18 Opinions About Female Celebs That Were Straight Up Unacceptable

    Still upset about all the Hatha-hate that Anne received.

    1. Anne Hathaway:

    Anne Hathaway holding up her Oscar

    Tell me this wasn't worthy of an Oscar. I dare you!

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    Warner Bros.

    2. Megan Fox:

    A candid beauty shot of Megan Fox

    Jimmy Kimmel has come a long way, I can tell you that:

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    3. Jackie Aina:

    A beauty shot of Jackie Aina on a red carpet

    Better late than never!

    A screenshot of Tati apologizing to Jackie Aina in her video

    4. Naomi Campbell:

    Naomi Campbell posing with Adut Akech and Anok Yai backstage at a fashion show

    5. Janet Jackson:

    Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performing on stage during the Super Bowl Half Time Show

    6. Kristen Stewart:

    why was donald trump obsessed with robert pattinson & kristen stewart’s relationship in 2012

    Twitter: @maddieluvontour

    7. Princess Diana:

    A candid photo of Princess Diana and Prince Charles

    8. Megan Markle:

    A candid photo of Meghan Markle waving to the public

    9. Britney Spears:

    Britney Spears posing on a red carpet

    10. Jean Seberg:

    An archived photo of Jean Seberg posing criss-cross on a stool

    11. Monica Lewinsky:

    Monica Lewinsky posing on a red carpet for The Webby Awards

    12. Serena Williams:

    Serena Williams playing tennis in a black catsuit

    13. The Chicks:

    An archived photo of The Chicks

    14. Sinéad O'Connor:

    Sinéad O'Connor performing on SNL

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    15. Winona Ryder:

    Winona Ryder standing trial for her shoplifting

    16. Priyanka Chopra:

    Priyanka Chopra posing on the red carpet for Matrix: Resurrections

    17. Rebecca Black:

    Rebecca Black performing in her music video "Friday"

    18. Lastly, Simone Biles:

    Simone Biles posing after her balance beam routine

    Who are some famous women that you think we should re-examine the treatment of? Sound off in the comments below!