I've Never Seen "Dawson's Creek," So I Watched The Pilot And Finale And Nothing In Between

    Is it bad that I don't like Dawson???

    Hi all, I'm Farrah. Welcome to my series where I watch the pilot and finale of a show with nothing in between. Today I'm watching Dawson's Creek, a late '90s WB drama, baby!

    I actually know VERY little about this show. There's obviously a character named Dawson. But...does the creek play a big role? Does he own the creek? Does someone die in the creek? The tagline is super vague and doesn't hint at the plot in any way, so I guess I'll just have to watch and find out.

    Oh, yeah. This iconic meme is the only other thing I know about Dawson's Creek.

    OK, here we go. This opening scene establishes that this is, in fact, Dawson of Dawson's Creek. He wants his BFF Joey to spend the night.

    Joey's like, "No dude, we're 15 now." (15? Really? I would have guessed they were "SENIORS.") Dawson must have a bit of an ego, because he takes this to mean Joey must like him.

    Joey goes on to say ABSOLUTELY NOT. To prove all is fine, she spends the night anyway. I smell chemistry moving forward?

    Dawson, Pacey, and Joey are all at Dawson's Creek (assuming that it's his creek) filming some movie Dawson's shooting. All of a sudden, a pretty blonde girl shows up.

    I'm a little confused because they all start walking toward each other like they know one another, so I assumed she was there to help shoot their movie? But, no. It's a ~random meeting~!

    Dawson stares at her as she goes (I already forgot her name, whoops!), and there's a little foreshadowing here as he watches her walk away. AM I WRONG???

    Then Pacey and Dawson go back to Dawson's house, where they...walk in on his parents making out on the coffee table???

    And two seconds later, they're working at a video rental store. Ah, nostalgia. I had to pause to look this up and see when it first aired. 1998!! What a time!! Anyway, this girl is my new fave because she calls Pacey a nobody after he's a dick to her.

    It's been 10 minutes, and the male gaze in this show is just...something. Pacey and this mom have a flirty conversation while she tells him she's new in town.

    Is it bad that I don't like either of them so far?

    Dawson gets off work and sees Jennifer (the new girl) sitting near his beloved creek, so he goes to talk to her. Because duh!!!

    They start talking about his love for movies, and this is a sentence that Dawson actually says. Is he going to remain this insufferable?

    Jennifer and Dawson go back to "his studio" aka his bedroom, where Dawson talks about himself and his love for movies while Joey listens in on a ladder that leads to his bedroom. Joey, GIRL, please don't tell me you have a crush on Dawson. Because WHY.

    Anyway, Jennifer leaves and Joey comes in. Dawson is trying to cause drama by insinuating that his mom is sleeping with her co-anchor. Joey's not having it.

    I'm sorry, but I absolutely need to point out that during this transition into the first day of school, Tubthumping by Chumbawamba is playing.

    The woman from the video store ends up being Pacey's teacher. Hopefully we're not going to have another Pretty Little Liars situation here.

    Dawson gets rejected from some film class he wants to take, and his argument makes me hate him even more.

    OK, like, why do they make Jennifer and Joey hate each other? Over DAWSON? OF ALL PEOPLE? Why can they not just be best friends and seek out some other sophomore hotties???

    Pacey wants to creep on his hot English teacher while she goes to the movies that evening, so Dawson invites Jennifer but wants Joey to come, too, so it evens out. She agrees, even though she doesn't want to go.

    Dawson is tired of hearing about sex because his hero Spielberg never put sex in his movies, so.

    Movie night happens. Joey tries to sabotage Dawson's date by reminding Jennifer and Dawson that...they're both virgins? I don't know who needs to hear this, but: IT IS OK IF YOU ARE 15 AND HAVE NEVER HAD SEX.

    Pacey goes to sit with his teacher (CRINGE), who is there with a date (THANK GOD) and so her date tells him to go back to his friends (BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY) and then the situation escalates to Pacey getting punched after he spills some rando's popcorn.

    Joey and Dawson fight, and Joey reminds Dawson that he has a perfect life.

    Dawson and Jennifer almost kiss, but don't. Meh.

    Meanwhile, Pacey says a bunch of awful shit to his teacher and ends with saying, "You're the best sex I'll ever have" (UM, ISN'T HE 15?!?!) and then....


    Anyway, Dawson gets home and finds Joey in his closet. You know, casual.

