I Haven't Seen A Lot Of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" So I Watched The Pilot And Finale

    "My sisters say I'm a bitch."

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    Hi, I'm Farrah! And in case you're new, welcome to First Episode / Last Episode, where I watch the pilot and finale of a show without much in between! Here's a whole list of TV shows I've watched in the past:

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    Today, we focus on a show that has been on for 15 YEARS:

    Here's the thing. I've seen Kardashian episodes here and there. It's very hard not to ~keep up~ with this family when they're constantly in the news. And (obviously) I write for BuzzFeed — so you know as well as I do that we loooove writing about their scandals and antics and memeworthy pop culture moments. So I'm not completely in the dark to this reality series!

    Anyway, without further ado...let's get to realizing things!!!!

    Kylie realizing things
    The Pilot

    And right out of the gate, the show opens with a heaping dose of fat-shaming!! Kris comments on Kim's ass as she browses through the fridge. Apparently Kim has a photo shoot tomorrow and Kris is not reserving her judgments on how she should be prepping.

    Kris saying I think she has a little junk in the truck

    Kim asks what's going on and Kris is like, "Nothing!!!!"

    Kim saying "I hate you all"

    Anyway, because this is the pilot, we then move on to introductions! Beginning, of course, with the iconic Kim.

    "I'm Kim Kardashian."

    Next is Khloe, who decides to keep it super friendly.

    "My sisters say I'm a bitch"

    Then, we get a glorious soundbite from Kourtney. And for whatever reason, they have decided to bleep out the word "tits."

    "Your (bleep) look really saggy"

    We catch a fleeting glimpse of baby Kylie and Kendall!!

    Khloe hugging young Kylie and Kendall

    And BAM! The series opener is complete. Remember this iconic theme song? What a time. Also, I love how everyone is participating in a good ole sorority girl pose.

    Family introduction in series opener

    The first point of *drama* is the fact that Kim got invited on The Tyra Show (what an era!) However, Tyra wants to talk about her ~sex tape.~ Kim isn't too sure how she feels about it, so Kourtney pretends to be Tyra and asks her why she made it. And Kim straight up is like, "I was horny??? OK??? LET ME LIVE."

    Next, we cut to Kourtney and Scott! It's important to note that Scott is 24 and Kourtney is 28 at this moment in time. We'll circle back to that in a bit. They're eating at a place called Roy's Hawaiian Fusion (TBH this place is actually very good.)

    "We were friends for about a year."

    Scott spends the entire dinner trolling Kourtney and honestly just being Scott.

    Scott: "With your $5,000 extensions"

    I have to say, this episode feels EXTREMELY scripted. Which, I bet they had to do to make it interesting / give it some plot. We end up at Dash (throwback!!!), where Kris spies on Kourtney and Scott's conversation outside. Kris is convinced that Scott has cheated on Kourtney.

    Kris in the shop window

    Scott pats Kourtney on the ass no less than 50 times before leaving Dash.

    Scott and Kourtney hugging in Dash

    Anyway, Kris and Caitlin are celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary by hosting a party at their house. It's much more low-key than the current Kardashian parties but it's still a party! Kris and Kourtney show up drunk from a tequila and wine tasting just ~because.~

    Khloe: "Are you drunk?"

    Then Kylie is like, "Ummm I better go take care of them!!"

    Kylie and Kendall and Kim watching Kris and Kourt leave

    Later on, Kris basically tells Scott she doesn't trust him and that she's not a fan of the four-year age gap between him and Kourtney. YIKES.

    Kris explaining Scott isn't ready for a monogamous relationship

    Meanwhile, Kylie's iconic debut on the Kardashians begins with taking a turn on her parents' brand-new stripper pole.

    Kylie on the stripper pole

    Not too long after, Kendall and Kylie start serving up drinks behind the bar.

    Kris gets pissed and says that making drinks is "too inappropriate."

    Kendall shocked

    After the party, Kris tells Kim and Khloe that she heard Scott cheated on Kourtney. Khloe asks why Kris has to be involved in people's personal lives!!! Which, you know, is the basis of the show and ongoing metric of success for future episodes.

    Kim and Khloe confronting Kris

    In Kim's testimonial, she worries about Kourtney finding out.

    Kim testimonial

    FINALLY, Kris confronts Kourtney about Scott's cheating...and Kourtney knows.

    Kourtney with Kris: "This is like way old news"

    Kris thought that the girl Scott hooked up with was DURING his and Kourtney's relationship when he was actually with that girl before Kourtney and him became exclusive. So...misunderstanding!!!

