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    I Tried This Clothing Subscription Service And Will Never Pick Out My Own Clothes Again

    Attention, all ye seeking fashion minimalism! Frank and Oak is here to help.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    If you're anything like me, you don't really have your ~style~ figured out.

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    But unlike Cher, I don't even have a digitalized closet full of fabulous choices. My problems are less "As if!" and more "My decisions are trash."

    I fall victim to styling pieces the same way for years on end or falling for cheap, trendy fast-fashion pieces that I wear a grand total of two times — instead of building a closet of reliable but versatile pieces.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    This photo is from fall 2014. While I love this flowy pink blouse to death, styling it with jeans all the time gets old. BUT I breathed new life into it with Frank and Oak piece, which you'll see later in the post. Hehe.

    I’ve always been super curious about clothing services/subscriptions, so I finally decided to give one a try. Frank and Oak is a Montreal-based brand that prides itself on ethically sourced and sustainably made clothing in classic styles and with modern cuts.

    @frankandoak / Via, @frankandoak / Via

    Even Tegan and Sara are fans/ambassadors!

    Out of all the style boxes out nowadays, Frank and Oak intrigued me because its style is simple, clean-cut, and built around ~timeless~ wardrobe staples that I should, to be very frank, already own.

    Frank and Oak's Style Plan is super easy to navigate and curates pieces at member-only prices, aka up to 20% off retail. Sign me up!

    Frank and Oak

    Here's the gist:

    1. You fill out a short survey with your preferences (size, style tastes, and budget preferences).

    2. Seasoned Frank and Oak stylists pick out three items for you every month (or every two months, if you'd prefer that) and ship 'em to you. You decide what you want to keep or return.

    3. Each box has a $25 styling fee, which is credited toward any items you keep. If you return all the items in your box, the initial $25 styling fee remains charged.

    In terms of email communications, here's the timeline:

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    1. Your box is prepared (four days before shipping).

    2. Your box is ready for preview (two days before shipping — this is the step where you confirm, customize*, or skip).

    3. Last chance to preview your box (24 hours before shipping).

    4. Your box has shipped (1st of the month).

    5. Reminder to return the items you don't want to keep (five days after shipping).

    *Customize as in, swap out stylist-chosen pieces for different ones from an already-curated selection (I think there were about 12 to choose from).

    Psst: if you sign up now, you'll get $35 off of your first box and waived styling fee with code BUZZFEED35!

    Just as a bit of context, I chose the "creative" style in my preference quiz (as opposed to "casual" or "classic"). So let's talk about the items I was recommended and totally love!

    Christina Lan / BuzzFeed

    1. A polka-dot collared shirtdress that's my new fav everyday-but-classy centerpiece.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    I ended up switching out one of the original items, the Heavy Cotton Short-Sleeve Tee Dress in True Black, for this shirtdress. I don't like the pairing of heavy and cotton, and it seemed a little too plain for my taste. Onto the review:

    I'm a dress person. I don't wear them exclusively, but seven out of ten times I'll opt for one. I especially like swingy dresses — as long as they don't make me look like a balloon — and swishing/spinning around in them all day. I actually tried pairing this with a belt in the hopes that cinching my waist would make it look even better, but both my coworkers and I preferred it ~free-flowing~. And since the color palette is neutral, I love pairing it with colorful boots (read my full review on them) — and it helps that my hair currently matches, too. 😉

    It's a super-comfy, billowy material that's the next best thing to wearing nothing. The collar and buttons add a ~professional~ feel without looking too stiff. I just feel like I'm wearing PJs all day — need I say more to convince you?? #WorkingCreative

    Get it for $69.50 (original price: $79.50). Available in sizes XS-XL.

    2. A feminine, rose-colored long-sleeved wrap top with a flattering V-neck and pairing possibilities without end.

    Daphne Chen / BuzzFeed

    I love all things rose-colored and the silhouette of wrap tops and dresses, so I approved from the get-go! I instantly pictured a million ways I could wear this top, which has been my way of picking out clothes as of late (trying to cut down on impulse purchases like a good adult).

    I love that it's fitted without feeling like it's clinging to your body like, well, Cling Wrap. That also means it's perfect for tucking into skirts or high-waisted jeans — though honestly, I don't think my Mott & Bow jeans are high enough — even though they're HELLA comfy — because they cut the top off at an awkward spot. 😁 PS: It pairs lovely with this rose-gold bar necklace from Gorjana.

    Get it for $34.50 (original price: $39.50). Available in sizes XS-XL. Also available in black.

    3. And a denim pinafore dress that's both playful and extremely functional.

    Christina Lan / BuzzFeed / Via, Christina Lan / BuzzFeed

    Yes, I sometimes low-key feel like a kindergartener in this, but with the right pieces and accessories, you can easily dress it up. Or just lean into the childlike vibez and pair it with your favorite cat flats!

    Anyways, I tend to save any denim in my wardrobe for jeans, but this structured swinger won me over. Why? I love layering with it. The dress cuts quite low on both sides so you basically have to wear something underneath — say a floral body-con that I wouldn't be able to wear to work on its own. It's also the perfect canvas for all those quirky pins I never know where to put — my fav is this "shit doesn't have to make sense" mermaid one from People I've Loved, but it's hidden underneath my hair in the second photo. And, a forever bonus, it has pockets. Not flimsy afterthought ones, but roomy and sturdy pockets I can actually fit things inside without them sagging or possibly breaking.

    Get it for $74.50 (original price: $89.50). Available in sizes XS-L.

    Honorary mentions spotlight! I snagged this buttery-soft black tank top from a previous box and was annoyed that I didn't already own such a simple, versatile piece. Hello, closet staple!

    Daphne Chen / BuzzFeed

    This goes with everything and anything, but especially patterned maxi skirts. Just my two cents. I love the high neckline because it's the perfect backdrop for wearing long necklaces (or even pairing multiple if you're more adventurous than I am) like this beloved glasses chain (inspired by this song) from Joe Brooks's online shop.

    The exact tank top (with a lil' pocket that's hidden by my hair...again) isn't available anymore, but there's an eerily similar one for $19.50 (original price: $24.50).

    Overall, I was really impressed by Frank and Oak's Style Plan because the clothes feel well-made and are both classy and versatile in design (endless opportunities for mixing and matching), and the curated box helps ease my hopeless indecisiveness.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    Even if there's one item I don't like, I only have the task of choosing ONE new thing.

    The items are made to LAST so I know they'll be in my closet for years, but not in a gathering-dust sort of way. Like, I've already worn each piece multiple times and I've only had them for two weeks. For someone who is sometimes stupidly paranoid about other people noticing how much they repeat outfits (I don't have that much $$ and also flashback to Kate Sander's iconic diss: "Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!!!"), that's a major thing. For the quality of their clothes and expert curation, Frank and Oak is definitely worth the moola. Case closed.

    Get a monthly style plan from Frank and Oak (prices, again, depend on the items you choose, etc.), available for womenswear and menswear. And there's free shipping both ways with a 30-day return window.

    BUT WAIT! If you haven't tried Frank and Oak before, you can get $35 off of your first box with code BUZZFEED35! We're also talking a waived styling fee, peeps! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to take advantage!