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The Littlest Wall Street Occupier

Amid the crowds of protestors and media in Zuccotti Park on Wednesday, this little guy was just hanging out on Danielle's shoulder. She found the squirrel a few months ago under a tree near her house after a heavy storm. Its legs were broken and a veterinarian told her it likely wouldn't recover. Instead of putting the squirrel down, Danielle adopted it and nursed it back to health. Now they go everywhere together. The squirrel's name is Hazelnut, she likes peanut butter, and her leash is made of braided hemp.

14 Signs You Are Really, Truly An Adult

How did this happen? Oh right, the slow inexorable march of time pulling us ever closer to the grave.

"Nyan Cat: Infection" Official Movie Trailer

Be afraid. Be very afraid. After the huge success of the Nyan Cat video, the next logical step is a movie, isn't it?

The Great American Brovel

Iconic American literature has never been so fratastic. Designs by Amy Sly.

10 Photos We Don't Have Time To Explain

Just get in this post. We don't know where we're going, but it'll make a great story.

Where Are They Now: Backyard Baseball

The kids of your favorite childhood videogame have gone through some dramatic changes in the last decade. Why isn't your cap backwards anymore Pablo?!

Everyone Loves Laurel Leaves

The only real difference between a bad movie poster and a good one is whether or not it has laurel leaves.

Shark Week Is Over

Bummer, man. The other 357 days of the year are so boring! (via)

10 Things You Didn't Know About Neutral Milk Hotel

For the Jeff Mangum superfans. Make sure to see him on tour this Fall.

Viva La Vida In LEGO

This LEGO music video of Coldplay's 2008 hit single took two years to make, and all that work paid off big-time. Anyone else think it's better than the original video?

7 Snacks That Are Secretly Trolling You

Wait. Wasn't this delicious twenty minutes ago? Time marches inexorably forward. But when tasty treats go bad before you even finish ingesting them? That's going too far Mother Nature.

My Little Hangover

Those ponies sure know how to party. BronyVids shows us how bad the ponies can be in his new parody trailer of The Hangover.

Celerywave Is The Next Great Music Genre

Are you tired of ridiculous music genres? Yes? Well here's one more! You may think that this new genre based off of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! isn't real but let me assure you this is very serious. Celerywave is the next big thing (it's not) and is blowing up very quickly (I just made it up) so you should probably jump on the bandwagon (there is no bandwagon) before it launches into space and you can't catch up because NASA can no longer take you there.

Is Toothpicking The New Planking?

First came 'planking', then came 'owling'.Will 'toothpicking' be next? Add your own!

Quiz: Dead Or Canadian?

In honor of Canada Day and the MTV game show Remote Control (ask your parents), I bring you Dead or Canadian: The Quiz! The following individuals are either dead, or alive and Canadian. There are a few easy ones but many a bit harder. So do you know the difference between Dead and Canadian?

Jordanian Girl Trying to Reach Men

True story. Happened to me. I wonder if this person will ever text/call me again

Disney Movies As Told By Cats

The Internet loves cats. The Internet loves Disney. Ergo, the Internet loves this. Bringing you better lulz through suspicious math since 2011.

This Presidential Campaign Brought To You By...

With each election, presidential campaigns are run more and more like ad campaigns—sporting branding, taglines, and flashy marketing. We at BuzzFeed got to joking around about which brands should sponsor each 2012 Presidential candidate and what their ads might look like. And then this happened...

Teapot Kitty

Our new kitty playing in a teapot.

8 Geeky Bikinis That Need To Exist

Because not everyone wants to wear cherries and geometric designs. It's that time of year again, and I'm shocked and appalled that I can buy a themed bikini for the girl but not for me. Clothing manufactures Y U NO WANT MY MONEY?

Pro Wrestling Art Made With MS Paint!

All of this art I made entirely with MS Paint.

Support Your Schools!

School elections and levies today in Helena, Montana - this picture was taken by a school librarian in Helena who couldn't let herself leave the sign uncorrected.

#WhiteGirlProblems IRL

One of the girls in Room 312 is having some major #WhiteGirlProblems.

Aaliyah's Biggest Fan

The one and only Aaliyah Stan?

Our Lunch Misfortune


Inglourious Ponies

Once upon a time in Nazi-occupied-Equestria ...

Beer Balancing Kitteh

Meet China. She has one talent, and that's balancing Coors cans on her head.

Julian Assange Friday 'Friday' Dance Party

Julian Assange shakes his WikiLeaks to Rebecca Black. It's a Friday "Friday" Dance-A-Thon with Julian Assange, Thom Yorke and Hassan Baba!

Shoenice Eats Everything

A Youtuber with the handle of Shoenice has carved out a niche for himself by eating weird things. Here are but a few of his gastronomic challenges, including tampons, lit matches and (most inedible of all) McDonald's.

Twin Babies Talk About The Bronx Zoo Cobra

The video of the talking twin babies has left everyone asking: What the hell were they talking about? The Egyptian cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo, that's what. Subtitled for your convenience.

How To Make An Eye Of Sauron Costume

I made this costume for a LOTR themed party at a hobbit home and figured I'd share.

Today Is World Poetry Day!

World Poetry Day is a day for appreciation and support of poets and poetry around the world. It is held on March 21 each year and is an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). What better way to celebrate than by reading profound poetry by some of the world's most talented poets?

The Rebecca Effect

Starting now, Thursday was not yesterday and tomorrow is not Saturday. Party's over. Turn off the lights. Management has changed the days of the week, so this has run its course. Go home people, go home.

How Far Can FatBooth Go?

As an experiment, I ran a friend's image though the FatBooth app over and over. These are the results.

New York City Welcomes Amanda Bynes Back To Twitter

Matt and I hit the streets of SoHo to ask New Yorkers to welcome Amanda Bynes back to Twitter.

Let's Make BuzzFeed Wrapping Paper !

This is fun! Make your own BuzzFeed wrapping paper and share with us in the comments.

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