The Most Interesting Photos Taking At The Top Of Mt. Kilimanjaro

One of the most beautiful places to take a picture, and to prove you made it you take a picture with the sign at the top. Some people just need to stand out I guess…

1. The tiger suit


2. The close up

3. The duck group shot

they all turned into rubber ducks on the way up

4. The “too cool for warm clothes”

I see what you did there

5. The shirtless

white pants were a nice touch as well

6. The Newspaper

or possibly the map

7. The awkward hand

it sneaks up on you

8. The not so casual friday

a little to fancy for hardcore hikeing

9. The sit and lean

10. The wedding

that’s cute

11. The wedding part 2

the mosquito net veil was a nice touch

12. The confused giant

I don’t really know what’s going on here

13. The hanger

lets not break the sign

14. and last but not least The obviously photo shopped

lets try a little harder next time

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