Celebrity Senior Photos

As the school year creeps closer and closer thousands of teens across the world are getting ready to take their senior photos, here is a little inspiration from some of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood and beyond.

1. Zachary Quinto

those eyebrows

2. President Barrack Obama

3. Mila Kunis

4. Harrison Ford

5. Lindsey Lohan

6. Former President Bill Clinton

8. Matt Lauer

9. Former President George W. Bush

10. Oprah Winfrey

11. Owen Wilson

12. Steve Buscemi

13. Alec Baldwin

14. Amy Adams

15. Amy Pohler

16. Anne Hathaway

17. Blake Lively

18. Channing Tatum

19. Charlie Sheen

20. Chelsea Handler

21. Elizabeth Banks

22. Emma Stone

23. Eva Longoria

24. Eva Mendes

25. Ryan Gosling

26. Gwen Stefani

27. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

28. James Franco

or as he would have gone by, Ted Franco

29. Jenifer Garner

30. Jesse Eisenberg

31. John Mayer

32. Louis C.K.

33. Matt Damon

34. Matt LeBlanc

35. Natalie Portman

36. Mary-Kate Olsen

37. Ashley Olsen

38. Jack Johnson

39. Paul Rudd

40. Robert Downey Jr.

41. Sean penn

42. Tom Cruise

43. Zac Efron

44. Stanley Tucci

45. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

46. Paul Newman

47. Jenifer Lopez

48. Good Luck Rising Seniors!

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