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For Anyone Who's Been Stabbed By A Pencil And Still Has A Mark

You're not alone.

1. It happens way more than you'd think.

#ActualThingsThatHaveHappenedInLife once i accidentally stabbed my hand with a sharp pencil and a mark is still there

2. You're just minding your own business and BAM — you've got a tattoo for life.

that black mark is a piece of graphite that been in my hand since the 3rd grade when a girl stabbed me w/ a pencil :)

3. It doesn't matter if it happened decades ago, it's not going away.

4. You can find them on feet...

remember last year when I got a pencil stabbed into the back of my foot there's still a mark

5. On thighs...

6. On knees...

I still have this mark on my knee from when Shaher stabbed me with a pencil in 9th grade

7. Just about anywhere.

#in4thgrade I stabbed myself with a pencil and still have the mark on my hand

8. Do you have one of these graphite tattoos?

Accidentally stabbed paul with a really sharp pencil in 7th grade & he still has the led in him, miss that crazy kid😂

9. Are you scarred for life?

10 years ago I stabbed myself with a pencil and the graphite is still in my leg💕

10. It's time to embrace the graphite tattoo. EMBRACE THE PENCIL STAB.

@courtneeeemilya remember when you stabbed me with a pencil 4 years ago... Haha

11. Wear it as a badge of honor.

@sofiaaparsons I was stabbed in the arm with a pencil in the second grade and the led is still there

12. Never forget that one time that kid stabbed you with a pencil in fourth grade.

13. Never forget that one time you were acting like a real horse's rear end and accidentally poked yourself.

You see that dot on my finger, I had a pencil and stabbed myself. I had to pull the led out of my skin and it bleed

14. Embrace the dot.

@mteverfresh 5th grade... @pfarahi80 stabbed me with a pencil

15. Become the dot.

I too was stabbed by a pencil in 2nd grade. via #FailingTheHonest

16. There are others like us out there.

Do you remember when you accidentally stab yourself with a pencil because you are that stupid?


Stabbed myself with a pencil when I was like 5 and this mark still in my hand, it's officially my first tattoo

Where did yours come from?

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