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Celerywave Is The Next Great Music Genre

Are you tired of ridiculous music genres? Yes? Well here's one more! You may think that this new genre based off of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! isn't real but let me assure you this is very serious. Celerywave is the next big thing (it's not) and is blowing up very quickly (I just made it up) so you should probably jump on the bandwagon (there is no bandwagon) before it launches into space and you can't catch up because NASA can no longer take you there.

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  • A Brief Explanation of Celerywave

  • Celerywave is a rising trend of indie artists who get featured on websites such as Pitchfork making music and music videos that could easily be mistaken for a Tim and Eric sketch such as...

  • "Celery Man"

    This Paul Rudd starring sketch is the core of Celerywave influence and where the genre gets its name

  • The opening credits of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! are essentially what Celerywave looks and sounds like

  • But what exactly is Celerywave?

  • Here's a simple math equation for the math majors out there to sum up Celerywave

  • Dancing Baby

    Dancing Baby

  • +

  • Generic 90s Beats

  • =



  • And now for some true Celerywave music ...

  • The most popular Celerywave song so far

  • I guess this is more of a "Space Jam" since it features Michael Jordan but it's also definitely Celerywave

  • Very very Celerywave

  • Celerywave is sometimes NSFW...

  • ...and other times quite tranquil

  • Often it'll try to get you to dance, but only for less than a minute

  • This one doesn't use 90s CGI but counts as Celerywave because it has to be a Tim and Eric sketch

  • Celerywave is sure to kill us all

  • Honorary Next Big Thing Genre...

  • Owlhouse