"Lost" Is An Iconic Show I've Never Seen, So I Only Watched The Pilot And Finale

    You all requested it, so I did it.

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    A lot of people are going to be mad at me for this. I'm sorry...

    Hi and welcome! If you haven't read this series before, I'm Farrah and I sometimes watch the pilot and finale of a show and nothing in between. Today, I'm watching a show that many people have requested: Lost.

    Lost Season 1 poster

    I kept putting this off because it's such an iconic show, referenced in pop culture and by TV lovers. It was very much A Thing Of Its Time, the Game of Thrones circa early '00s. I remember people getting together to have "Lost nights" where they'd watch the most recent episode together. The fandom was alive and well.

    I know Lost is about a plane crash where a huge cast of people are stuck on an island. Something controversial with a polar bear happens, and every episode features someone who was on the plane and their backstory. Also, a lot of people were unhappy with the ending — that much hasn't been spoiled for me over the years, surprisingly. So...let's jump in!

    The pilot

    Ah, here we go. The opening sequence. It's eerie?!

    Lost opening theme

    Is this the show that started the "opening an episode with an extreme close-up on a character's eye" thing? I've just realized I've seen it referenced before but didn't know that this is where it originated.

    Close up of Jack's eye

    This post–plane crash scene is way more intense than I expected!! Here we have Buzz Cut Man, who looks like he works in sales, but he's running around helping people, so I have to guess he's a doctor or in the medical field.

    Jack disoriented

    The special effects really jumped out!!!! THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO GO THAT HARD, BUT THEY DID.

    Plane exploding

    A very disoriented brunette woman stumbles through the clearing and finds Buzz Cut Man in need of assistance. He asks her if she can give him stitches and then PULLS OUT A SEWING KIT??? How convenient.

    Kate looking suspiciously at Jack

    Meanwhile, we get glimpses of other survivors on the island. I have a feeling these characters will play bigger roles as the series goes on, especially the pregnant girl. She's bound to have her baby on the island because she looks like she's gonna pop any minute. Also, Damien from Vampires Diaries is on the island.

    Boone looking annoyed

    Then some weird-ass sound comes from the forest and everyone is like, "WHAT THE HECK!!!" Is this where the polarizing polar bear comes in? Who knows!

    Charlie and Jack looking in the woods terrified

    We flash back in time to a TRAUMATIZING moment when the plane is going down. Honestly, I hated when I saw this similar scene in Cast Away and I hate it now!!!!!

    Plane crash flashback as the plane goes down

    Buzz Cut Man has a name and it is Jack. He tells the group he's going to search for the other half of the plane (lol OK?! good luck) and try to find the transmitter that will help them get in touch with someone for help. Brunette girl (Kate) and Hoodie Guy (Charlie) go with him.

    Boone and Jack talking

    Oh, and there's a dog who is lost too! He belongs to one of the survivors and honestly, if they kill this dog I can never forgive them. Like, I am immediately off board. They better be reunited at some point!

    Dog in the woods

    Meanwhile, on the island, a torrential downpour occurs out of nowhere, and the survivors try and seek shelter. Except for this bald guy, who apparently really loves the rain.

    John Locke looking at the sky as the rain comes down on him

    We jump back to Kate, Jack, and Charlie and see that they've found the plane. Also...is no one worried about finding a water source? The Hunger Games taught me that finding water should be your number one priority.

    Kate, Jack, and Charlie walk toward plane crash

    The three of them have to climb to the top to reach the cockpit, and THE PILOT IS THERE. We think he's dead but NO MA'AM. He wakes up and scares the shit out of us.

    Pilot bloody in the cockpit

    We have a real ~all is lost~ moment here when we learn the plane has gone way off course. And also? The radio is broken! What else can possibly go wrong?!

    Oh, that's right. The transmitter doesn't work!

    Pilot mentioning the transmitter doesn't work

    Then the weird roaring sound is back. I ask again: Is it the polar bear? This is looking more and more like a horror movie every minute...

    Jack and Kate scared in the plane

    All of a sudden, the Polar Bear Zombie Murder Monster grabs the pilot and eats him*?

    Jack jumping back in fright

    Of course, Charlie, Jack, and Kate are like LOL we gotta get the HELL OUTTA HERE. Then Charlie falls! But oh no, the monster thing is right on their tail! Jack goes back for him while Kate takes off, then Charlie reemerges and says Jack is gone.

    Charlie on the wet ground

    Kate insists they need to go back for him, which feels like big love interest energy, but also — he's the only doctor on the island, so it makes sense to AT LEAST try and save him!!!

    Kate looks determined

    Kate and Charlie see a reflection from the water of a man in the trees and assume it's Jack. (But it's definitely not. This guy isn't killed off in Episode 1.)

    Kate and Charlie spot something on the ground

    But then Jack emerges from the trees. Very casual!

    Jack emerging from the trees

    The three survivors look up toward the tree to see the bloody, very dead body of the pilot. And on that cliffhanging note...IT ENDS.

    Dead body in a tree

    Overall? I like it! A lot! I can see why so many people got into this show. It's high stakes! There's SIX seasons of Lost with 20+ episodes per season, so there is a LOT of room for things to happen. Here are my best guesses about what's to come!