    Kris acknowledging her mistake

    We gloss over Kim's experience on The Tyra Show, which was apparently fine!!!

    Kim talking

    And the episode ends in a cute group hug. Aww.

    Khloe, Kim, Kourt hugging

    Anyway, gonna leave you with this sneak peak I got for Episode 2 because why not!!!!!

    Khloe on phone: "Mom, there is a whore"

    What a start to this series! Despite the points of tension feeling scripted, everyone's personalities seem authentic in this episode. I think that's a big part of what makes the show work so well. It feels like you're spying on their lives. Now, let's get to some predictions for the finale.

    The Finale

    Here we go! It's finale time! This is a two-part finale but for the sake of time, I'm only watching part two. We open up with Kourtney explaining that Scott really needs to become a changed man in order for her to consider getting back with him for real.

    Kourtney explaining Scott plays the victim a lot

    In her testimonial, she explains it's been up and down rather than consistent. And she needs consistency.

    Kourtney confessional

    Khloe and Kim are supportive of Kourt and tell her they'll stop enabling Scott and hold him accountable for his actions if he wants to really get back with her. I'm not new to Scott and Kourtney's tribulations over the years, but it's good that he's still part of the family and the finale.

    Kim and Khloe being supportive

    We cut to the intro, which is a little homemade movie moment with the fam. So different from the original intro! I'm into this opener music too.

    Opening credits whole fam

    Okay, so apparently they're all in Tahoe for one last family vacation!! I forgot about their noteworthy vacations!! Honestly, jealous. And truly, how could I NOT remember Kim losing her diamond earring??? What a pop culture moment. But anyway, Kylie and Stormie arrive!! One of my predictions is correct.

    Kylie arriving with Stormie

    Everyone sits down to play a game. Meanwhile, I am jealous of Kyle's charcuterie board.

    Kylie eating cheese and meats

    Kendall is in Tahoe too! The whole gang is back together!

    Kendall and Kylie on couch

    The charades theme is Kardashian TV show moments and Kendall and Kylie aren't confident they'll win.

    Kendall and Kyle testimonial

    It's also revealed that they're filming video testimonials to put into a time capsule at the end of the show.

    Kids filming

    After charades, Kendall and Kylie have a heart-to-heart about growing up on the show. It's very sweet. And after 15 years, they've grown so much!!

    Kylie: "I can't remember a day when we weren't filming"

    Then Scott and Kourt have a heart-to-heart where he then admits he doesn't know if they'll ever really be together again and that it's sometimes hard feeling the pressure from her family.

    Scott saying maybe him and Kourt won't be together and they need to move on

    But in the end, they accept that things will be okay no matter what because they love each other. So mature!!! What growth!

    Scott and Kourt in bed saying things will be okay

    Later that night, the family gathers outside to watch a firework display. Kris makes a toast and says how much they appreciate the staff of the show. An end to an era!!!

    Kris toasting

    Production gathers around to say their goodbyes to the family and it's a wholesome *moment* for all.


    Meanwhile, Khloe says that she can see a future with Tristan. Apparently, they have grown close over quarantine.

    Khloe saying she wants to be with Tristan

    She agrees to spend time in Boston with Tristan during the NBA season. For reference, it's November when they had this conversation!

    Khloe FaceTimes Tristan

    Fast-forward a bit to Kim, who has just looked up the results of the baby bar test (first-year law student's exam.) I guess this isn't her first time taking it, too. Sadly, she's failed!

    Kim admitting she failed

    She doesn't seem super down on herself and it's revealed she had COVID-19 while she was prepping for it, so that's fuckin' ROUGH, dude.

    Kim saying, "I just have to do better in the future"

    Finally, Kris and Kim sit down together and talk about how Kim is doing mentally after the separation from Kanye. Kim admits she's been speaking to a therapist and is working on herself. She also realized she doesn't want a husband who lives in a completely different state.

    Kim talk to Kris

    Kim also admits she's lived a very extravagant life but wants someone who can fulfill the small, important things in her future.

    Kris deep in thought

    The ending note of the finale is when the entire family buries their time capsule items in Kim's backyard.

    Kim's backyard

    Kim puts in her first business venture outside of her sisters, which was her perfume.

    Kim and her perfume

    Kylie throws in some of her first lip kits, because obviously!

    Kylie's lip kits

    And after the video testimonials from Tahoe are placed in the capsule, it's buried! But, of course, we get one last still of the family as an ode to the original opening credits of the show. Truly iconic.

    Whole family
    Final Thoughts

    Did you watch the finale? If so, let me know what you thought in the comments! Do you think this is the end of a TV show era for this family??