Why I Want To Live In Australia

Give me an accent right now!

Lets start off by saying Australia is basically the coolest, beautifulest, makes me want to make up wordsyest place that I’ve never been to and when I get there I’ll probably just curl up in a ball and cry tears of joy.

2. It’s important my children have an accent

British, Irish, Australian I don’t care… I hope it’s Australian

3. Look at the Beaches

I’m from Colorado, I need a beach

There’s even a kangaroo

5. Then there’s the wildlife

That’s a koalaty photo

The most venomous Snake on Earth the Inland Tipan lives Down under

Its a semi aquatic egg-laying mammal of action!

9. Australian men

Did I mention I loved to swim

14. The dramatic landscapes

Ooo Ayers rock

17. The food

Shrimp on the barbie

Fairy bread, its what it looks like bread, butter, and sprinkles

My pen pal told me your not a true Aussie unless you like Vegemite

Niall doesn’t like it

24. The Great Barrier reef

26. Heart Reef

I want to get married inside heart reef, is that too much to ask?

27. Steve Irwin

Never has there been a man with so much passion for wildlife. Rest In Peace Steve

30. If your headed down under soon just do me one favor


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