I Watched The First And Last Episodes Of "The O.C." Without Any Context Of The Middle

    "Welcome to the O.C., bitch!"

    It's me — Farrah — here to comment on the pilot and finale of a TV show I've never seen. This week is The O.C.!

    I'm about to date myself, but whatever. I didn't watch this show because it was on the air when I was in high school and I only had a select amount of time to dedicate to TV. Naturally I picked America's Next Top Model, One Tree Hill, and Hannah Montana. In fact, people at my school were either VERY MUCH One Tree Hill fans or VERY MUCH The O.C. fans. There wasn't really overlap. So because of this, I don't know much about the show.

    I do know random facts about The O.C., for whatever reason. Josh Schwartz was only 25 (!!!) when he sold this show to Fox, and it's known for its good selection of music. Also, I know Mischa Barton leaves/is killed off, but I don't know how. But — anyway — let's dive in!

    Wow, we start off with a police chase! This blonde guy's brother convinces him to help him hijack a car. I did not expect this kind of action sequence in what appears to be a teen drama, but I'm here for it.

    The blonde's name is Ryan and his brother is Trey. They drive off in the stolen car, and while being pursued by the police, RYAN DOESN'T PUT ON HIS SEATBELT????

    They crash the car and Ryan ends up in jail, where he's assigned an attorney who *gasp!* discovers Ryan is actually really intelligent despite his bad boy demeanor.

    And then we get a sobering tidbit when Ryan says our Social Security will run out by 2025. (For reference, this show first aired in 2004!)

    Anyway, Ryan's mom has had enough of his bullshit and kicks him out of the house.

    So Ryan is forced to call his attorney, who brings him to...THE O.C.! The title of the show! And that's the setup, ladies and gents.

    Attorney Guy is married to a Boss Bitch because he admits she's the breadwinner of the family.

    It's night by the time they get to Orange (LOL, relatable), and Ryan meets a (neighbor?) named Marissa. For whatever reason, I remember reading that she was actually a teenager (17) when they started filming the show.

    But then Marissa's bro-y boyfriend drives up in a MASSIVE truck. I mean, it truly looks like he's gonna go compete in one of those monster truck derbies or whatever they're called. He also appears to be wearing a puka shell necklace. What a time!

    The next morning, Ryan meets Seth, who gets a little *too* excited about playing video games with Ryan. But anyway, Seth is very much a Soft Boy to Ryan's Bad Boy.

    I'm a little upset that Seth likes some girl named Summer because I think Ryan and Seth have great chemistry.

    Later that night, Ryan and Seth attend Marissa's fashion show for charity — which is truly a Rich People Thing — and a lot of older women hit on Ryan.

    Of course, this Summer person is more interested in Ryan than in Seth. I smell trouble.

    OK, from what I understand, Jimmy — Marissa's dad — is in some trouble with the government? And it seems related to finances? He goes off to have a breakdown in the bathroom during the fashion show.

    After the fashion show–for–charity thing, Summer comes on to Ryan pretty hard and invites him to some afterparty.

    Seth and Ryan go off to the party in a yellow Jeep while "Swing Swing" by the All-American Rejects plays (a great bop). I'm having flashbacks to when I put the lyrics of this song in my AIM Away Messages for SEVERAL weeks.

    At the party, Ryan sees Marissa's douchey bro boyfriend head down to the ocean with another girl.

    Then things really escalate! Summer drunkenly hits on Ryan. Seth sees the whole thing happen. He tells him to go back to Chino and steal more cars. BURN. Also, I feel like Seth is just jealous because Summer is giving Ryan attention, when Seth wishes Ryan would give HIM attention. Don't correct me. I like my version better.

    Then Summer gets all judgy when she realizes Ryan is from Chino, which...why?

    A group of dudes start pushing Seth around. Then, of course, Ryan comes to the rescue!

    There's a BRAWL when Ryan tries to stop them. Marissa's douchey boyfriend joins in.

    Then he says the best line* of the whole show:

    After the party, Summer and Marissa's other shitty friend leave Marissa's blacked-out ass outside her house like two trash people.

    Ryan sees this, scoops Marissa up, and brings her to the pool house so she isn't spending the night on literal concrete.

    Seth's mom finds out about the fight because both boys have black eyes, so she kicks Ryan out.

    Seth gives Ryan a map as a departing gift, and TELL ME YOU DON'T FEEL THEIR CHEMISTRY HERE.

