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Creamsicle Oreos

Oreo revealed on their Facebook page that they will be releasing a Limited Edition Creamsicle Oreo next summer. Yum?

Krystian M. 8 years ago

Snake Massage!

Does sinuous snakes slithering over your body sound soothing? I'll stick to human masseurs, thanks.

Krystian M. 8 years ago

Pokémon Gijinka Cosplays

Many cosplayers have dressed up as a Pokémon character in the Gijinka (anthropomorphic) fashion. Don't think Lugia could be sexy? You'll think differently after seeing Lugia Gijinka. Thanks to cosplayer Melodious Angel for inspiring this post with her Vaporeon costume.

Krystian M. 8 years ago

Willow Smith's New Neon Hair

Willow Smith debuted her neon yellow braids on Saturday as she left a hotel in London. Are we cool with this?

Krystian M. 8 years ago

Today Is World Poetry Day!

World Poetry Day is a day for appreciation and support of poets and poetry around the world. It is held on March 21 each year and is an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). What better way to celebrate than by reading profound poetry by some of the world's most talented poets?

Krystian M. 8 years ago

Lipstick Cats

Well, that was the weirdest 95 secs of my day. From help I'm bored, a site that offers sound advice for all of life's problems, it seems.

Krystian M. 8 years ago

Solutions to ALL Your Problems

Well, after visiting that site I can now proudly say that I am no longer a racist and I know what I'm gonna be for Halloween, but my dreams of becoming a designer have been crushed.

Krystian M. 9 years ago