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Modern TV

Realistic Version Of The Known Tv Shows!

ElectRoulette 6 years ago
ElectRoulette 7 years ago

Instagram Camera - Unboxing Video!

what footages instagram camera will produce? here's the answer!

ElectRoulette 7 years ago

Meme Glasses: One Day...

So... Would you buy these glasses?

ElectRoulette 7 years ago

First Person GTA

What GTA would have looked like if it was first person? Here is the Answer!

ElectRoulette 7 years ago

Fanboys Warfare - When The Game Comes True

Please stay away from your console!

ElectRoulette 7 years ago

Nyan Cat Trailer!


ElectRoulette 8 years ago

"Nyan Cat: Infection" Official Movie Trailer

Be afraid. Be very afraid. After the huge success of the Nyan Cat video, the next logical step is a movie, isn't it?

ElectRoulette 8 years ago