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    Celebrity English Majors

    Not all English Majors end up unemployed and living with their parents. Such as Jon Hamm. You could be Don Draper, students of literature!

    Alan Alda - Fordham College

    Chevy Chase - Bard

    Joan Cusack - University Of Wisconsin In Madison

    Maureen Dowd - Catholic University

    David Duchovny - Yale

    Michael Eisner - Denison University

    Jodie Foster - Yale

    James Franco - UCLA

    Jon Hamm - University Of Missouri

    Tommy Lee Jones - Harvard

    Ezra Koenig - Columbia University

    Stephen King - University Of Maine

    Paul Newman - Kenyon College

    Christopher Nolan - University College London

    Conan O'Brien - Harvard

    David Hyde Pierce - Yale

    Sally Ride - Stanford

    Joan Rivers - Barnard

    Fred Savage - Stanford

    Diane Sawyer - Wellesley College

    Martin Scorsese - New York University

    Paul Simon - Queens College

    Sting - Northern Counties College Of Education

    Helen Thomas - Wayne University In Detroit

    Barbara Walters - Sarah Lawrence College

    Sigourney Weaver - Stanford

    Tom Wolfe - Washington And Lee University

    Bob Woodward - Yale

    Renée Zellweger - University Of Texas At Austin

    Celebrities Who Studied English But Never Graduated:

    -Matt Damon

    -Vin Diesel

    -Reese Witherspoon