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What It's Like To Have All Your Dreams Come True In One Night

A tale of one girl and her adventure at the Jack Johnson concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

brennac2 4 years ago

Celebrity Senior Photos

As the school year creeps closer and closer thousands of teens across the world are getting ready to take their senior photos, here is a little inspiration from some of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood and beyond.

brennac2 5 years ago

The Best Father Daughter Songs In The History Of History

There are some songs on this planets that can make a grown man and his daughter alike weep... so touching.

brennac2 5 years ago

Colorado High School Roars

Lakewood High School wows even Katy Perry herself!

brennac2 6 years ago

The Official Ranking Of Commercials As Told By My Brother

Ranking the funniest commercials in an order only an 18 year old boy can understand.

brennac2 6 years ago

Get A Load Of Mini Mini Baby Harry Styles

His name is Wesley Kimmel, but you can call him baby Styles... or the baby bachelor.

brennac2 6 years ago

Share And Show Your Biggest Fear:

Everyone's afraid of something, let's all cope together.

brennac2 6 years ago

Why I Want To Live In Australia

Give me an accent right now!

brennac2 6 years ago

The Most Interesting Photos Taking At The Top Of Mt. Kilimanjaro

One of the most beautiful places to take a picture, and to prove you made it you take a picture with the sign at the top. Some people just need to stand out I guess...

brennac2 6 years ago

Celebrity Graduations: The Good, The Bad, And The Genius

As the end of the year comes closer and graduation for both high school and college seniors are closely approaching you'll need a little inspiration to get yourself through those last coupe weeks, and its nice to know that if Paris Hilton graduated high school than so can you!

brennac2 6 years ago


This is my Alaskan Malamute Chilly the day we brought her home

brennac2 6 years ago

Dominic Monaghan: A Man Of Many Scarves

After watching many episodes of Wild Things starring Dominic Monaghan I have discovered the man loves him a good scarf.

brennac2 6 years ago

12 Reasons BBC America Is The Best Channel Ever

If you have never witnessed the greatness that is BBC America than you are sadly missing out

brennac2 6 years ago

Whats It Like To Be Ryan Lochte?

Ryan Lochte is one of the most talented and decorated Olympians of this century, and he's also one of the most entertaining! So what is it really like to be Ryan Lochte?

brennac2 6 years ago

Celebrities Go To Prom Too

Once again its Prom season so heres a collection of some of your favorite celebrities at their High School proms and other dances.

brennac2 6 years ago

27 Reasons James Franco Is The Best

Hes James Franco and we love him! From his curly hair to his big smile, This Academy award nominated actor is magnificent

brennac2 6 years ago