darn homemade guacamole you've ever tasted.

    A reviewer photo of the mortar and pestle next to a bowl of guac they made with it

    Promising review: "In love with this! Best guacamole I've ever made. Hate that I waited so long to buy one. Perfect size and looks great on my countertop." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $24.19 (originally $41.99)

    9. 25% off a portable cereal cup that'll keep milk and cereal separate — AKA, your cereal won't get soggy before you have a chance to eat it.


    This is dishwasher-safe!

    Promising review: "My kids always want cereal in the morning, but they move slower than a snail in molasses. I bought this and loved it so much I bought a second one. They eat on the way to school, so they are happy and I don’t have to yell at them quite so much to hurry up, so I’m happy too. Highly recommend!!" —Megan Twiddy

    Price: $15 (originally $20, available in three colors)

    10. 15% off a SodaStream kit so you can make your own fizzy drinks right in the comfort of your own home, and save on things like seltzer and soda in the long-run.

    A series of images showing how the SodaStream is used

    This comes with the SodaStream sparkling water maker, and a 60L CO2 cylinder.

    Promising review: "I have had this for years and am totally obsessed. I only drink sparkling water, and this helps me cut costs and waste. I literally could not live without my SodaStream." —Bri Seeley

    Price: $67.99+ (originally $79.99+, available in two colors; coupon available at checkout)

    11. 30% off an air fryer to completely change the way you cook forever. I'm talking being able to use way less oil *and* control this wonder with Alexa, Google Assistant, or an app pre-loaded with 100 recipes to try.,

    Promising review: "I have used this every day since getting it. The 11 presets are convenient for automatically setting temperatures and times to cook food crisply and evenly. I have made fried chicken, fries, steak, vegetables and more in this handy machine, for all kinds of meals. The non-stick basket is easy to clean. As all the oil and excess water drips to the bottom basket, you can cook your proteins, then sides without using multiple pans or watching over them the whole time like you would with a stovetop. You can even defrost. I chose this model as there is an app with recipes for inspiration, and also a way to start cooking from your phone, and get notified on when to shake or flip halfway. It also looks modern in my kitchen and makes a nice futuristic humming sound to boot." —Jen

    Price: $83.99 (originally $119.99)

    12. 28% off a cookbook that'll have you spending all your time this cozy season baking up the most perfect batches of cookies, brownies, and bars.

    The cover of the cookbook

    Wondering which delicious recipes you'll find in this book? Chocolate crinkles cookies, vanilla bean-apricot sandwich cookies, lemon bars, and s'mores blossom cookies — just to name a few.

    Promising review: "I have many cookbooks and am always on the lookout for a great book. So far, I've made three recipes from this book and all were home runs! Definitely going to be very loved and very used. Highly recommend, very well written and nice photography of the finished cookies. A keeper!" —Denise

    Price: $25.16 (originally $35)

    13. 20% off a Nalgene water bottle so you can stay hydrated and reduce single-use plastics with the absolute best bottle around. It's extremely rare that you'll see me *without* one of these glorious vessels.

    BuzzFeed Shopping writer holding three Nalgenes, illustrated with hearts
    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    This deal is applied at checkout!

    "Nalgenes are light and so easy to carry around. Whether you're hiking, strolling through town, throwing one in your backpack, or just hanging around the house, they're a joy to bring along. They come in a ton of sizes, colors, and weights, so there is truly a Nalgene for everyone. The screw-top lids never fail and the BPA-free and dishwasher-safe plastic is nice and durable. I can admittedly be extremely clumsy and have yet to crack a 'gene. Metal bottles have their place. So do glass ones! Reducing disposable plastic waste is really the end goal, so get there how you want. But for an all-purpose, go-to bottle at an unbeatable price? I'd be remiss not to recommend the Nalgene!" —Rachel Dunkel

    Price: $9.59 (originally $11.99, available in 25 colors; deals shows up in cart at checkout)

    For more on my intense love of these bottles, head to "Here's Why I Won't Stop Telling People How Much I Love My Nalgenes."

