• A Brief Explanation of Celerywave

  • Celerywave is a rising trend of indie artists who get featured on websites such as Pitchfork making music and music videos that could easily be mistaken for a Tim and Eric sketch such as…

  • “Celery Man”

    This Paul Rudd starring sketch is the core of Celerywave influence and where the genre gets its name

  • The opening credits of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! are essentially what Celerywave looks and sounds like

  • But what exactly is Celerywave?

  • Here’s a simple math equation for the math majors out there to sum up Celerywave

  • Dancing Baby

    Dancing Baby

  • +

  • Generic 90s Beats

  • =



  • And now for some true Celerywave music …

  • The most popular Celerywave song so far

  • I guess this is more of a “Space Jam” since it features Michael Jordan but it’s also definitely Celerywave

  • Very very Celerywave

  • Celerywave is sometimes NSFW…

  • …and other times quite tranquil

  • Often it’ll try to get you to dance, but only for less than a minute

  • This one doesn’t use 90s CGI but counts as Celerywave because it has to be a Tim and Eric sketch

  • Celerywave is sure to kill us all

  • Honorary Next Big Thing Genre…

  • Owlhouse