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Show Us Your Child's Gender-Bent Halloween Costume

Who says your son can't dress like a Disney princess?

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Finding the perfect Halloween costume is no easy task.

Paramount Pictures

And that goes double for finding a kid's costume.

Disney Channel / Via

Maybe your son wanted to dress as Elsa from Frozen, and he totally rocked that Disney Princess look.

Perhaps your daughter wanted to dress as film's most evil villain, Darth Vader.

–Amanda Harris, Facebook
Amanda Harris, Facebook

–Amanda Harris, Facebook

Or maybe your daughter has always been interested in politics and was inspired to dress as an iconic president.

Turn up, lil' Martin Van Buren!

Has your child ever ~stuck it to the gender norm police~ and worn a gender-bent Halloween costume? If so, upload a pic of their awesome costume via the DropBox below!


The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.

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