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    5 Borderline Genius Makeup Tips For Anyone Who Wears Glasses

    Because putting on eyeliner is already hard enough.

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    1. Try magnifying glasses with just one lens so you can see out of one eye while you apply makeup to the other.

    2. Use short, travel-sized brushes so you can get closer to the mirror during application (AKA you can see way better).

    3. Keep your concealer from getting all over your nose pads and causing your glasses to slip — just rub your hands together (it generates heat and will cause your concealer to thin out) and pat the concealer in. Then immediately set with powder and head out the door. Look mom, no slipping!

    4. Match your eyeliner to your frames for a cohesive look: pair a bold winged liner with your favorite cat-eye frames....

    5. Or try a colorful smoky eye with clear frames!

    Check out all the tips ~in action~ here!

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