    14. 45% off an AmazonBasics Microwave and Echo Dot bundle, so you can ask Alexa to re-heat the food you forgot to take out of the microwave an hour ago, because you were too busy streaming folklore on your new Echo Dot.

    The black microwave next to the charcoal Echo Dot

    The future is here, people. Now you can ask Alexa to microwave popcorn, defrost veggies, or heat up your dinner for you. It also allows you to re-order popcorn when you run low, and you can save 10% on popcorn orders, thanks to Amazon Dash replenishment technology! It features 10 power levels, a kitchen timer, a child look, a turntable, and has a compact size that helps to save space.

    Promising review: "Although the Alexa integration seemed a little gimmicky at first, I quickly changed my mind after realizing how simple it was to use. Traditional microwaves have a million features, but honestly, do you even know how to use half of them? Gone are the days of pushing a button and looking at cryptic abbreviated text on the numerical LED screen, wondering what input it is expecting. For those wary of Alexa turning the microwave on for 90 hours instead of playing music, I have found it has quite a few safeguards. First, it will only turn on for reasonable amounts of times, (my attempt to microwave tea for 10 or 100 hours did not work). Second, it is aware of how long ago the door was opened. If it has been too long, it will let you know this and not start. This will prevent the microwave from turning on inadvertently with nothing in it. One of the novel features is the ability for the microwave to keep track of your popcorn supply and automatically re-orders once you get low." —RainNW

    Price: $59.99 (originally $109.98)

    15. 20% off a ramen bowl set perfect for days when you'd like to beat the cold by curling up on a couch and slurp on a warm, brothy meal.

    the ramen bowl with a blue striped print inside and a ramen meal inside

    Promising review: "I love these bowls. They come with two pairs of chopsticks and two spoons. I prefer these types of melamine ramen bowls because they don't break as easily as ceramic. They're sturdy and the seller sent a free e-cookbook! I would buy this again!" —Edith

    Price: $21.59 (originally $26.99; available in two bowl sizes and three styles)

    16. 34% off a vegetable cookbook so you can discover a whole new delicious world of vegetable recipes that may make you wonder why you ever hated eating your veggies in the first place.

    The cover of the cookbook

    Some of the mouthwatering recipes you'll find in this cookbook include shredded beef tacos with cabbage-carrot slaw, tuna poke with avocado, and marinated beet salad with oranges and pecorino.

    Promising review: "We have all sorts of cookbooks, but this one stands out for recipes that showcase veggies and don't shy away from meat and dairy ingredients to show them at their best. Very excited to turn the pages and see if celery root is better than I realized." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $26.49 (originally $40)

    17. An aww-worthy insulated sloth tumbler that is dishwasher safe and also happens to be a huge mood.

    The clear tumbler printed with a sloth and flowers and the words "Nope not today" with a pink lid

    Price: $11.13 (originally $16.99)

    18. 49% off a set of six shot glasses, an inexpensive option for stocking up on glasses or replacing a current set. Now you can use the money you may have saved yourself from buying expensive drinkware to buy a splurge-worthy bottle of alcohol. A win/win.

    A reviewer photo of a drink that was made in the shot glass

    These are dishwasher-safe!

    Promising review: "These are perfect for what I needed them for! I am customizing these to give as a 21st birthday gift and wanted them to be on the heavier side and sturdy, but still look nice. On top of that, the seller reached out to ensure that I received the products okay and to let them know if anything needed to be fixed, which is the main reason I am writing this review. Friendly and attentive customer service along with a quality product will always get five stars in my book!" —Melissa Ryden

    Price: $11.16 (originally $21.95)

    19. 11% off Affresh disposal cleaning tablets that'll effortlessly clean and remove odors from your yucky garbage disposal.

    model in the kitchen with a box of the cleaning tablets

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing. My disposal has smelled awful for the past six months and I tried everything — vinegar, baking soda, lemons, bleach, and ice cubes. I’d get rid of the smell and a day later it would be back. I used one pack of Affresh, and so far the smell hasn’t returned. I’m thrilled, because that smell was awful." —amy

    Price: $11.60 (originally $12.99)

    20. 15% off a Fasta Pasta microwave pasta cooker that'll make it super simple to eat a big bowl o' carbs. No stove, no stress!