    They have a small heart-to-heart about change, and then Joey is like, "WE CAN'T TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING LIKE WE ONCE DID LIKE HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU JERK OFF, MAN."

    Then Joey leaves and Dawson haz regrets.

    Then, right before she rows off...

    ...Dawson's like, "I JERK OFF TO KATIE COURIC OK!!!!!!"

    But before Joey rows home, she sees Dawson's mom kissing her co-anchor. And on that cliffhanger, it ends!

    That's it. I mean, there's not really any plot to this show? It's very much character-driven by what feels like a love triangle? So, that being said, here are my predictions.

    I'm sorry, but I had to look up one spoiler before I went into the finale and I'm NOT SORRY THAT I DID. I'M DEAD.

    The finale opens up with Pacey, Joey, and Dawson, who have aged a bit over the last six seasons. They're in the hospital to visit Jen, who is...in the hospital for some reason?

    Pacey visits Jen first. He has little face bandages on his eyebrow, which makes me think his reputation for getting into fights has followed him all the way to the last season. Also, what happened to the English teacher?!

    TWIST: Jen is dying?! What?

    I'm so confused because earlier some guy was like, "You can go in one at a time" and then suddenly all three of them are in Jen's hospital room? OK? Have you no respect for rules???

    Back at home, Joey's sister (or someone) insists she's still in love with someone named Chris. But also Pacey? IDK.

    Next thing I know, Joey is visiting Pacey in some restaurant kitchen where he's cooked her dinner. It APPEARS they have chemistry, and I hate it.

    There's this intense moment where they could share their feelings but they aren't completely honest with each other. Drama!


    I'm confused again because Jen is filming something for someone named Amy, and she refers to herself as "mom." Is she...a mother? Did she have a kid????

    We jump back to the hospital, where Jen is in her hospital bed with Pacey, who turns on Dawson's TV show and I just...

    Jen wants Pacey, Dawson, and Joey to all stay friends. It seems as if there has been a love...rectangle? In the six seasons? Do Pacey and Dawson both love Joey?

    I'm still not sure who the father of Jen's child is.

    Anyway, outside the hospital, Joey and Dawson talk and Dawson admits he's been wrapped up in his Hollywood world. And then he says...he forgot...Jen had a baby. Somehow this doesn't surprise me about his character.

    I'm dying that the show Dawson wrote is called The Creek. Did this show pave the way for the Gilmore Girls and Jane the Virgin endings in a similar vein????

    Still don't know who this guy is other than her daughter's godfather.

    I would just like to point out that Jen is in the hospital hooked up to machines tracking her vitals, but when she dies...it's very quiet?? We definitely should have heard machines beeping as her heart stops, right?!

    There's a sad montage as tribute to Jen's death and then everyone is at Pacey's restaurant...post-funeral? It's unclear. Pacey pours his heart out to Joey.


    But then they keep getting interrupted by people coming into Pacey's kitchen, and Joey just LEAVES before finishing her last thought???

    I obviously do not know who these characters are (other than the brunette being Amy's godfather), so it's no surprise that I did not realize 1) they're gay, and 2) they have a history????

    AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. Aww, sweet. And they're gonna raise baby Amy together!

    Now we're back to Dawson and Joey, sittin' by the creek talkin' about stuff. It's kind of weird that they never acknowledged Jen's funeral? Or service of some kind?

    Joey and Dawson admit that they're soulmates, but it's unclear if they're together?

    We jump to Joey watching the ending of The Creek at her home in New York? And she's watching it with...Dawson?

    Nope! Pacey! Like, I know that I haven't watched any of this show, but Pacey was such a dickhead in the pilot. I mean, does he get any better? Do people LIKE Pacey? I don't get it.

    It should come as no surprise that another white dude made it to Hollywood and landed a successful TV series, but that's where Dawson ends up. Pacey and Joey call him and congratulate him on the season finale — WHICH, BY THE WAY, is TV Joey and TV Dawson in his bedroom kissing. We're just...gonna...present that in a way that's not weird?

    And that's the end.

    Well, that was Dawson's Creek. I still don't like Dawson or Pacey. I'm glad Jen and Joey worked things out and became friends. I still need to know who everyone slept with, because that seems like the main plot of the show. And who did Jen have a kid with? Also, what the hell made Dawson make that crying meme face??? Please tell me in the comments.