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    36 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Change Your Whole Look

    When you feel more than ready for a makeover but don't really want to DO anything about it, these tips are for you.

    1. Transform your hair shade with Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair color for a treatment that works on even dark hair (!!!) and puts expensive dye jobs to SHAME. The shades are super saturated, and the formula conditions while it treats your tresses, so your hair is left super soft. Meaning you'll soon have a colorful, shiny mane.

    2. Expand into a wider range of color when it comes to eyeliner to achieve different effects. Need a smokey eye? Turn to brown. Going for a softer look than usual? Gray is the answer.

    3. Give pieces you've had for years new life by pairing them with a pattern you've never considered before. Little tricks like keeping everything in the same color family or relying on a striped top as a neutral (totally doable) will upgrade you to Jenna Lyons–status faster than you can give up.

    4. Add some trendy appeal to your looks by wearing noncommittal ear cuffs on your cartilage. Cool new piercings or just a 24 hour accessory? We'll let everyone else decide.

    5. Brighten your smile with a little charcoal toothpaste. It's easy, fast, and cheap, yet the results are *brilliant*. Will you be grinning just to show off your teeth? Always.

    6. Update the updo (can you say that three times fast?) with wrap-around braids. If you have curly hair, there's no pre-styling required, and within 10 minutes, some bobby pins, and a little styling paste, you'll look effortlessly polished.

    Here it is broken down for you:

    7. Dramatize the usual no-brainer shirt-and-jeans combo by flaunting a statement-sleeved top. It requires exactly as much effort as wearing your favorite shirt (aka none at all), but you'll automatically look more dressed up.

    8. Throw on some marble-patterned barrettes to easily polish the very same ensembles you've been wearing for months. Considering they're one of this season's biggest trends, they'll probably inspire you to go ~head-first~ into dressing stylishly every darn day.

    9. *Stamp out* failed attempts at cat eyes — it's time we conquered the look. Instead, use a stamped eyeliner that has two sides so you're suddenly known as a makeup pro. Just don't ask us for help.

    10. Groom your eyebrows to your liking, whether that means full, thin, bushy, WHATEVER to you. A Schick dermaplaning razor helps shape and neaten your brows in a way that's not only cheap, but super easy. It's a lot harder to mess up with this than with wax.

    11. Maintain dramatically clearer skin by treating breakouts with some Teddie Organics rosehip oil. Just a few drops tackle redness, scarring, pimples, and everything in between. Nothing will get in your way of glowing skin from here on out...not on this bb's watch.

    12. Get a whole new wardrobe every month without the hefty bill by joining a fashion subscription service like Frank and Oak. You'll never catch yourself wearing the same old thing on repeat again when you have options upon options to style new looks.

    13. Trick people into thinking you take regular trips to the salon by maintaining blonde hair with a purple hair mask. It'll keep your hair from yellowing over time *and* it'll actually INCREASE the brightness and platinum levels in your hair.

    14. Switch up your visage with new eyeglasses frames so you look stylish every darn day before you even put clothes on (modern frames = instantly trendy outfit). This is quite possibly the easiest yet most noticeable change you could make — they are on your face, after all.

    15. And! Learn new makeup techniques that are particularly great for those of us who wear glasses. Exhibit A: colorful, smoky eyeshadow really makes your peepers pop from behind your frames.

    16. Update the monotone approach (wearing the same color throughout for a polished effect) with an unexpected pattern, like this striped crop top and pants set. It'll help you look more put-together, while still adding a fun, fresh element.

    17. Grow your hair overnight (or at least that's how it'll seem) with synthetic clip-on extensions. Why go the lengths for a new 'do when you can just do this?

    18. Master the art of contouring — or so it seems. By applying a double-ended shading stick to highlight your features (aka your temples, cheekbones, etc.), you can easily create major definition with just a few swipes. Meaning you can look like you had your makeup professionally done every darn day with extremely little effort...or spending.