    It yields up to four servings at a time, and is top-rack dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "Works great for a lazy cook like myself who prefers to put in as little effort as possible. Easy to use, and doesn’t boil over and make a mess in the microwave. Have used it to make about four different types of pasta, and all have turned out great using the times given in the easy guide." —michael lemke

    Price: $16.99 (originally $19.99)

    21. 28% off this very cool chef's knife which'll come with a gift box, a blade cover, and a blade sharpener.

    the large chef's knife with a black swirly design on the silver blade, the gift box, knife sharpener, and cover

    Promising review: "I bought this in April 2019 — a year and a half ago —and it remains the most important tool in my kitchen. It's by far the sharpest, most versatile and most reliable knife in my collection." —Maggie

    Price: $27.35 (originally $39.99)

    22. 20% off a 42-piece set of Rubbermaid vented lid storage containers with lids that snap onto the *bottom* of containers to foolproof storage, and a sneaky vent at the top so you can microwave them straight from the fridge without food splattering everywhere.

    Clear tupperware with red lids in various sizes

    Promising review: "These food containers are awesome! The price was so affordable, the fridge is now better organized, and the quality is very good. I love the vented tops you can use to microwave food, and my favorite soups, quickly and easily. I find that there is less use for the mini containers, so I would've liked another couple larger ones instead. But overall, the material is very durable and they're totally leakproof! They keep food, especially fruit and veggies, fresher for longer. My mom has trouble opening things with her hands but doesn't struggle with these. So these should be appropriate for most seniors with weaker grips. This is a great set with an excellent value, and I would highly recommend it!" —P@¡n ₩@rr¡0r

    Price: $15.99 (originally $19.99 for a 42-piece set; also available in a 60-piece set)

    23. 23% off a set of handy fridge deodorizers to finally get rid of that slightly ~off~ smell your fridge has had since the day you inherited it, no matter how many times you went to clown town cleaning it out.

    White fridge deodorizer on fridge shelf

    This deodorizer lasts up to six months, and also helps keep produce fresher for longer. The company claims it's six times more effective than baking soda — a ton of reviewers mentioned they'd tried the baking soda method and failed, but that this worked like a charm!

    Promising review: "I've been trying to get this old smell out of my fridge for years. I'd tried everything, cleaning the whole fridge with bleach, the dish of vanilla, baking soda, etc. I put these in my fridge and freezer and poof! The smell was gone! Highly recommend! 10/10 good job!" —adam baker

    Price: $16.95 for a set of two (originally $21.95)

    24. 22% off a heavy duty immersion blender that also works as a milk frother and hand blender.


    Promising review: "Worked great, feels sturdy, took on boiling temperature to blend, but the top of the shaft stayed cool. Great buy!" —Nol

    Price: $34.97 (originally $44.99)

    25. 20% off a Chai Tea sampler that includes five different delicious flavors, such as sweet cinnamon and cardamom masala.

    Vahdam sweet cinnamon chai tea packet stylized with cinnamon sticks, a mug and loose leaf tea

    Promising review: "I love this chai tea selection, great flavor! I leave my bag in the tea and sometimes I’ll reuse w/another flavor after my first cup (drink 2-3 cups in the morning). I love this tea so much that I’m on my second box. I am one happy and impressed Vadham customer. Thank you Vadham for your wonderful tea and service. I can’t wait to try other teas of Vadham." —Linda Umlah

    Price: $7.99 (originally $9.99; includes five different flavors and four bags of each)

    26. 15% off a stackable set of measuring cups and spoons that won't take up too much space in your kitchen and will come in handy pretty much every time you go to cook dinner.

    The stackable set comes with a 1L measuring cup, scraper, funnel, hook, and six measuring spoons.

    Promising review: "These measuring cups are pretty cool, I like how they snap into each other to save space. They are lightweight and easy to carry. The largest piece has a rubber lining on the bottom for grip to prevent spills." —Jeff Garcia

    Price: $14.44 (originally $16.99; check the box to apply the 15% off coupon at checkout)

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