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What's The Silliest Thing That's Ever Made You Cry?

I'll go first: One time, my husband ordered me a veggie burger for dinner. And I hate veggie burgers.

Tears. Sometimes they happen.

They can range in intensity from a single drop...

Harpo /

To a torrential monsoon of sadness and woe.

Sometimes, there are very reasonable and understandable reasons to cry, like grief, or pain.

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But then other times... Maybe you suddenly find yourself a puddly mess over something that is, arguably, not a really big deal.

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In fact, it might be kind of silly, in retrospect. If you think about it.

For example: I once cried when my husband ordered me a veggie burger for dinner. And I hate veggie burgers.

Robyn Lee / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: roboppy

They taste like literal actual dirt, you guys. And I was so hungry and hadn't eaten lunch, and we were in a rush, and there was also a grilled cheese sandwich on the menu, and WHAT WAS HE THINKING. (It's a dumb, not interesting story, but you should know that he doesn't usually order for me, it was just a weird timing situation thing. Never mind. I am forever shamed.)

The point is, I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who has cried over something stupider than actual spilled milk.

Please. Share your stories. Reveal the embarrassing, silly, ridiculous, hilarious reasons that you have cried before.

We may just include them in a future story on BuzzFeed!

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