    19. Overcome outfit boredom with the "third piece rule." The next time you find yourself in the same pants and top for the billionth time but don't want to think of something else, just layer on an extra element like a vest or mesh overlay top that'll instantly make your outfit look brand new.

    20. Experiment with different eyeliner styles so there's never a day you look the same — even when using the same products Monday through Friday (and of course, the same face). Pro tip: pick a liquid eyeliner with a thin tip so you have easier control while trying new looks.

    21. Create a polished appearance with nothing more than an inexpensive crop top. When paired with something high-waisted they actually look better than a regular shirt, because they won't awkwardly bunch. Tl;dr: your outfit looks will look mysteriously neater even if you got ready in a hurry.

    22. Surprise yourself with how different you look after simply moving your part from the middle to the side with a thin styling comb. Look who suddenly has subtle bangs!

    23. Get the most use out of a classic LBD by styling it different ways. You'll save moolah, feel encouraged to ~get creative~ with your outfits, and DEFINITELY get away with wearing the same dress two, maybe three, days a week.

    24. Rock a bold red lip whenever the heck you want — it'll instantly make your whole look seem more sophisticated. Reviewers agree that Fenty's matte lipstick in red looks amazing on EVERYONE — no trial-and-error here.

    25. Twist your blouse so that it's tied in the front for a whole new approach to wearing the same exact tops you always throw on. It'll give your ensembles some *unexpected flair* without a single swipe of your credit card.

    26. Ditch your brittle, bitten-down nails with some bitter-tasting varnish so you can finally kick the habit and show off newly *polished* nails. It dries clear, but you'll know it's there thanks to its bitter taste. Fresh manis > picked cuticles.

    27. Finish all your outfits with a pair of classic ballerina flats to accessorize your looks with more sophistication than your go-to sneakers. Their faux suede can elevate old jeans just as much as a pair of heels, but keep you a heck of a lot comfier.

    28. Research what foundation methods are best for *you*, especially if your current routine just isn't cutting it. If you have oily skin, maybe a powder foundation is actually better than liquid. Not getting enough coverage? Time to start with a primer! One small change will have your makeup feeling ~custom-made~.

    The easiest yet most important tip to remember? Test foundation on your neck, instead of your arm so that your makeup seamlessly matches the rest of you! Your ~look~ will seem 10 times more expensive when properly shaded.

    29. Combine your usual classics: a blazer and denim skirt to dress more chicly just by using easy-to-style basics. They won't force you to stray far from your ~comfort zone~, but will still make you feel like a much fancier adult.

    30. Skip expensive blowouts and opt for a curling iron brush. The outcome is exactly the same (if not better) and gives you drastic results before your arm is even tired. Translation: your locks will be flowing and shiny just from adding a few extra minutes to your morning routine.

    31. Cut the hems of old jeans to transform them from run-of-the-mill to the right on-trend frayed denim you see all over Instagram. Did you splurge on a fancy new outfit? Why...yes.

    32. Become efficient in seemingly pro-level hairstyles without needing tutorials by using a braid-maker clip. It keeps hair in place for you while trying new braiding techniques so you don't find yourself in a *tangle*. Helloooo, French braids. We finally mastered you.

    33. Explore new styles that your friends definitely won't have. Shop from cult-favorite online international stores for a unique, new look without crossing ~the pond~ or even your room. Not to mention a quirky piece will do all the creative work for you when expanding your wardrobe!

    34. Have your new style efforts meet you in the *middle* when throwing on a snakeskin statement belt. You can wear it with anything from regular jeans to flowy dresses to totally change their appearance.

    35. Discover the magic of the white eyeliner and all of its wonderful uses. Want to brighten your eyes? Check. Bolden brows? Done.

    36. Liven up your wardrobe with some unexpected texture, like a pom-pom straw bag. Its playful touch will distract from those jeans you've been wearing two (maybe three?) days in a row and cheaply keep your closet up to date on trends.

    Your same old clothes when you're bragging about your new "makeover":

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