    The Finale

    Okay, there's a lot happening already. Of course, I'm confused. It's fine. I asked for this. I'm assuming we're getting flashback clips and present-day clips, because we see Jack in his office and Kate in a car. The long-haired guy who was briefly introduced in the pilot (Sawyer) is also around, as is the curly-haired guy (Hurley). What happened to the pregnant girl?!

    Jack washing his hands in a creek

    I am assuming we're in a flashback scene when we see Kate in a car. She spots an Oceanic cargo truck, so maybe this is before she gets on the Oceanic flight?

    Kate looking at Oceanic Air Cargo truck

    The guy in the car with Kate tells her that the man who is in the coffin is named Christian Shephard. This would probably hold a deeper meaning if I had watched more than just the pilot!

    Coffin of Christian Shephard

    I feel like we're back in present time now because we're back on the murder island. Are they the only survivors left?! What happened to the rest of their crew?

    Sawyer and Hurley standing in the forest

    Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate stand around making a plan. It has something to do with a guy named Jacob. I have no idea what any of it means.

    Close up of Hurley

    These time jumps are confusing so I'm not going to attempt to understand them, but OH MY GOD CHARLIE. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU. Why is Hurley picking people up?

    Charlie answering the door holding a beer

    Back on the island, Bald Man Who Loves The Rain (John Locke) calls Sawyer "James." So...I guess that's his name? Someone named Desmond is important. Also, Locke wants to destroy the island????

    James talks to Locke

    Here's what I've gathered: The island is at the bottom of the ocean? Someone named Jacob was in charge? Loyalties were divided and people on the island teamed up and now they hate each other?

    Ben looking confused

    I don't know who these two are but I've learned there is ANOTHER ISLAND??????

    Characters talking about second island

    I'M SO LOST (NO PUN INTENDED). This couple was on the island in the pilot. Now they're in the hospital. I thought it was a flashback, but then we see flashbacks to them being on the island together?! And there's a helicopter?! Did some of the survivors get rescued and some did not?? Now that I know there are two islands, did Jack & Co. go to the second island while the survivors on the OG island got rescued?

    Couple hugs on the beach

    Now we're in another timeline where Jack is about to perform surgery on Locke?! WHAT? HOW. Locke also calls Jack "Dr. Shephard." Interesting. Wasn't that the name on the coffin? Was that Jack's dad?

    Locke about to go into surgery

    Jack hates Locke? Did the survivors team off at some point?

    Jack looking at Locke

    Now this Desmond guy is saying the PLANE NEVER CRASHED?????

    Desmond talking to Jack

    Another timeline jump with Hurley. These two were on the island together and it seems like they were a couple??

    Sayid and Shannon reunited

    PREGNANT GIRL IS BACK! Did she have her baby??? Also, where the hell did she get a gun? There are weapons on the island????

    Claire holding a gun

    So...you're saying this isn't John Locke but some Arya Stark bullshit of another man wearing his face?????

    John and Jack holding a rope

    I honestly don't know what's happening anymore, but this is some Goonies meets Legends of the Hidden Temple shit.

    Belly of the island


    Kate helping Claire give birth

    This basically sums up my thoughts so far:

    Desmond talking to Kate

    Things are getting HEATED in the island timeline. John Locke has STABBED JACK.

    Jack getting stabbed

    Post-surgery, John remembers Jack from the island. Also, John is able to walk. Nothing makes sense!

    John Locke in the hospital

    PAUSE. I'm SORRY. You're telling me this man's name is LAPIDUS???????

    Pilot in the plane


    Zenon Girl of the 21st Century saying Zetus Lapetus

    As a last sacrifice and move of a true hero, Jack says he's staying behind to...stop the island from erupting or something. THEN THEY KISS.

    Jack and Kate kissing

    In timeline #2, Jack doesn't remember Kate. What's going on?!?!

    Kate and Jack reuniting

    Back on the island, Jack forces Hurley to drink some brown nasty water he found on the island's floor. My dude is gonna have some serious diarrhea later, but oh well.

    Hurley drinking island water

    There's a very tense moment as the plane (where did the plane come from) flies away with Sawyer, Kate, Claire, and others.

    Plane flying away

    We're in the other non-island timeline and Kate is being vague and cryptic while talking to Jack.

    Kate talking to Jack

    Jack thinks he's going to open his father's coffin, but...IT'S EMPTY.

    Jack looking into an empty coffin

    Jack turns around and sees...HIS DAD.

    Jack's father appears

    Oh, okay. I get it now. They're all dead. I've been watching an afterlife timeline, I guess.

    Jack's dad explaining he died

    He imparts some wisdom and sheds a lil' tear.

    Jack's dad


    Jack crying

    Then Jack walks into another room, where he sees everyone he was on the island with. At this point, I'm assuming they're all dead.

    Jack walking into room with all survivors

    Just as I'm wondering if everything that happened on the island was a dream, we jump back to see what happened to Jack. The wound Locke gave him proved to be fatal, and he goes into the woods to die. This is mirroring his opening scene in the pilot.

    Jack dying on the ground


    Jack dying and the dog comforting him

    And then we see Jack and the rest of the survivors ~moving on~, as his father said.

    Jack and Kate


    Jack's eye closed
    Final thoughts