    Sandy drives Ryan home, only for Ryan to discover that his mom and her shitty boyfriend have picked up and DIPPED. So Sandy tells him to come back with him. THE END!!!!

    PHEW, OK. A lot is happening within the first five minutes. Tonally, it's moving SO fast. It's a bit jarring from the first episode. Apparently, Ryan was with some girl who isn't around anymore. She also has a blog? He says he's not heartbroken, but clearly he kinda is.

    Sandy's wife (I forgot her name — the Boss Bitch) is preggo and...wait, is that Marissa's mom? Why is she at their house? What happened to Jimmy? Apparently she's marrying some other dude? And who is the girl who looks like Marissa?

    Sandy makes a reference to a "married couple upstairs" and it's...Seth? And some other girl? Like, it looks like Summer, but I don't think that's her because it kinda doesn't sound like her. Why are they living in Seth's purple room? Also, WTF is that cartoon cutout in the background? I just have a lot of questions.

    An earthquake happened, and it appears to have damaged part of Sandy and Boss Bitch's home. And it can't be fixed! GASP.

    Ryan goes into Seth's room and tells him he has a plan for saving their home.

    Meanwhile, Ryan's ex — Taylor — flies back to California from...France, I think? Apparently she met him at Berkeley. She seems extremely perky.

    Oh my god, that is Summer. Summer ended up with Seth????? HOW IN THE WORLD.

    What on earth did Ryan see in this girl? I'm sorry, but Taylor is so annoying?!?!?!

    Ryan tries to convince Seth he's not into Taylor, and then the two head off to Berkeley.

    Then this wild things happens: THEY ASK THIS COUPLE TO GIVE UP THEIR HOME. Like, they're gonna buy it.

    So then Sandy and Boss Bitch head up to Berkeley to do some convincing, and SHE HAS HER BABY? IN THEIR HOME????

    Literally in the next scene, the baby is born. I'm just...everything is moving so fast. What happened to this show?

    Meanwhile, Seth knows that he and Summer are growing apart and that he should support her dreams, which is actually very healthy.

    Back home at the wedding, Summer gives Marissa's mom (I keep referring to her as her mom, but she might have been her stepmom, IDK!) a locket with Marissa's picture in it. They both share A Moment. What...happened to Marissa, though??

    Marissa's mom doesn't want to get married without Seth's mom there, so the whole wedding flies to Berkeley (LOL) to have it in the home where she gave birth (LMAO) and Taylor and Ryan hook up. I just...I really don't feel their chemistry. I'm sorry! She's incredibly annoying!!!!!

    Seth convinces Summer to go after her dreams. Again, great! I honestly don't understand how they got together in the first place. She left her best friend blacked out on the cement. WHAT IF SHE HAD DIED?

    Oh yeah, Marissa's mom is named Julie. OK. So Julie is about to get married and her baby daddy — Frank — runs to the chapel in the O.C. to try to stop it. But she's in Berkeley!

    The Marissa lookalike answers her phone in the middle of the ceremony and puts Frank on speaker.

    Frank's like, "Don't marry him. Be with me." Blah. I'm bored.

    The couple then decides that Sandy and Kirsten (that's Boss Bitch's real name) can buy their home. This ending is really doing the most.

    Julie decides to forgo her marriage with Bullit, but she doesn't go to Frank. She stays single.

    Things are quickly wrapping up. Summer goes to save the world...

    ...Taylor goes back to France...

    ...and Seth and Ryan finally admit they're in love with each other.*

    Ryan says his goodbyes to the house, which makes sense. It became his home.

    Then we have this little montage of what happens in everyone's future. Seth and Summer get married and live happily ever after.

    And then some other things happen, but the ending shot is of Ryan, who now has a future of buying or renovating nice homes? And he sees this kid on the street who looks lonely, which makes him think of HIMSELF as a teen. So he reaches out, making this the last line of the series:

    OK, the pilot (which felt very artistic and well paced) did make me want to go watch the rest of the first season, but the finale made me wonder if someone else took over the show entirely. How did it change so much?! Also, after I watched this, I was introduced to THIS SCENE in particular, and I can't stop laughing at the memeification of it. Also, how the hell did Seth end up getting Summer? And how did Marissa actually die? I probably will go back and watch, but I demand an explanation as to why the tone of the show changed so drastically!