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Most Underrated Albums Of 2011

These albums deserved more. Whether that be more praise on year end lists or simply deserving at least a few more listens that they didn't get, these albums were underrated in 2011. After debating my choices make sure to also add your own suggestions.

Todd Van Luling 8 years ago

Space Hotel To Launch In 2016

Russia plans to launch a space hotel in 2016. We've never needed zombie JFK more than now to help us resist getting completely shown up by this.

Todd Van Luling 8 years ago

Celebrity English Majors

Not all English Majors end up unemployed and living with their parents. Such as Jon Hamm. You could be Don Draper, students of literature!

Todd Van Luling 8 years ago

The Eyes Of Celebrities

Get lost staring deep into these windows to the celebrity soul and find out the true men and women behind the glitz and glamour. Or we can just judge how hot/wrinkly they are. Celebrities aren't real people right?

Todd Van Luling 8 years ago

Kids Impersonating Elvis

34 years ago today "The King" passed away. But his spirit has lived on within children who barely know his songs. See these kids approximate the great and wonder if their mother chose this fate. OK I'm done now...

Todd Van Luling 8 years ago

NBA Stars With Pandas

Lebron James just got the Chinese Panda treatment making him the latest addition to a growing group of basketball stars to pose with the adorable creatures. Here's a roundup of a few of the other players who have been lucky enough to hang out with a panda.

Todd Van Luling 8 years ago

Hardcore PBS Tattoo

The man who owns this HARDCORE tattoo actually works for NPR because of course he does. He totally grew up on the streets of Sesame.

Todd Van Luling 8 years ago

Kanye And Jay-Z "Otis" Music Video

Spike Jonze directs this first music video from Kanye and Jay-Z's new release, Watch The Throne. As one of the first comment's on the video's page puts it best, "SO MUCH SWAG IN THIS VIDEO." Also Aziz Ansari makes some awkward cameos.

Todd Van Luling 8 years ago